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Merging Olo

here it is... one more bridge we built between 3d abstract and grunge, this time computerologist and me...

it's odd ... different ... most likely not a candidate for a top faves but just as lovable to us as hopefully to some of you

it was a great fun Kris!! thanx!

update: oh... look :) (Smile) heh, top favs! :D (Big Grin) THANX PEOPLE! LOVE U! Heart
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Svidja mi se nacin na koji vidis i razmisljas. Dobrodosla na listu favorita :)
pr0jectz's avatar
damn thats a real trip, very sweet work you did on it :D (Big Grin)
roadkill's avatar
I really like how I can see both of you in this. Nice one the pair of you.
vannova's avatar
Wow... you and Olo are a fantastic team! You both should do more co-ops! Turned out great! Very well done! Thumbs Up I dig this style.
ixnay's avatar
WOW really cool +fav
roboticae's avatar
goodlookingstuff, but i don't like the white 2d shapes, they're to big.

evoleddy's avatar
Ill just put the same thing as I did on computerologist's submission, cause it was for both of you. =) (Smile)

wow. wow.

The different elements are great, and I can see the two styles. The render is, as always, unique looking and great. The lighting on it and the colors, great. The 2d work is great too, I love all the lines and the path that they lead my eye one. And then the brush work and textures, all so very good. I love it. Great job, the both of you.
hulud's avatar
Lovely but typo needs work :) (Smile)
sakura's avatar
im a big big loser whenit comes to designa nd graphix so I envy ur skillz ^_^

I really liek this btw it definetly has that trendy minimalistic feel and your trademarkish romantic grunge style really..always...sets it apart
crazy-engineer's avatar
oh..orgignal and beatiful style..i like it Thumbs Up
I love it, very industrial
ssjspawn's avatar
Wow, VERY impressive. I've never seen such a seamless abstraction of grunge and 3d. x4 fav's ^_^
wowww, i see two things in here. i see a cool looking futuristic space ship type thingy raging at high speeds, n i see a ghoul stickin his toung out. verrrry abstract. incredibly abstract. me likey =D (Big Grin) . there is more, of course, but they are in big numbers n i dont wanna type that much. now, i dunno if what i saw was actually what was there, but thats what i saw none-the-less. no matter tho, u two are incredible ;-) (Wink) , nice work.

"the beholder of the eye is one who sees all, and one who knows all... eyes are the key to the windows of the vastness of the world of minds. one that holds that key, is one with incredible knowledge."
tilstrom's avatar
this is really cool, great work!
blankey's avatar
grunge/3d has got to be one of the hardest things in the design industry. youve both captivated it well.
-m-i-k-e-'s avatar
coo I like it. very neat
siron's avatar
pretty neato :) (Smile)
scorpio's avatar
Looks nice, good job :) (Smile)
halfliquid's avatar
omfg - Creates kinda of a rusty, muggish atmosphere.

:D (Big Grin)

jen-r8r's avatar
damn...that's pretty cool looking! strange mix of styles, but looks great! :) (Smile)
cubicthree's avatar
background is awesome!

however, the line art ontop of the bg is lacking..... work on that and u'll have a fav from me

keep it up you too
mekka's avatar
very industrial looking .. i like it :) (Smile)
juliette's avatar
Nice colours. +fav
worst's avatar
forgot to say...... +fav
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