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Commission for :iconjayceeknight:

Anime/manga, Disney, or Chibi Style Pencil Portrait Commission Info (Please read very carefully. Serious customers only please.):

Only style of commissions I'm currently open to. Send a single person selfie style (just below the shoulders to the top of the head) photo reference, and the style you are interested seeing it in, to my email, and I'll send you back a price when a spot becomes available. Commission rate begins at fifteen dollars for just a digital file version selfie style sketch. Extra fees will apply to have the pencil drawing sent USPS (depending on where you live), and/or how much of the body is included in the photo.

Type of emails/photos that will get ignored/thrown out:

-Missing a photo
-Asking repeatedly if I'll accept yours
-Not including "I want this in Disney style" or "I want this in Chibi style"
-That want me to agree to a deadline ("Must be done for a birthday, anniversary, live event...")
-Photos of couples or groups
-Extreme close ups
-NSFL(Not Safe For Life)/gore photos
-Blurry, small, bland, or complicated photos
-Person interacting with medium to large objects
-Person interacting with other people
-More than one pet
-Sent as DA note
-Offering DA points
-Art Trades
-Not relating at all to portraits
-Offers to work on your commercial projects
-Requests for free work

Please view the portrait gallery,…, to give you a general idea what I will accepted.

Sorry for the all the rules/litmus test. It simply makes my life a whole lot easier to focus on drawing for my customers and not having to email people back and forth all day with these details. If you did follow everything, do not be offended if I don't get back to you! I may be with other customers, the photo just doesn't inspire me, working on other bigger projects, family stuff... These portraits are not a high priority with me.
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Last one of these steampunk travelers.
Post on Tumblr

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© Teemu Juhani

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Quickie sketch for a new piece I'll have at NYCC.

Don't forget to follow me on my other pages for sketches, works in progress and other random things.


©Kellee Riley and KelleeArt Design Studio, LTD.
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After a loooong hiatus here is a new piece from me > < This is my entry for the Franklin's Art Festival here in NZ. Reference picture courtesy of :iconapalkin: check out his wonderful photos and models =) 

Tools used: Faber castell colour pencils
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This is Violet. This is not an OC, this is a huge part of me, that I happen to be quite proud of.

In my most recent Journal Entry, I mentioned a story I'm working on, and I was asking if you guys would be interested in seeing. I got positive responses, so here I am, finally going for it. I've been thinking about this story since my first day on DeviantArt, but kept postponing it, since I wanted to improve my art skills. I think it's about damn time for it. :)

The story is about Violet, a 16 year old girl, that suffers from depression. Her mind is filled with darkness and she's losing herself in a world she created, and literally fell into. Will she escape?

I got the courage to finally do this after seeing many people struggle and even consider giving up.
I don't know when this is going to be ready, but I'd love to see what you people think about it so far! :meow:
Please leave a comment!

You're loved. :heart: Smile.

EDIT: The request I mentioned in the journal was for a person outside of dA, so I'm not going to upload it. Sowwy!
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Die Jungs FanArt piece for darling Yixing.
9x12in Mixed Media Paper
Charcoal and Graphite

[EXO] Lay Emoticon EXO : Lay Heart 
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wreszcie jakiś w miarę porządny rysunek z moim ukochanym OC ;v; (zbroja tak bardzo lamerska tho)
nadal nienawidzę się z kredkami :happybounce:
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(Not inspired by the radiohead song “Where I end and You Begin” but I’m listening to that for the first time and it’s pretty class, I almost want to lie and say I was)

I’ve not been doing very well, very particularly not well - but people have been really supportive and I thank you all so much for that <3
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