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Dead Alive (Walking Dead x Walker! Reader) Ch 1
 I've made a one shot similar to this but this one will feature more plot and chapters...I hope you all like this. Ever since I watched Walking Dead, I'm like, what if this were to happen? I think it would of been a cool idea for the writers to explore the idea of this but it'll probably won't happen...but there's Warm Bodies and I'm sure there's other such ideas that cover this too....well, enjoy!
 Ch 1: The Mark of A Death
 How did it all started? How did I end up becoming this heap of death you can say?
 I'll try to recover as much as I can now. There's so much going on around me. I see them trying to bring me back to life. They think I'm the only way out of this.
 I could feel them press their hands against my chest, trying to revive my heart. One of them is touching my head, examining my brain.
 They're all around each other, yelling and scrambling their hands with my blood.
 I sensed the others shooting my people, breaking off their
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Dead Alive (Walking Dead x Walker!Reader) Ch 4
 Chapter 4: Rescue
 Carl continued to come over in the forest to communicate to me with his paper and crayons. It may not have been as quick and informative as talking was but it was the closest thing where we could talk.
 I asked Carl questions, wondering how he felt during the attack. Carl said that he and his mom woke up one day and saw one of their neighbors acting strange. It wasn't until the neighbor bit on someone that something indeed was wrong. From then on, they packed their bags and left. They had no choice. His mom had insisted on Shane, the leader of the group, to turn around and look for his dad but Shane had predicted that his father was already possibly dead since he was in the hospital. That or it be too late for him.
 Rick emerged from the graves though, dirty but alive. He brought back a couple of friends with him but now the group only had little weapons left to use for attacks. He had recalled also seeing a brother of group member here alon
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