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Zombie Pumpkin MagiSword! :icondivinewarriorcosplay:DivineWarriorCosplay 25 14 Zombie Pumpkin Magisword on my Chair! :iconpencilord:PenciLord 29 7 Prohyas - Mighty Magiswords - Magiespadas :iconmonsethewogon:MonseTheWogon 20 0 Mighty Magiswords Sketches! :iconsirshelly:Sirshelly 16 2 Inktober Day 25: Zombie Pumpkin Magisword :iconshinigami-ziggy:Shinigami-Ziggy 13 0 Vambre Warrior :icontheenigma27:TheEnIgMa27 12 1 Dance :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 12 7 Daily Doodles #5 :icongolnazelectric:GolnazElectric 10 2 Zombie :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 8 0 Pride :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 8 0 Date Nighty :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 8 2 Human Zombie Pumpkin Magisword :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 7 3 Size :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 7 2 Smooch :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 6 0 Zed P :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 7 0 3 Color Challenge :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 6 0 Zombie Pumpkin Magisword :icontanukitsune1:Tanukitsune1 5 2 Snow clothes sketch :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 5 0 Zombie Pumpkin :iconspiderfingers15:SpiderFingers15 6 5 Zed P Turnaround Normal Outfit :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 5 3 Zombie Pumpkin Magisword Stamp :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 4 0 Snow :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 4 2 Grup and Zombie Pumpkin Magisword- The Big Burger :iconbiggeorge11:BigGeorge11 3 0 Magiswordsexual :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 3 6 Pen Sketch: Miya Maryam :iconariannalovesdrawing:AriannaLovesDrawing 4 1 Poly :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 3 10
Pumpkin Love - Chapter Three
Vambre watched from the other room as her brother and Pumpkin made out, as Vambre felt a pang of jealousy. She was now aware she was a lesbian--and she wished she could be with Pumpkin. Vambre pouted to herself.
Vambre pressed her back against the wall and practically whined in anguish.
"Sis?" Prohyas asked from the other room "you okay??"
"I'm fine!" Vambre lied. Her magimobile buzzed, alerting her of a new call. It was from Noville. She forgot that she was supposed to be training him that day and groaned--not because she was annoyed with him--but because she was so caught up in her inner anguish that she completely forgot about their bi-weekly training sessions.
She went outside to where Noville was waiting.
"O h-hey Vambre" Noville blushed
"Yes, Noville. So our training." She said  stretching out her legs, then her arms.
"Yeah" he pulled out his magisword.
Vambre tried to teach him how to use it, using Grup as a practice target. But she couldn't help but get distracted.
:iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 2 0
Prohyas and or Vambre go comfort pumpky :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 3 0 Mighty Magiswords - Dynamic Duo! :iconbiggeorge11:BigGeorge11 2 0
Pumpkin Love - Chapter Two
Prohyas began to spend all of his time with Zombie, over the next couple weeks. Vambre was starting to get a bit annoyed. Every time Prohyas was supposed to be on a mission with Vambre, Prohyas was too busy spending time with Zombie. Prohyas was always blushing bright red like Vambre's tomato magisword. And when Prohyas actually did show up for missions, he was easily distracted--well more than usual. Vambre absolutely lost it, when Prohyas had picked a flower during a mission and started doing the whole "She loves me, she loves me not" thing.
However, whenever Vambre confronted him, he totally denied. Minutes later, he'd be staring at Zombie however. Vambre rolled her eyes. whenever her brother fell in love with someone he became...dumb. Vambre worried for both him, and Zombie. Vambre wasn't sure how Zombie felt for Prohyas, so she was scared of Zombie being creeped out, and Prohyas's heart would be broken.
Vambre was worried.
Prohyas decided to have a TOTALLY platonic picnic with Zom
:iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 2 0
More Christmas :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 2 0 Pen Sketch: Zombie Pumpkin Magisword :iconariannalovesdrawing:AriannaLovesDrawing 2 0 Zombie Pumpkin Turnaround :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 1 0 Christmas pumpkin :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 1 2 Side by side :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 1 0 Lil pumpkin lineart :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 3 0 Pumpky :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 1 0 He care :iconmiyamaryam:MiyaMaryam 3 0