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Yuri on ice X male! Reader
Your eyes never stopped watching his figure glide gracefully on the ice. As if you were in a trance but as  beautiful as it was it was already done.
"Hey y/n , do you have a interest in Ive skating?" You heard the voice of your friend ask as he finished his practice for the time being. Shaking your wild locks up and down.
"As a child I was a skater , that is until the accident" your smooth voice rang out to the ears of your  friend, and standing  up you stretch your body out unaware of the eyes gazing at your figure.
Yuri hesitantly gets off the ice and packs all his stuff up while you wait with your hands on your pockets coolly. Hearing a zipper zip noting he was done he stands up with his bag and nervously looks over at you while pushing you.
"Heh y/n -chan  ha-have you ever?" He stutters out quickly with a bead of sweat trickling down his face as you look at him   In confusion ,but wonder your hair slightly shifts.
"Have I what Yuri
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Yuri on Ice X Male!reader
Your  hair wildly whipped past your flushed face as tears slipped down your face as your once love of your life looked at you sadly in guilt.
"W-why," you chocked out putting  frozen hand onto your head as you gasp heavily for breaths " what did I do to deserve this , I've done nothing  but good to you was I not good enough for you!"  They looked at you with tears slipping down their face also as they flinched and turned their head away in shame ,yet the man left long ago after being caught with your now ex-lover.
Raw lungs stung as the cool wind entered while one broken heart stared hurt and betrayed at (Ex/n). "I-I'm sorry ,please I didn't mean it" they pleaded with despair in their eyes " (y/n)!"  Your eyes grow cold in sadness,disgust and betrayal  the emotionless words left your mouth as you stated " is this the man you have been disappearing to while I'm in bed sleeping " you looked at them for a sign as they panicked " yes for a
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