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Kawaii~ Karneval Yogi x Reader
The young {Haircolor} girl looked up to see the blonde running through the ship towards her and Nai. Nai Grinned, waving wildly at him, "Yogi-kun!" Yogi smiled back, "Hey!"
He turned toward {Name} with a cute smile, she fought a blush trying to work its way to her cheeks.  Standing up, she brushed down the knee high sun dress she wore, "H-Hi Yogi-kun!" She smiled.
He got up close to her, holding his hands behind his back. She looked at him curiously, "What do you got there?" She asked, trying to look around the tall blonde. He simply laughed, ruffling her hair affectionately before actually blushing himself.
"W-Well, since you haven't been to one of Circus's carnivals, I-I thought you could wear these the next time we have one!" He thrusted a Nyanperona head band at her. It had two little ears sticking out from the top, giving her the appearance she had ears.
She looked down at the gift before back up at a nervous Yogi. She felt a blush of her own rising to he
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Cartoons - Classic Vs. CGI Remake by NostalgicChills Cartoons - Classic Vs. CGI Remake :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 639 259
| Childish Games | Yogi x Reader
"Aww, come on [Name]! Play with us!"
You sighed and closed the book you were currently reading. These pleas would have been perfectly acceptable if they were coming from a child. But no... instead, they were coming from your boyfriend.
"Yogi, seriously? You're 21 years old. Don't you think playing games is a bit childish?"
"I'm 21 and a half... And of course not! Just because we're adults doesn't mean that we still can't have fun and preserve our childhood!" He protested, both innocence and passion gleaming in his violet eyes. "Please join us, [Name]! We can't play without you!" He pleaded, earning yet another sigh from you.
"What game are you guys gonna play?" You asked.
"Hide and Seek! It will be me and you against Gareki and Nai." He replied enthusiastically.
"Since when does Hide and Seek require teams?" You inquired with an unamused expression.
"...Does that really matter?" Yogi asked. When you replied by re-opening your book, Yogi continued on with his tantrum. "Pleeease?!"
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You're My Reason, Power, and Future
Yogi x Reader
Chapter 4: Next Step
"Take a deep breath, __(y/n)." Akari instructed as he turns on a machine which emits a low humming noise. "Whatever concerns you have at the moment, I want you to disregard them. The sound I have on now will help slow your brain activity so that we can access your subconscious mind."
You exhaled quietly, hands folded over your abdomen. You clear your mind, leaving it blank and waiting for the next step.
"Just relax and concentrate on your breathing. You may begin to feel sleepy in the next few minutes and thar's all right. Keep yourself as comfortable as possible."
Yogi watches your respiration become deep and unlabored, your head eventually falling to the side and your fingers loosening their hold on one another.
"__(y/n), I'm going to ask you some questions, that's all right, yes?"
"Yes." you answered quietly.
"Tell us what happened before Yogi recused you."
"I...I was locked up in a basement with a lot of other women." Faces of the auction v
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You're My Reason, Power, and Future
Yogi X Reader
Chapter 1: Golden Hope
A blonde, Nyanperowna lover is walking down a crowded street, ready to spend his cash for his dear friends. The ship had stopped for a few days in a town and Yogi was curious as to what shops they had to offer him.
'I wonder if they have a Nyanperowna store here!' He hummed a tune to himself. He pulls out his earnings that Circus supplied for his services, making sure he didn't accidentally lose them. However, unbeknownst to him, a middle aged man had eyed the bundle of money, a smirk forming on his lips. As he pulled out the burning cigarette from his mouth, he exhales quickly, and pushes himself from the building wall.
"Hey there young lad. The name's Tom. You look like someone who likes to have fun. I'm sure ya do! Who doesn't, right? Anyway, follow me and I'll show you something entertaining!"
"Yeah, yeah! I like fun!" Yogi gives the man a smile, forgetting the potential danger of easily trusting a stranger.
"All right! That sounds
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[ Render ] Gareki and Yogi - Karneval by CaptainMisuzu [ Render ] Gareki and Yogi - Karneval :iconcaptainmisuzu:CaptainMisuzu 565 24
Cindy Bear's Spanking
An unusually warm day in Jelly stone Park, Yogi and Cindy Bear were out for a nice little stroll around the park. Normally the bear would much rather associate his time with stealing picnic baskets from all the campers and visitors of the park, but he was devoting his time to his girlfriend. He did not see the point of these hang outs, but she was smitten by him, so he had to oblige.
They reached one of the lovely waterfalls in the park and sat down under a tree to talk. Yogi knew it was a rather big weekend for visitors. He looked over at her and felt somewhat shy as what to say.
"Er…Cindy…what do you want to do today? I am sure there are a lot of visitor's with picnic baskets…care to…"
"Oh Yogi…aren't you tired of doing the same old thing? Come on I want to do something fun. Let's go to the lake and have a swim, it will be delightful!"
"Okay, sounds like a fun time." He took her hand and led the way. The two arrived at the lake, and Cindy jumped in first. Loo
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