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N.Italy x Reader- Weird Little Habbits
N.Italy x Reader
Weird Little Habits
"Ve~ You're-a so cute when you-a do that, ______!"
I pout and looked away from the cute Italian, trying to hide my blush while struggling to keep it at bay. 'He's making fun of me. But I love it when he does that. UGH. Why am I so weird?'
"Hehe, I'm gonna do it again bella~"
"N-No! Don't it's embarassing Ital--"
I was cut off when I felt sand pour out from Italy's hands and onto my sensitive skin. I shuddered and closed my eyes.
Well, to tell the truth, I'm a girl with weird.. 'Habits'. If you're kind enough to call it a 'habit'. You might say that "NAW, I MUST BE WEIRDER THAN YEW~"
Think again. Here is a list of my weirdest 'habits'. I listed only 5 out of 50.
1) Everytime I spot someone yawning, I start biting my nails.
2) After eating, I always have an urge to curl my toes.
3) I always start my laughs with a snicker, and end it with a snort.
4) When someone tickles me, I chirp. YES, chirp.
5) When someone pours sand over my legs and feet,
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