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5 Yen [Yato x Regalia!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
5 yen.
The simple copper coin, glinting in the palm of your hand, was worth little to nothing in terms of  face value. Gods of greater stature and reputation received piles and mounts of currency that would tip the scales in comparison to this measly thing.
Yet, your master asked for nothing else.
The delivery god Yato with eyes brighter than the clearest of skies took the smallest of wishes to chores that left him barely standing. You lost count at the amount of times he summoned you and Yukine to take down phantoms plaguing those of this world, refusing to remain in theirs. You swore that the odor of his clammy hands still lingered and even seeped into your skin as well as the imprints of his hands, squeezing and tightening about you in the heat of battle. You slept under the rooftops of shrines, dormant and cold. You ate only from those who offered or through what little you earned.
Yet, he still requir
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 419 60
Home | Yato x Reader
’So lonely...’
An exasperated sigh leaves your lips as you flick the little phantom off your shoulder, sending it flying towards the bushes behind the bench you’re currently sitting on. Awkwardly cute those critters may seem, but you knew better not to entertain their company. You watch the persistent phantom crawl out, and this time you are the first to approach, feigning a truce with a small smile, the unsuspecting creature beaming up at your hidden intent.
’So lonely...’
"I already know that. No point in reminding me." You coldly mutter under your breath, your foot now slightly raised, threatening the phantom with the base of your shoe. The phantom flees in fear just as your shoe meets the pavement, and out of boredom you watch it scamper across the street and into the drainage.
And once again, you are alone. 
Just as you always h
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Protect || Yato x Reader || AU
That was what the God of Calamity brought. 
He only ever brought misfortune, death and war. 
No matter the time period, or how advanced humanity was, that was all he brought. 
And yet, for some reason, you were different.
Even at the river of death, you didn’t flow the same current. You didn’t cry or curse.
Instead, you smiled, mumbling to yourself about how grateful you were for your life, despite being alone at the riverbed. 
And when you survived and left the river, he felt...relieved. 
Ever since then, he had followed you, despite Yukine’s sighs and complaints. 
For some reason, he had begun to fall for you. 
He’d walk with you to school, listening in on the items you talked about with your friends. 
The laughter you gave off, it reminded him of the bells at the Tenjin’s shrine, which you visited often. He always asked Tenjin to bless you, doing a favour in return for the old man. 
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Reflection [Yandere!Yato x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
The fingers of the trees splay across the muted light.
Frozen wind. Mist stinging your skin like millions of needles.
Your mouth gaped, begging, choking for even the slightest bit of air. Your throat raw, your lungs striving for what little air it could obtain, numb fingers clawed and tugged and crisp blades of grass as you fought for an escape.
Soft whispers echoing through the forest...
They called for you.
They whispered your name.
They crawled into the sensitive passages of your mind.
The frosted grass crumbled beneath his feet as he approached you, eyes colder than the ice beneath him, face devoid of all expression.
His blade glistened in the subdued light of the shrouded sun.
Crimson splatters dripped down his face as tears.
But, nothing stirred within him.
He simply watched your broken form, struggling, striving, fighting for an escape.
All you longed for was
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 179 20
Yato King :iconfleesveon:fleesveon 609 151
Sixth Sense [Yato x Sick!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
You could hear them.
Everywhere you went, every room you entered, every hour, every minute, you could hear them...
Whispering their thoughts....
Crying out in anger and desperation...
Mindlessly verbalizing...
Yet, those unnamed voices could never be found.
They belonged to another realm, the world beyond, the after life...
The Far Shore...
As you lay in your hospital bed, the cold sheets failing to warm you, you listened to the conversations among these ghostly beings. The darkness loomed about you, the hums from the machinery connected to you filling whatever quietness remained. With a sharp exhale, your fingers twiddled together, reflecting the fluttering nerves building inside of you.
You were used to living like this, to depending on machines, to depending on the help of those dressed in white to assist you with daily tasks.
But, those voices...
Those unearthly, eerie voices...
You could never grow accusto
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 229 52
Yatogami :icon10juu:10Juu 531 35
Renewal [Yato x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
Someone help me...
I’m alone...
I don’t know how much longer I can take this...
The grass cushioned your cheek. The frigid wind cooled the festering wounds, bloodied and hot. The metallic taste coated your tongue as a streak of red slowly rolled from the corner of your mouth. The rustling trees and the tinkling of the river like silver bells were your only company. The corpses strewn across the battlefield served only as a reminder of your imminent death. You could seen him now, the Grim Reaper clothed in ebony velvet, waiting for you to accept his cold, outstretched fingers.
But, oh, what you saw struck more terror into your heart than Death himself.
Ebony hair, framing sharp features, pale skin, glinting in the light of the silvery-grey, melancholy morn.
And those eyes. Never had you seen something so beautiful, etherial, radiant, like jewels found only in the stars. Yet, the
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Lost Angels [Yato x Regalia!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
And all at once, the phantom vanished from sight.
The girl, once curled and shielding herself from the unknown terror, slowly lifted her head, eyes shifting about, her once held breath tentatively releasing.
At last, she was safe.
With one utter of your name, you returned to your original form, standing at the side of your master, now scrutinizing his work.
The young girl, plagued by the terror of her own mind, wandered within the realms of limbo, walking along the line of the shores both near and far. Her wrist trembled as the burden of her own life rested in the balance of a silver blade in her hand.
Until, finally, clinging on what little hope she possessed, she cried out for help, the last chance, the final resort.
And her wish was heard loud and clear.
With a flip of a coin, the god Yato, with you at his side, brought down the dark creatures threatening to drag her with them, an abyss s
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 211 45
Yato :iconredricewine:redricewine 422 14 Yato / Render :icongundi16:Gundi16 141 4
Stray | Yato x Regalia!Reader
Listen as you read, if you like: [x]
    Soft, the onyx wefts were as you ran your fingers down, a gentle warmth bubbling within your chilled form. Gentle flakes of white continuously danced through the cloudy night. A shared jacket loosely hangs from your delicate shoulders, an arm draped beneath the thin jersey, adding a small layer of protection from the winter frost. His familiar, sweet aroma filled your reddened nose, a quiet vibration resonated through your thighs.
    A kitten. 
    A stray. 
    An onyx ball of fur with the same icy blue hues as the God huddled to your smaller form. 
    You had found the abandoned young one excavating through compost filled bins, scouring for even the little specks of discarded leftovers. A small sliver of tuna was enough to bring the thinning kitten to your side, his uncertain trust of you slowly f
:iconmisaki-botchan:Misaki-Botchan 197 21
Yato / Render 2 :icongundi16:Gundi16 146 2
and yet. // {calamity!yato}
{ calamity!yato x goddess!reader }
warning(s): blood.
Please listen while you read: [link]
           He brought to pass terrible wishes; leaving his hands soaked with blood.  He was a god of great calamity, fulfilling the desires of evil men.  This was the only way he knew to be known.  He was recognized this way.
            Yato-kami, the great and terrible god of calamity.
            And yet, (Name) felt a passion for him that she was unable to ignore.  His eyes were gorgeous, cold gems of starlight.  And his scent was altogether something more wonderful.
            So, she helped him.  She could see no other way to show her love.
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 203 15
Yato II :iconettelle:Ettelle 111 5 Yato-san (Noragami) :iconirenechii:Irenechii 215 22
My Sunshine [Daddy!Yato x Reader]
You must have been dreaming.
Could you have been?
You felt your lungs rise and fall. You noted the heat of the sun warming your frigid cheeks. You sensed the chilly breeze blowing your scarf across your face. Your eyes, reddened nose and fingers still stung.
You were awake. Surely, you were. You could remember waking up, stretching and partaking of a delicious breakfast! You recall greetings your friends, the strain of your brain as you muddled over homework, the exasperation of your body after PE. You even remember spending a good half an hour conversing with Yukine and Hiyori before venturing this way.
But, the sight before you was far too incredible, inconceivable, far-fetched to be real! It had to have been a vision.
The devious god simply known as Yato sat beneath the graceful branches of a cherry blossom tree. His crystal eyes sparkled in the light of the sun, and his smile stretched from ear to ear. The warm breeze lifted pieces of his luminous ebony hair as the light caught fle
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 200 55
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