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Blush Base by sniickers Blush Base :iconsniickers:sniickers 5,083 852 HaruRin - Teeth by Amanduur HaruRin - Teeth :iconamanduur:Amanduur 1,029 190 .Smexy Rock Star Trio . by sakimichan .Smexy Rock Star Trio . :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,492 532 Billdip by NoSleepOwO Billdip :iconnosleepowo:NoSleepOwO 1,378 82 If I may just take your breath away by KiyuMiyu If I may just take your breath away :iconkiyumiyu:KiyuMiyu 2,517 149 Don't Resist Me by Antiquity-Dreams Don't Resist Me :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 930 101 OTAYURI What a beautiful day by EryenArt OTAYURI What a beautiful day :iconeryenart:EryenArt 520 21 Aww... aren't they adorable? by lucrecia Aww... aren't they adorable? :iconlucrecia:lucrecia 2,583 255 DN - The Little Merman by Hyura DN - The Little Merman :iconhyura:Hyura 4,655 727 The Wolf by Z-Pico The Wolf :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 772 94 Kuroshitsuji - I want you Ciel by Fuugen Kuroshitsuji - I want you Ciel :iconfuugen:Fuugen 1,960 419
GrimmIchi: In the Rain
Ichigo was not in a good mood. He had woken up late because he had forgotten to set his alarm clock, gotten hit by one of his father’s morning kicks, came to late school, got yelled at by his teachers and then received detention for not handing in his homework (in his haste to get to school, he had forgotten to bring it). On top of that, it was now raining. Luckily, he had kept an umbrella in his locker in case it should ever rain and was now trudging down the rain soaked street back to his home under the protection of the umbrella.
The orange haired teen shivered, holding his jacket close, the biting cold of the wind going right through him. Things could not possibly get any worse than this.
When he passed the park near his home, he came to a stop. There was a shivering figure crouched under a tree. The person had unruly, teal hair. Ichigo raised an eyebrow, curious. Who on earth could be out here in the rain? Could it be?
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The Surfer and the Merman CH 1
        It was beautiful, sunny day in Cayucos, California. However, even the perfect weather couldn't improve the mood of one of the local residents as he gloomily walked across the sand. Surfboard in his hand, he stared out into the horizon, his natural blonde hair blowing in the wind. He then realized that he was the only person on the beach, which just made him feel worse. He felt so alone lately, ever since summer began. His parents had left him for a whole month to go visit relatives who lived a few states away. The poor surfer couldn't go with his parents because he had to take summer school classes.
       "Fucking Econ...." He grumbled to himself.
        The poor highschooler didn't even have any friends to help him with his loneliness. Besides his good looks and likeable personality, he was painfully shy and only had a few friends. And those few friends happened
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SasuNaru: Snooze by Mikutashi SasuNaru: Snooze :iconmikutashi:Mikutashi 6,342 553 Death Note - Christmas Cards by Hyura Death Note - Christmas Cards :iconhyura:Hyura 3,327 381 Secured and Freed by K-Koji Secured and Freed :iconk-koji:K-Koji 1,562 103
Takumi Usui x Male! Reader
if you don't know how Takumi Usui looks, here is a pic ^^
Here are some good pictures of males, ^^ or if you want, you can just imagine your male self :)
Today was your first day at Seika High, you were just transferred here because you thought that this was such a peaceful school and so, you enrolled here, besides, in your old school, the females tried everything in their power to try and grab your stuff, your friends, the girls you were friends with and eve
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He's a great boyfriend by hellcorpceo He's a great boyfriend :iconhellcorpceo:hellcorpceo 3,410 268
100 ways to annoy Death Note
                        100 ways to annoy the Death Note characters

1. Call him a pervert for putting cameras in every room of Light's house.
2. Repeatedly ask him if L is his real name, whether he answers or not.
3. Arrive at is door asking for Hideki Ryuga's signature (the idol's, not L's)
4. Tell him that he must've been really desperate to get Light since he handcuffed Light to himself.
5. Ask him if he was disapointed when he saw Light reading hentai magazines.
6. Ask him if he watched Light masturbate.
7. ask him if he LIKED watching Light masturbate
8. Steal his cake then eat it right infront of him.
9. Call him 'panda puff' repeatedly.
10. Ask him where he gets his eyeliner from.
11. If he asks you for a pie, give him a pizza.
12. Call him a "duckbutt head".
13. Say he looks like Sasuke, even if he doesn't get it.
14. Tell him his feet stink.
15. S
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Hetalia by LadyRedDarkness Hetalia :iconladyreddarkness:LadyRedDarkness 3,067 396 bully - m+m+n by Hyura bully - m+m+n :iconhyura:Hyura 1,870 268 No.6 - Kiss of Lies by sea-flow No.6 - Kiss of Lies :iconsea-flow:sea-flow 2,739 357 Yuri On Ice by Ruri-dere Yuri On Ice :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 1,068 58
Taste || Kaneki x Male!Reader
//Feel free to change the gender but it would totally mess up the ending.//
He didn't even know why he was here. Touka had led him to an unknown apartment after showing up 40 minutes after the supposed meeting time that she had set.
Kaneki sighed silently in his mind as he adjusted the straps of his eye patch on his left eye.
He'd asked her where they were going, she had only replied that they were going to meet someone important and that he should stop annoying her with his constant questioning.
So he decided to just keep his mouth shut and walked quietly beside her.
Then they had finally reached an apartment complex; it didn't really look trustworthy but all he was able to do was believe in Touka's wo
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Ashke and His Lover 2 by Falln-Stock Ashke and His Lover 2 :iconfalln-stock:Falln-Stock 656 246 Gorillaz: Broken by SugarBunnyCosplay Gorillaz: Broken :iconsugarbunnycosplay:SugarBunnyCosplay 587 199
The Surfer and The Merman CH 5
Skye took out his cell phone from his pocket to check the time.
"5:30..." He read to himself.
"It should be open," the young blonde said as he turned to the boy next to him.
"Good..." Cyan said as he rubbed his stomach. Skye stared at the smaller boy; he was developing a habit of doing this. He couldn't help himself, he was just so fascinated with the boy from the sea.
The sun was getting lower in the sky, causing the leaves from the tree in Skye's front yard to scatter shadows all over Cyan. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about how lovely Cyan looked at this moment. Skye's mind then focused on Cyan's new shirt.
When Cyan first met Skye, he, of course, had no clothes with him. Unfortunately for the both of them, Skye's clothes were too large for Cyan. The surfer decided to dig through his garage for old clothes, and he found a few shirts that he had worn in junior high school. However, Skye was unable to find pants, so Cyan had to wear Skye's baggy swim shorts with the drawstri
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Better Late Than Never by JustMeBeingADork Better Late Than Never :iconjustmebeingadork:JustMeBeingADork 2,035 247 REBORN: Tsuna vs Xanxus by abcdefghijkL0L REBORN: Tsuna vs Xanxus :iconabcdefghijkl0l:abcdefghijkL0L 443 20 KakaNaru -SHippuuden Movie 3- by danimefreack KakaNaru -SHippuuden Movie 3- :icondanimefreack:danimefreack 620 168 Seasonal Feathers [UTAU Cover] by Ruri-dere Seasonal Feathers [UTAU Cover] :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 1,518 77 Clothes ref # 01 by Z-Pico Clothes ref # 01 :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 654 42
The Surfer and the Merman CH20
Arun stared at the small piece of paper in his hands that he had found taped to the door of Skye's bedroom. Barely knowing anything about the English written language, Arun struggled with the words for a few minutes.
"Going... on a...." Arun paused at the next word, unsure of how to pronounce it, "Be.. back... later."
The burgundy-haired boy brought the note close to his face and focused directly on the word that he had skipped.
"Dah-tee?" Arun guessed. He repeated the word a few times out loud before he realized what it was.
"Date!!" He exclaimed.
He paused for a moment, and the happiness of accomplishing his goal of reading the note quickly faded into dread.
"Wait, that means you're gone for the day??" Arun gasped and the note slipped from his hands.
He dashed back into the television room where he and the other mermen slept. The small boy snatched up another piece of paper that was on the bed.
"So you're ALL leaving me then??" Arun complained as he read the note again that was writt
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Ravensoul by Gasara Ravensoul :icongasara:Gasara 1,783 202 Sleep by LadyRedDarkness Sleep :iconladyreddarkness:LadyRedDarkness 510 66
Harry and Draco
Their lips met, tongues massaging each other while exploring the other’s mouth.
“Harry... we shouldn’t be doing this here...”
“I know... that’s what makes it so tempting...” Harry started kissing his way down on Draco’s neck while receiving several moans from the blonde.
Suddenly, the curtain flew open. There they were, Harry kissing Draco who lay on a table on the big scene where they was going to perform the school play.
Lucius watched with horror in his eyes.
“What the hell is going on?!” he demanded to know.
Ron, who had been watching everything, finally dared to make an entrance.
“That was how the story of Romeo and Julia began” he started of, taking his role as the teller of the story, “They fell madly in love, though they knew that they could never be together”...
An hour later.
“Thank you so much Ron!” Harry said with a smile while entering the room behind the scene, holding Draco’s hand firmly
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security blanket - M+N by Hyura security blanket - M+N :iconhyura:Hyura 1,184 152 Snake Bite by sofia-1989 Snake Bite :iconsofia-1989:sofia-1989 275 118 ST-mirror mirror cut scenes XD by Mkb-Diapason ST-mirror mirror cut scenes XD :iconmkb-diapason:Mkb-Diapason 1,307 251
:Naruto: Possessive
Warnings: Shounen-ai, a teasing Sasuke, confused Naruto, language, fighting, WAFF
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Kakashi leaned into the wood in the comfortable fork he had found in this particular tree. It had a very good position for supervising his students during their training sessions. One leg was draped along the length of the horizontal branch while the other was propped up against his chest, a precious copy of /Icha Icha/ resting open on that thigh. The Jounin's eye darted from the extra-curricular reading to perform his periodical check on the two Genins training below him.
It was no surprise to find the raven haired boy and hyperactive blonde sparring as fiercely as they were at that moment. Kakashi sighed. No it wasn't a surprise but today was supposed to be different. Today Sakura was supposed to be fighting one-on-one with Naruto while Sasuke mediated atop a tree in the heat. His brilliant plan to keep the unexpected spice in their training had to wait until
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KUROSHITSUJI: Ciel's order by Tales-of-sharingan KUROSHITSUJI: Ciel's order :icontales-of-sharingan:Tales-of-sharingan 2,112 818 Yaoi Commission: Rui x Rage: He's mine by Yaoi-World Yaoi Commission: Rui x Rage: He's mine :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 2,311 214 Not a friend by Voidance-kun Not a friend :iconvoidance-kun:Voidance-kun 1,040 116 KH: A morning with you by Anyarr KH: A morning with you :iconanyarr:Anyarr 1,181 136 DN - The Little merman p.2 by Hyura DN - The Little merman p.2 :iconhyura:Hyura 4,121 1,023 Yaoi Commission: Yuri x Flynn: Nightmares by Yaoi-World Yaoi Commission: Yuri x Flynn: Nightmares :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 2,754 161 When Sasuke Met Ichigo by 2-of-a-kind When Sasuke Met Ichigo :icon2-of-a-kind:2-of-a-kind 708 154 Gorillaz: Overdose by SugarBunnyCosplay Gorillaz: Overdose :iconsugarbunnycosplay:SugarBunnyCosplay 276 44 Scar and Simba by CristianoReina Scar and Simba :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 466 192