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Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad by SSgt-LuLZ Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 4,603 781
Yellow Beauty Burns (Yang Xiao Long x MaleReader)
Beacon Academy, the best Huntsman training academy in the Kingdom of Vale; and a few short weeks ago, you stepped off your airship from the island of Patch with your best friend Jaune Arc and became official students. You and Jaune made some new friends in the short amount of time you had been at Beacon, including a black-haired girl with a red cape named Ruby and her sister Yang; but some new acquaintances were not as friendly to you and Jaune at first, like Weiss Schnee. Despite all of this and being literally flung into an initiation the very next day, you and the other first-years were formed into teams of four each with their own team name and leader. Jaune was partnered up with a red-haired girl named Pyrrha and teamed up with the pairing of Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren to form Team JNPR with Jaune as a leader. Ruby and Weiss, along with Yang and a black-haired girl named Blake became Team RWBY and Ruby was named leader despite having skipped two years of training at her previous ac
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BeaconStrips: Team RWBY Reunited by JumpinJammies BeaconStrips: Team RWBY Reunited :iconjumpinjammies:JumpinJammies 700 119 RWBY : World police by dishwasher1910 RWBY : World police :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,947 126
RQ: YangXSick!Male!Reader
If there was one thing (y/n) hated in this world, it would be getting sick with the flu. Just the other day he and his team were out in the training grounds fighting Grimm when a storm rolled in. His teammates made a break for the school while he decided that a little rain wouldn’t hurt anyone and kept training until his energy ran out.
Boy was he wrong about that.
He now laid in bed with a 103-degree fever, runny nose, muscle aches, an itchy throat, and fatigue.
“That’s one heck of a fever you got,” Neo, one of his teammates, commented as she looked down at the thermometer she had just used on him.
“No kidding,” (y/n) groaned.
“Looks like you’ll be in bed for the next few days.” (y/n)’s groaning continued, he was always the restless type, and the thought of being stuck in bed for days just made him feel even worse.
“Sorry dude, I know this isn’t the time and place for it, but I’m gonna say it anyway,”
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RWBY by Koyorin RWBY :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 4,036 87 RWBY : Omake 1 by Rouzille RWBY : Omake 1 :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,892 290
Beauty and the Wolf
It was just another day at Beacon. The weekend was here and pretty much every student was out and about, trying to get away from anything that has to do with school.
Well, except a certain Faunus named Blake. She was instead scouring the bookshelves in the library, looking for a new read. Scanning the novels, none of them really seemed to stand out to her. Although, when she looked up, she saw a title that she knew would interest her: Ninjas of Love Vol. 2.
“Yes, it’s here!” she said to herself.
Getting onto her tiptoes, she tried to reach for it, but she was just about a few inches.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”
She tried a little harder, to no avail. That was until a hand easily snagged the book. Startled, she turned around. It was (y/n). He looked at the book, then back at her.
“You like this stuff?” he asked. Blake blushed from embarrassment.
“Hey, it’s a really good book, don’t judge!”
“I wasn’
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RWBY portraits by einlee RWBY portraits :iconeinlee:einlee 13,253 425 RWBY by DivYes RWBY :icondivyes:DivYes 2,384 57
Snow White and the Wolf
(y/n) groggily opened his eyes as the light shone through the window of his shared room.
“Ugh,” he turned over, pulled the covers over his head, and tried to get back to sleep.
“Oi, get your furry butt up! We’ve got class soon!”
That was until one of his teammates, the leader to be exact, tried to get him out of bed. He let out a growl and said, “Leave me alone.”
Even though he was placed in a team that had pure Faunuses, he really wasn’t showing any signs that he wanted to be friends with them. The leader tugged at (y/n)’s blanket, trying to get the unwilling Faunus up and ready for the first class of the day.
“Come on! We’re gonna be late because of you!”
“Ugh, fine!” (y/n) gave up, got out of bed, and put on his school uniform.
“Geez, this looks ridiculous,” he mumbled, pulling his fluffy wolf tail through the hole that was specially made into his pants. It’s been about two weeks si
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RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons by Madgamer2k7 RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons :iconmadgamer2k7:Madgamer2k7 1,917 90
Goldilocks and the Wolf
(y/n) didn’t know it, but a pair of lilac eyes had been watching him throughout his first weeks of attending Beacon. She watched as he ate his meals, during class, and while he sparred with his teammates. Yang just couldn’t help but to be enamored with him, it was understandable for a girl her age to be attracted to (y/n), who really was easy on the eyes. But there was one thing she saw as a flaw, and that was (y/n)’s uptight personality. He never really interacted with anyone except with his teammates, and even that was scarce. She had tried to get a “hello” out of him, all he did was respond with a grunt and keep moving on.
It was on a weekend when she finally managed to stop him and get him to speak with her . . . . . . . by grabbing onto his tail when he tried to walk away after giving his brief response to her greeting. He let out a pained yelp.
“Hellloooo!!” she greeted cheerfully again.
“You already said that! N
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RWBY : Are you my friend ? by Rouzille RWBY : Are you my friend ? :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,807 247 RWBY Pokemon Trainers by depression76 RWBY Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 2,453 227 Let's Break Up with RWBY and JNPR by LunarisFuryAileron Let's Break Up with RWBY and JNPR :iconlunarisfuryaileron:LunarisFuryAileron 1,049 661 Team RWBY - Kisekae by OnionFairy99 Team RWBY - Kisekae :icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 331 76
Heavy {Yang Xiao Long X M!Reader}
    You never thought it would end this way. When you pictured dying, you assumed that other forces would have gotten you first but going out in a blaze of glory? You weren’t really the showy type. But dying so a girl like her could live? A girl like Yang? That’s something you’d make an exception for. I mean, it’s not like you weren’t dying anyways. You didn’t know your paths would cross. You had been sent here separately for two different missions and you had just happened to run into each other along the way. The creatures of Grimm gave a helping hand in separating the two of you from everyone else.
You lay on the ground, sniper rifle in hand, observing a group of Ursa crossing a stone bridge in the distance, below eye level. They weren’t the only ones in this canyon but they were the few that were in sight.
“So,” Yang started. She had been lying next to you, overlooking the edge of the cliff you both resided o
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Yang by Koyorin Yang :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 3,288 63 RWBY chibi by Rouzille RWBY chibi :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,844 98 Yang Xiao Long by ADSouto Yang Xiao Long :iconadsouto:ADSouto 1,046 59 RWBY by Kyuriin RWBY :iconkyuriin:Kyuriin 4,023 128 RWBY : Omake 4 by Rouzille RWBY : Omake 4 :iconrouzille:Rouzille 1,912 407 (Onepunchman x RWBY) : How to get Stronger by Rouzille (Onepunchman x RWBY) : How to get Stronger :iconrouzille:Rouzille 1,727 179 RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by SSgt-LuLZ RWBY - Yang Xiao Long :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 1,758 133 Yang Xiao Long by sakimichan Yang Xiao Long :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,637 484 RWBY - My Neighbor Zwei by Ace-Wong RWBY - My Neighbor Zwei :iconace-wong:Ace-Wong 872 49
Cheater! Cheater Yang X male reader X Glynda
Requested by :iconrevdavid13:
Another request, i love doing these
I'm gonna do one more before i will hopefully do my OC idea i talked about in my journal entry
Hope you Enjoy
You wandered around Beacon with an extremely goofy smile on your face. After the war with Salem, which you helped with, everything had gotten a whole lot more peaceful. The reason you were so happy was because you had just gotten back from a really difficult mission to hunt down one of Salem’s minions, Hazel, and you had arrived on exactly the right day. What made it the right day? Well it was the anniversary of the day that the blonde haired brawler of Team RWBY Yang Xiao Long had agreed to go out with you. You held her gift in your hands, a beautiful gold chain necklace with a reasonably sized diamond hanging off the end.
You saw most of team CRDL on the way to team RWBY dorm and you walked over to th
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BeaconStrips: Yang's Dream by JumpinJammies BeaconStrips: Yang's Dream :iconjumpinjammies:JumpinJammies 493 98 Yang by Koyorin Yang :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 4,278 177 GD yang by shami-heart GD yang :iconshami-heart:shami-heart 861 110 RWBY poster contest by Rouzille RWBY poster contest :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,112 39 Team RWBY by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Team RWBY :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 1,955 166 Lunch Time discussions pt. 1 by Gallrith Lunch Time discussions pt. 1 :icongallrith:Gallrith 1,090 142 Yang by pricechi Yang :iconpricechi:pricechi 1,396 34 Yang route ending by RustyArtist Yang route ending :iconrustyartist:RustyArtist 864 41
Male!Faunus!ReaderXRWBY: Intro
“Hey, isn’t that the rouge Faunus Ozpin allowed into the school?”
“Yeah, I heard he was a member of the White Fang.”

“Dude, what is Ozpin thinking? Letting someone like that into Beacon?”
His wolf ears twitched in annoyance as they picked up the murmurs of the students in the cafeteria.
(y/n) (l/n) was a Faunus, a wolf Faunus to be precise. He was found in the streets of Vale by some policeman while they were patrolling the streets. They had been told to be on the lookout for a wolf Faunus that was suspected of being a member of the White Fang, he was deemed aggressive and highly dangerous. Noticing his ears and the menacing weapon he carried on his back, they approached him and ordered him to come with them. When he refused, they immediately drew their guns and without even a warning, began to fire at him. He knew he would seriously be injured or die unless he did something, so he drew his weapon that unfolded into an enormous broad swo
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RWBY: Yin by reveriesky RWBY: Yin :iconreveriesky:reveriesky 2,313 162
Your dork ( Yang x Reader )
'Another day, another story of professor Port's adventures.' You sigh, folding your arms on the desk before resting your head, (e/c) eyes glancing around the room for something more interesting then professor Port. You continue to look around until out of the corner of your eye you see a flash of blonde siting in the row in front of you.
“Yang!” You whisper, only to get no response. You scowl and look around for something that would catch your blonde friends attention, settling on a crumpled piece of scrap paper as your choice of weapon. You uncrumple the paper and write a greeting to Yang on it before throwing it in front of her, making sure the professor isn't looking before you do so. “What the-?” The blonde raises an eyebrow, looking back at you with a smirk and a raised eyebrow as she gestures to the paper. You scowl, motioning to unfold the paper before looking to the front of the room again.
You smooth out the skirt of your Beacon uniform and play with yo
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RWBY:Same Seiyuu Swap -Ruby- 'Part 3' by nuricombat RWBY:Same Seiyuu Swap -Ruby- 'Part 3' :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 169 55 RWBY by I3ushidoKuroi RWBY :iconi3ushidokuroi:I3ushidoKuroi 3,660 75 RWBY - Ruby Wallpaper by UnknownChaser RWBY - Ruby Wallpaper :iconunknownchaser:UnknownChaser 1,274 18 Yang by 10Juu Yang :icon10juu:10Juu 992 50 Yang V4 by Koyorin Yang V4 :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 2,817 70 Sleeping Time. Yang, RWBY by Giuzzys Sleeping Time. Yang, RWBY :icongiuzzys:Giuzzys 313 58 RWBY by A-R-Q RWBY :icona-r-q:A-R-Q 2,142 57 Could you..? by VnixxiR Could you..? :iconvnixxir:VnixxiR 1,165 956 RWBY:'Confess Series' Jaune Confess Yang (JxY) by nuricombat RWBY:'Confess Series' Jaune Confess Yang (JxY) :iconnuricombat:nuricombat 253 29 Rwby - chibiRWBY series animated loop! by Essynthesis Rwby - chibiRWBY series animated loop! :iconessynthesis:Essynthesis 1,842 78