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Popcorn (Pietro/Quicksilver x Reader)
Your hair is on fire.
You don't know it's on fire, but it's on fire. It happens sometimes, when you're stressed, which you are right now, as you're sure you're going to fail this test you’re currently taking.
There isn't really a lot of fire, just the very tips, which flicker every now and then. There isn’t enough smoke to set off the fire alarm, or to even be noticeable, as everyone else in the class is so focused on their own tests.
Except for that guy who sits behind you, who hasn’t even started his test yet, seeing as he knows he can finish it within the last few seconds of the time limit.
Bored as he is, Pietro spends most of the lesson looking around the room dully. When his eyes slide past your head, which is gradually becoming more and more alight, he does a double take, and raises his eyebrows.
After a short pause (so short that no one would have actually realised it was a pause) he quickly (very quickly, given his mutation and all
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Deal - DoFP!Quicksilver x Reader
“You, Pietro Maximoff, are a menace!”  You say with a laugh as Pietro sets you down on the couch in his basement.
“And you, [First Name] [Last Name], are an enabler.” He responds, ruffling your [Hair Color] hair. You laugh and stick your tongue out at him, but you don’t deny it. Ever since you realized that Pietro was like you, the two of you have been wreaking havoc together.
Earlier that day, you had been using your power of light manipulation to make a laser pointer and target things for Pietro to take. It started out simple: A pencil on the floor, an eraser at the edge of a desk... but the stakes had slowly been raised. You didn’t think he would actually be daring enough to take something out of a person’s hand! Of course, he proved you wrong.  By the time the teacher realized anything was amiss, Pietro had reappeared in his seat and tucked the chalk into his pocket.
Pietro tossed the stick of chalk ont
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Magneto XMen Days of Future Past :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 1,997 39
(Hank McCoy X Reader) Late Nights

A/N: As much feedback as possible? Hopefully constructive criticism? What I did well or didn’t, and if I should write more X-men/Marvel related fics. Thanks and enjoy J And everything in italics is the reader’s thoughts.
It was late, but it didn’t mean you were asleep. You were training, not just running on the treadmill training, like punching bags and practicing your powers. It had been years since you had found Charles, and even longer since you had discovered you powers, but you still found them hard to control…. Especially around a certain genius your age.
You hit the punching bag infront of you even harder, until you knocked it off the chain it was hanging from in the ceiling.
Letting out a small groan, you levitated the punching bag back onto the ceiling and starting hitting it again. This time, you just let your thoughts fl
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Pietro x Reader Fish Micro Oneshot
Pietro x Reader Fish Micro Oneshot
A/N: this happens in the world after Wolverine travels back to the past, where the mutants had been accepted, Pietro and Wanda go to Xavier’s academy (and by the way, Erik and Raven haven’t left :) )
 Professor Xavier: “Class, this is (Y/n), behave”
You sit in one of the many empty desks
Pietro: “Pssssssh”
You ignore him
Pietro: “Pssssssh”
You keep ignoring him. He appears in the desk in front yours
Pietro: “I said pssssh, are you deaf?”
You: “How?”; you turn to look at his previous desk and Wanda looks  at you; “Have you teleported?”
Pietro: “I’ll say if you tell what you are”
You: “A human being? A girl?”
Pietro: “Jajajaja, no, silly, I meant your mutation”
You: “I’m a mermaid”
He looks at your legs
Pietro: “Don’t have tail”
You: “I know”
Pietro: “Also, yo
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