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Ouchie! (Deadpool x Reader)
Word count: 2.016 (lol)
Warnings: swearing (of course lol)
It was a cold night as you lay snuggled up with your pillows in your bed, kicking the blanket off of your body.
You were trying to fall asleep for hours now.
As an attempt to relax, you rubbed your cheek on your pillow.
And may or may not thinking about someone... in a special situation...
“Peter... oh, Peter...” you whispered while smiling, hiding your face in your pillow.
Frowning, you buried your face deeper into your pillow.
You were on the brink of falling asleep, dammit!
Slowly, you were drifting off again and-
“(y-----/n-----)! Come on, wake up! I need your help!”
“If I'm pretending I'm not here, he'll go away.” you whispered while suppressing a groan.
“Ugh. (y/n)! Stop having sex dreams!”
Your bloodshot eyes cracked open, one of them almost starting to twitch.
Turning red
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Spidey Cover- step by step :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 2,771 507
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Light fluttered between the window blinds, creating faint shadows and figures as they danced along the shelves of books and records. Erik watched the parade of shapes and wisps travel down the numerous bookcases as he walked into the mansion's library. He'd figured that Charles would be here along with the new addition to the school, (y/n); she was a fellow telepath just like Charles and it appeared the two of you hit it off very well since you arrived a few weeks back. In fact, Charles had seemed even happier since you showed up, reverting back to his upbeat personality. He turned the corner when surprise, surprise, he found who he was looking for; Charles and you working on either side of a table nestled in-between the cabinets. He waltzed over to the two of you and pulled up a seat. Charles greeted him with a simple nod while (y/n) remained silent, focusing more so on the papers in front of her. It was then he noticed something seemed a bi
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[anger issues] (Logan Howlett x Reader)
"Logan. It's a trip to the store. We need food and stuff for school" You sigh. "Nothing could happen."
"Humans don't like us, babe." He counters gruffly, folding his arms. "They'd kill us."
You pout. "They can't see our mutation." You pause, before squinting your eyes at your boyfriend. "Well, not unless we decide to show them. And we're not going to."
Logan grunts.
"Logaaan.." You call, putting on a puppy dog face. "Please?" 
He takes one look at you and melts.
"Fine. But no promises on the no mutation show."

"Hey, babe?" You ask, looking at the different cake mixes. "Which one for dessert?"
Logan shrugs. "Anything you like, 'darlin."
You chuckle. "Black Forest it is." You proclaim, pulling the box off the shelf. "Now, Betty Crocker's chocolate frosting?"
Logan pecks you on the cheek. "What else? Here, it's on the top shelf, I'll get it." 
He's just about to get it for you when his eye twitches as a boy yells "ewwwww". Logan turns to him in
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Read My Mind (Shy!Reader x Charles Xavier)
You were starting to regret the decision to tell Raven about your slight crush on Charles. Now she wouldn't leave you alone about it. She kept teasing about you both becoming sister in laws. And every time Charles would pass by, she would give such stupid looks.
Currently, the teasing was continuing as you were walking back to the Mansion from training outside today. "Raven, will you /please/ stop!" "Okay! Okay! I'll stop teasing you. I know you don't like it." You relaxed with a sigh of relief. Then Raven continued, "But just to be sure, I'm totally going to be the maid of honor at your wedding right?" "Raven!", you scolded her. She just laughed it off. After a moment you mumbled, "Besides, there can't be a wedding if he doesn't even know I like him. I mean, how could I ever tell him? He probably doesn't like me back anyway. He's so handsome, why would he ever like me? And if I told him and he rejected me... That would be so embarrassing!" You didn't realize your ranting, until Raven
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Extraordinary (Charles X Reader)
Prologue; Charles
Inside a mind of another mutant Charles always felt strange. And yet, when he read the mind of a passing by stranger, it felt awfully familiar.
He saw the same scene, playing over and over again, starting with same words that were followed by the same feelings:
"We should have told you earlier but we didn't want it to affect your life, please, you need to understand," Two blurry figures were standing in a large, tastefully decorated living room. Charles felt as if he was the one crying, wiping his tears and biting his lower lip.
When the figures came into focus, he saw a man and a woman around their fifty's wearing their best clothes and looking at each other with an aching expression on their faces.
"I understand, but it doesn't mean I agree. You knew, and you never told me.
Most of my friends won't look at me now, they either hate me or they look at me like I'm sick, like I should be locked away.
If you've told me earlier, I could have learned how to handle i
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