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Xenomorph Costume 2 of 2
Costume TF continued..
Days past, days turned to weeks and I hadn't moved from that spot since I was changed, I don't know why but I was starting to be at ease with being a Xenomorph, I didn't know if it was the costumes comforts or if it was just messing with my head, I couldn't sit here any longer though....getting hungry....after I raid the fridge.....I'll try to figure this shit out.
The house was a complete mess, it could've reminded you of 'No man's land' from world war one. A large pile of post was gathering at the door, tables and chairs were slung to the floor, a huge packing box was on its side, packing peanuts all over the floor, paper and other household nick nacks were littered everywhere, lamps were on their sides and the TV on top of a wooden case in the corner was smashed in….even the wall mirror was broken, a deep splintered crack in the middle of it as if som
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Love Story
Love Story
"Class, we have a new student today." Said our teacher. This is the story of Jessica McCormick, and how she slithered herself into my heart.
It was on that day that Jess entered the classroom. She had rather gaudy sunglasses and had very poor taste in fashion. It was sad, people would make fun of her every day, and she never said a thing. Andrew was the biggest dick in the class. He was relentless. Everyday Jess would enter the class, and everyday Andrew would call her an unattractive bitch. It hurt me. I wanted to kick his ass, or maybe punch him in the face, shutting him up once and for all. Unfortunately, Andrew picked on me too, and his imposing frame kept me from doing a thing.
One day, I was on my way home when I saw a bunch of student crowding around something. Great, another fight. But as I walked past I saw that Jess was being confronted by Andrew and his troupe. I didn't think. As I watched, something came over me. I pushed Andrew over, "Fuck off you asshole, leave
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