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Chapt 35. The Journey Home pt 1
Chapter 35
The Journey Home
New York City, New York
High air humidity combined with exhaust fumes from many vehicles that honked and roared in gridlock created a coat of grey smog above the buildings. On the ground, thousands of people were walking around the streets, from formally dressed businessmen and police officers to a variety of New Yorkers of different ethnicities and professions. Many of the people were bumping into one another in a hurry or screamed obscenities towards each other. Some beggars were sitting on the sidewalks and asking for change; most of the time pedestrians passed by and averted their looks. The trash cans and dumpsters on the streets were filled with large amounts of trash; litter lay not only in the gutters, but covered the areas around them. Homeless were digging in them in search for anything they could sell.
Xervix stood on top of the Empire State Building. Chaos, Atlas and Tartarus accompanied him. The four Titans were observing the city that spread be
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Choking yourself :iconperelka-l:perelka-l 15 3
Digital Feelings Prologue
Aheh, yep, is my face red. This story was suppose to have been finished by Valentine's Day as a V-day gift to my friend SylentNyte, but I'm still stuck on the ending ^^;
So, until I'm happy with the final part, I'll start of with the first part of it and then go from there.
This story features one of SylentNyte's favourite pairings, namely that of William x Xana.
Code Lyoko
Digital Feelings Part 1: Prologue of A Beginning
Deep within Lyoko, in the 5th Sector known as Carthage, the digital menace called Xana sat brooding and planning, bits of bytes of information and data swirling around it as it reviewed all of the current progress and failures in it's plans of world domination.
By now it's should've already been in control, especially with all of the power it had at it's disposal.
But as usual, with every scheme and attempt it had made, there was always one mayor obstacle standing in it's way: the girl Aelita and her group of friends from the real world.
"I can't
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William and Xana fanfiction-6
Jeremy and Aelita sat in the factory, once again-searching desperately for Franz Hopper. Or atleast, Jeremy was, Aelita frowned at her closest friend with worry. The memory of William collapsing still fresh in her mind, she couldn't bear it if that happened to Jeremy.
"You should take a break Jeremy" Aelita pressed once again only for Jeremy to shrug it off.
"I'm fine Aelita, I'm more than used to this" Aelita sighed shaking her head.
"I'm tired"
"I don't need you to stay right now, get some rest"
"Not without you!"
"..." Aelita stared at him intensly
"I'm doing this for you" Jeremy resigned.
"I know, and I appreciate it. But that doesn't mean you need to put yourself in the hospital" Jeremy smiled finally understanding her concern.
"Alright" The young genious turned the computer off and Aelita grabbed his hand.
"Thank you Jeremy" She smiled planting a kiss on his cheek.
About a week passed since Willi
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Chapt 35. The Journey Home pt 2
The factory, 30 minutes later.
William, Sissi and Odd were the first ones to arrive at the lab. Sissi walked inside and took a look at the equipment of the lab. She was amazed at how advanced it was.
"Pretty cool, huh?" William asked.
"It looks like something Iron Man uses." amazed Sissi said.
Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere. "Hey, who's the babe?"
"Who said that?" Sissi turned in search of the source of the voice.
She only saw Odd and William, who were acting as if they were not surprised at all.
"It's our other newest member. An artificial intelligence who is a bit of an annoyance… his name is Puck," William explained.
"Wait? Puck? What kind of a name is Puck?" Sissi asked.
"And I don't know what kind of a name is Elizabeth." The voice mocked.
The main screen blinked as a window opened up, revealing an elf like boy.
"Puck...Wait, how do you know her name?" Odd asked.
"Ms Elizabeth S. Delmas. Born November 21st 1995. Father is Mr. Jean Pierre Delmas, principal at Kadic
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Chapter 33. Fall to pieces
Chapter 33
Fall to pieces
The elevator slowly drifted down the elevator shaft of the factory. Sissi couldn't even begin to understand what she was seeing. She thought this was an old run down factory, but to her surprise it was full of life. The lights and power seemed to run on the inside, it even showed signs that someone had been cleaning it lately. There was truly more then meets the eye.
The elevator stopped in front of a large vault like door. Sissi glanced at the size of the large metal object. "How could anyone fit this huge thing down here?" she wondered. Then, she suddenly noticed the camera at the upper left corner of the door. 
"Um, is this OK that I can see this, Odd?" asked Sissi.
"Its too late for that, I'm afraid," Odd replied.
"Why did you bring her here?" a voice said.
Sissi looked around for the source of the voice. There was no sign of any person or a speaker.
"She helped me. And she already knows about Aether... we got no other choice," Odd replied to the voic
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Paper OC: Gem Della Robbia :icondeclan46:Declan46 9 2 XANAfied william NO.2 :iconwerelyokoman:Werelyokoman 11 0 Happy B-day X3 :icondigitick:Digitick 9 16 break away :iconsuperxicyumi:superxicyumi 9 11 Katt, Hikari, and Shigure :iconkisskisslovya:kisskisslovya 10 4
Chapter 34 Wold at the door
                                                                Chapter 34
                                                              The Wolf At The Door
It was a usual Friday afternoon. In the shopping district the sidewalks were crowded; even hot weather did not discourage people from doing shopping. Here and there, gridlocked bumper to bumper, stood taxi cabs a
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Xana and William fanfiction 7
William didn't have to wait long after their conversation. Years of fighting Xana had made Yumi quick to respond, she was at the factory in no more than five minutes. As she swung down the rope and went to the elevator she felt a strong sense of nostalgia-she hoped Xana was not back. Once she got to the computer room William explained his encounter with the girl.
"You're the only one who has ever seen her human avatar, so I guess I'll have to trust your instinct" Yumi did feel guilt for judging William so harshly but always the sensible one, she immediately got the sense that William wanted Xana to be back so he could exact his revenge.
"I'm sure it was her" Yumi nodded-there was no harm in checking especially since William was so sure.
"Then we have no choice, I'll go-follow Jeremy's notes" William frowned at this.
"Wouldn't it be better if I went too? Safety in numbers" Yumi shifted uncomfortably she didn't like the idea of William returning to Lyoko.
"I think it would be better if y
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CL Juggernaut Chpt. 7

Aelita sat in her bedroom upset, sitting on her bed with her knees drawn in close to her chest. She had been like this ever since Yumi stormed off after Jeremy earlier today, except now the teardrops on her silk blankets were almost completely dry. What had she done that angered Jeremy so? Maybe he thought that she was purposely trying to make him jealous? Or maybe it was something she had no control over? Either way, the memorable events replayed in her mind like a skipping record player, and – like it or not – she could not remove the needle.
Through all her depression, Aelita heard a knock on the door. She refused to lift her head, rather, she didn’t move at all. She simply called out, “Who is it?” with an upsetting tone and waited for a reply. Right now she didn’t really care who was behind the door, for no one could remove the pain of being snapped at by someone she thought she cared deeply for.
“It’s Yumi,
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