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Hinata Hyuga: A Wolf's Tale
It was a chilly night in late winter and Hinata Hyuga was walking through a nearby town.
She had just finished a mission and was trying to forget about a mistake she had made.
She had hesitated in taking out an enemy and Kurenai had gotten hurt.
The injured sensei wasn't mad, but Hinata was angry with herself.
'If only I was braver, then Kurenai-sensei would be fine...' Hinata thought when as if out of no where, a strange building appeared in front of the bashful girl. She ran right into the door.
"Omph! O-oh...What's t-this?"
Unlike the dreary colors of the rest of the town, this buildings was bright and illuminate. Neon lights covered all around it, displaying an image of a hooded woman holding a sign that read "Lady Xana: Fortune Teller Extraordinaire". Giant red arrows jutted out from the building pointing down at the door, making Hinata feel a little bad she didn't notice the building to begin with.
"I-I wonder what t-this is about..." Hinata opened the door and stepped inside.
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Code lyoko: Talent Show
The gang was siting at the usual bench waiting for they're friend Yumi to arrive in silence.
"So Odd wheres Ulrich?" Aelita asked breaking the silence.
"To be honest no clue you think he would be here to greet his Juliet. but he did say he had something important to do so who knows." Odd replied while yawning.
"hmm wonder whats so important that he's not here to greet Yumi." Jeremy said mostly to himself more then to anyone else. He then saw the worried look in Aelita's eyes and wrapped his arm around his girlfriends waste. "but im sure its nothing." he reassured her.
"yeah hes probably just at his tree sulking for some unknown reason but i bet it would have to do with Yumi and/or William." Odd stated.
"hey guys!" the group looked and saw Yumi walking towards them. "hey Yumi!" they all said in unison.
before anything else was said Yumi asked where Ulrich was, Odd told her the same thing he said to Aelita and Yumi had the same worried look in her eyes but then thought nothing of it know
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Jeremie stayed up late at his computer trying his hardest to come up with an antivirus to free Aelita from XANA. For almost ten straight hours, the young genius typed in algorithm after algorithm, hoping that maybe, just one of his programs would finally free the girl who he believed was pure perfection in his eyes.
As he ran his next test, Jeremie reflected back to the day he finally managed to bring Aelita back to Earth. The boy's eyes welt up with happiness as the girl appeared laying in the scanner like a newborn baby. After her arrival, Jeremie promised himself that he would always protect her and be there for her no matter what. Unfortunately, the flashback was brought to a halt as the computer returned a negative test result.
However, Jeremie was like a machine and would keep at it even if it took forever. But just as he was about to begin again, he heard a knock on his door.
"Jeremie," said a familiar female voice. "Are you in there?"
"Yeah Aelita," he replied. "Come on in."
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Toddler Titans Lyrics
Teen Titans
yes, it is them
but not as you know them
read my lips
and come to grips
with the reality
yes, see the future that'll give you a shock
whose lies were too good to last
so say hello to your Titans of today!
So the Titans
now today acts
just like children
just like brats
that make us act like we're real rats
they gave bad moralities
could give us fatalities
so I'll send them packing on a one-way trip
so their prospects take a terminal dip
their assets frozen
the location chosen
is the ends of the earth, whoopee!
so long, Toddler Titans!
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Code Lyoko: Into the Tower :icontarynnnikki:TarynnNikki 126 43