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let's go to the zoo. [kageyama tobio]
Kageyama was never good with kids (or people in general). Children were often afraid of him, and he didn’t really mind that. He thought they were too loud, too noisy, and too messy to be around.
So why was he at the zoo, holding a seven year old boy’s hand whilst looking at the tiger exhibit?
It was all your fault, really. He went over to your house because he wanted to spend alone time–emphasis on alone–with his girlfriend. Kageyama was not accustomed to sharing (he was an only child, after all) with other people, and he was naturally competitive. He knew that with your beauty and warm personality, he would have some competition.
He hadn’t expected his competition to be a toddler. As soon as you opened the front door and gave your boyfriend a peck on the lips, he could hear an exasperated groan from behind you. Kageyama raised an eyebrow as if to ask who is that what is he doing here and why is he in your house and why does he sound like he hasn
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She did it on purpose by yamiza She did it on purpose :iconyamiza:yamiza 748 91 |Jeff The Killer Fanart| Dat adorb smile by 0ktavian |Jeff The Killer Fanart| Dat adorb smile :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 222 40 Wendell Mortimer by Grace-Zed Wendell Mortimer :icongrace-zed:Grace-Zed 91 489 America Illuminati! by 1stawesome America Illuminati! :icon1stawesome:1stawesome 109 66 First Dance by yamiza First Dance :iconyamiza:yamiza 470 26 England Harry by 1stawesome England Harry :icon1stawesome:1stawesome 174 24
Backstory for Wendell Mortimer

Part 1:  (Childhood, Morbid Fascination, Murder)

Wendell was just 7 years old when he and his father went to the woods together. It wasn't a father-son bond, as it should have been. It was simply a way to get away from home to hang out with his friends. After the grown-ups came back from their hunting grounds, Wendell decided to follow them without being seen. Since the other kids had none of the same interests as he did. What he saw that day, it was... inspiring. That deer had died from a bullet. But had it been alive, its screams would have echoed throughout the land. For the first time, in his life, Wendell was fast asleep, with joy.
One day, at his house, when his parents left for work. Wendell wanted to recreate what his dad and friends did. But how? There were no deers nearby to try such an attempt. He would have to try something else. "Meow." Wendell was back into reality. As he saw his most hated animal. The neighbour’s cat. He kept bothering
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O-M-G by Winzein O-M-G :iconwinzein:Winzein 555 318
GermanyxReader - Something Like Ludwig
How long has it been...?
You wander aimlessly through the streets, through the crowds of bodies and tears and smiles.  Everybody's exchanging hugs and kisses, singing and celebrating as more and more East Germans flood through the gates.  Despite the joy and gaiety surrounding you, it's nearly impossible for you to show your teeth in your trademark twisted grin.
When was the last time we spoke?
Almost an entire decade, yes...  His face has since faded from memory; all you can recall was a head of slicked-back blond hair and a pair of icy blue irises that peer into the deepest recesses of your soul.  His brother had only had one picture of him, and that had disappeared long before your capture so long ago; the picture's owner vanished soon after you'd arrived at his home.  Before then, the two of you had been friendly, but you hadn't had the chance to share your real feelings before you'd been forced to live in his brother'
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One Minute Mediocrity - Saber vs Darth Vader







…By the way, happy April 1st everyone!
- -
-Unnamed Japanese City-
Dusk was starting to settle, create a warm orange effect across the sky and the city. But in a part of the city near a city park, several trees had been forcefully uprooted with several holes in the ground that looked as though bombs had gone off littered the park. Standing in the middle of this destruction were two warriors; the Archer classman known better as Gilgamesh and the Saber classman, known better as Artoria Pendragon, faced each other down.
“At last…” Gilgamesh said with a sneer, “it finally comes down to just you and I…”
“Aye…it took roughly 10 days to finally get here…20 if you were watching one or two episodes a night, give or take…7 days if you had time on your hands to watch every episode
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America Likes Burgers by 1stawesome America Likes Burgers :icon1stawesome:1stawesome 32 7 Gift: Assets out of Containment by SongOfSwelling Gift: Assets out of Containment :iconsongofswelling:SongOfSwelling 157 19 CM: Hypnotized Princess by SongOfSwelling CM: Hypnotized Princess :iconsongofswelling:SongOfSwelling 249 32
~Robbery~ Thief!America x Reader


Thief!America x Reader

     ___ ___ was sitting in her living room, all alone. At first, she had just been waiting for her dinner to arrive (she had ordered pizza), but now she was skimming through Netflix for something good to watch. It was difficult to stomach food without having a distraction (she had no idea as to why this happened, but it did as of recently). ___ kicked back into the couch, deciding to watch a few episodes of some random TV show. She shoved the tip of the pizza into her mouth.
     A happy sigh left her mouth as she chewed and swallowed the cheesy bread. AND SUDDENLY: the pizza box sitting upon her lap was swept up by an eager looking blond. She rose to her feet to fight him, not wanting her pizza to be taken away. He merely gave her a strange look, grinning. He had a gun in his left hand, and aimed it at ___. This man was no hero.
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