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TF MTMTE - Eavesdropping by pika TF MTMTE - Eavesdropping :iconpika:pika 1,034 293 Red Team Wins by XabiGazte Red Team Wins :iconxabigazte:XabiGazte 2,156 133 Bulma by mior3e Bulma :iconmior3e:mior3e 2,020 59 Hammer Bros. by ZeroMayhem Hammer Bros. :iconzeromayhem:ZeroMayhem 992 217 3R Stock Steampunk Instruments by NEOkeitaro 3R Stock Steampunk Instruments :iconneokeitaro:NEOkeitaro 1,406 318 3R Stock - Steampunk Objects by NEOkeitaro 3R Stock - Steampunk Objects :iconneokeitaro:NEOkeitaro 898 134 The Grease Monkey Barbarian by jeftoon01 The Grease Monkey Barbarian :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 1,787 136 Winry Rockbell Colors by xong Winry Rockbell Colors :iconxong:xong 468 16 BIOShock by IonToon BIOShock :iconiontoon:IonToon 3,765 859 The joys of... by Shy-Light The joys of... :iconshy-light:Shy-Light 1,210 330 Blowing Off Steam II by MahmudAsrar Blowing Off Steam II :iconmahmudasrar:MahmudAsrar 2,273 127 Animate Miami - Winry Rockbell by MeganCoffey Animate Miami - Winry Rockbell :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 226 43 Pawell Wrench 1a by jagged-eye Pawell Wrench 1a :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 374 32 Up-cycled Wrench into a knife and bottle opener by isolatedreality Up-cycled Wrench into a knife and bottle opener :iconisolatedreality:isolatedreality 76 8 The Welder Harpy by Shy-Light The Welder Harpy :iconshy-light:Shy-Light 1,377 390 Ork Worker by megamoth Ork Worker :iconmegamoth:megamoth 343 42 Gift art for Gadgetcrossfox by Silverfox5213 Gift art for Gadgetcrossfox :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 880 16 The Iconoclasts by muju The Iconoclasts :iconmuju:muju 1,188 36 Steampunk Mechanic Pin-up by croaky Steampunk Mechanic Pin-up :iconcroaky:croaky 1,238 88 Meet the Wrench by fevereon Meet the Wrench :iconfevereon:fevereon 273 46 Steampunk Superhero by fishcapades Steampunk Superhero :iconfishcapades:fishcapades 408 46 World of Warcraft Gnome Pinup by Tonywash World of Warcraft Gnome Pinup :icontonywash:Tonywash 459 58 SE-Steampunks OWNED by ElementJax SE-Steampunks OWNED :iconelementjax:ElementJax 624 33 Rescue Mission by ftongl Rescue Mission :iconftongl:ftongl 1,056 42 Love Is... by MattDixon Love Is... :iconmattdixon:MattDixon 754 31 Commission:: Mechanix by vashperado Commission:: Mechanix :iconvashperado:vashperado 3,474 361 daisy gamer 3 by schrodinger1 daisy gamer 3 :iconschrodinger1:schrodinger1 583 74 Mechanic Urte by Jeetdoh Mechanic Urte :iconjeetdoh:Jeetdoh 525 26 Daisy oxton by schrodinger1 Daisy oxton :iconschrodinger1:schrodinger1 493 437 Daisy Playing Games by schrodinger1 Daisy Playing Games :iconschrodinger1:schrodinger1 366 39 Mother of Invention by SaburoX Mother of Invention :iconsaburox:SaburoX 725 77 Mechanic girl by Lipatov Mechanic girl :iconlipatov:Lipatov 1,299 77 Pearce Wrench Knife by Logan-Pearce Pearce Wrench Knife :iconlogan-pearce:Logan-Pearce 395 48 This Actually Happened Too by Matsu-sensei This Actually Happened Too :iconmatsu-sensei:Matsu-sensei 612 197
The sun was red the day Slicker died. She watched him fall a hundred levels, to shatter against a fat, reinforced gas pipe, shards of him breaking across archways and supports and cables, plummeting into the foggy void below. His blud drenched a cluster of backup valves. It dripped from the nozzles, thick and syrupy.
Slicker was unsticking the gears on the Bigtime, with such focus that he paid no attention to the approach of the Quickhand, making its minute-long journey around the Bigtime's face. He had clamped safety cables to the supports, but was careless. The Quickhand caught a support line, and dragged him off the gears, sending him plummeting. The Bigtime was in such poor repair that the other clamps had torn free, sending scraps of rusted steel along with Slicker to his death.
Shine had tried to shout a warning, but Slicker couldn't hear. Or wouldn't. Slicker loved his work, loved the way things ran smoothly when he was finished. Mostly, he loved it when things worked, as
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Mechanic Dash by Somnias Mechanic Dash :iconsomnias:Somnias 555 79 Billy and S.P.A.D.E Digital Makeover 2016 by Matt--Hatter Billy and S.P.A.D.E Digital Makeover 2016 :iconmatt--hatter:Matt--Hatter 150 28 Tootsie Bio Picture by ChaloDillo Tootsie Bio Picture :iconchalodillo:ChaloDillo 1,091 72 Ministry Arcsmith by Earl-Graey Ministry Arcsmith :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 161 4 Clockwork by ftongl Clockwork :iconftongl:ftongl 723 54 Giant Con Badge: Ilani by SpiritCreations Giant Con Badge: Ilani :iconspiritcreations:SpiritCreations 504 143 Well dis ain't roight. . . by Blazbaros Well dis ain't roight. . . :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 223 128 Wrench Neck Knife Push Dagger by Logan-Pearce Wrench Neck Knife Push Dagger :iconlogan-pearce:Logan-Pearce 115 9 WATCH DOGS 2 Wrench by Avionetca WATCH DOGS 2 Wrench :iconavionetca:Avionetca 488 27 Steampunk Weapons by Rodrigo-Vega Steampunk Weapons :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 546 83 Aria Johnson by Digitally-Devious Aria Johnson :icondigitally-devious:Digitally-Devious 648 61 Daisy-color by schrodinger1 Daisy-color :iconschrodinger1:schrodinger1 357 27 daisy day out by schrodinger1 daisy day out :iconschrodinger1:schrodinger1 291 30