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LevixReader~A Mother's Wrath.
In this fic Joan is at least six
Joan didn't know how this happened, she simply listened to her Mommy and Daddy and remained near her babysitters, she was outside playing with two cadets watching her, since Aunt Hanji was busy, so was her playmate Armin, her Mommy was busy too.
Before she knew it, these men had appeared and knocked her babysitters out, she refused to go with them since her Mommy taught her to not talk to strangers, but they took her anyway. Joan said nothing, she knew her Daddy will be mad, even her Mommy, well, Mommy first and then her Daddy, her parents were protective, people knew who she was since she was a mirror image of her father, except she had her mother's looks, nose and skin.
These men must be silly to take her, surely they know who her Daddy and Mommy are? Joan squeaked as she was tossed into a room and the door closed. She whimpered as the room was cold and dark.
“We'll need to move, people will be looking for this kid soon.”
“Who ar
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Death Battle: Hulk vs. Asura (True Ending UP NOW!)

Ray: Alright, we’ve sized these two titans up. There’s only one more thing to do…
Steel: Begin the DEATH BATTLE!!!
On a patch of barren earth that was a part of Gaea, Asura wandered, a gray cloak obscuring his appearance from the neck-down, but his shining-white eyes and snow-white hair known by all. He had heard of activity in these parts and thought he’d look into it (of course, when he said “check it out”, he usually meant “hoped he could beat it to a pulp”).
There came a deafening cry, one that he had heard before from a rather common enemy. The cry was from an elephantine Gohma Crusher…one in pain, oddly enough.
There came a resounding “BOOM”, as if something had struck the planet hard enough to create a seismic tremor, swiftly followed by the sound of something MASSIVE flying through the air at what could only be described as terminal velocity. Asura barely managed to get out
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