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Worst Time to Propose - Deadpool x Reader
~~~Deadpool's Note: The author Cassy...I am sorry to say that she has died. She slipped an fell on a banana peel as she choked on- Ack!
Author's Note: IDIOT! I am not dead. Stop breaking the fourth wall! *kicks him out*
Anyway...Been missing writing for Deadpool...not to mention my bestie has been bugging me for it. Just kidding. I was more than happy to write this for her. Thanks babe <3~~~~

There was no way out. He had finally trapped you where you were most vulnerable. "Wade, get out of the way!"
Wade trapped you between the wall and was least you assumed he was considering he was wearing a mask. He leaned over your form as if he had all the time in the world. "Nuh-uh. You haven't responded to my question yet"
This could not be happening. He had to be more moronic than usual. No way could he be so blind to the gunfire and mutants screaming all around him! "Goddammit, Wade! Now is not the time for jokes!" A bullet grazed Wade's shoulder to which he paid
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A lot of times when a story on DA is especially awful, I'll click on the author's avatar and find out they are from Poland, the Phillippines, or Chile. That is - their story is written in english, but english isn't their native language.
If a writer has a good grasp of english, that's not a problem. However, that is rarely the case - far from having an understanding of english, it's clear they've used google-translator to convert the text.
That would be like me writing a story in my native english, then google-translating it into japanese, then posting it on an asian fiction site - for ACTUAL Japanese people to read. Does that sound like a good idea? Do you think a japanese reader would like to be subjected to the terrible, unreadable grammar this would produce?
Here's a recent example I found from a dA author (I've cha
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One Tear
The worst feeling of all
                                                                                            is when you want to
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I Have Never...
I have never seen the trees bright with color.
I have never heard the ocean waves.
I have never walked through a meadow.
I have never seen the children play.
I have never felt the summer breeze.
I have never tasted sugar sweet.
I have never looked up to the sky.
I have never watched the twinkling stars.
I have never heard the birds in springtime.
I have never sung a merry tune.
I have never been loved in all my life.
That is, until I met you. <3
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For a Friend
I haven't been the best friend
But I hope I haven't been the worst
I hope that you'll remember me
Even when all we know is gone
You'll always be in my mind
I'll never forget all the paths you helped me find
Please forgive my past mistakes
And I'll remember you had none
No matter where you are you'll be here
I'll never forget you, nor your tears
I'll always help you if you only ever asked
No matter how weak you think you are
In my mind you're always stronger
Even if you can't hold on or fight much longer
Then just stay to hear me say my last goodbye
I can't blame you for anything
Please don't have any regrets
You're life is your own to live
But I ask you live it well
I'll always remember the stories you'd tell
But I have one last thing to say
Before I say goodbye
I have to tell you that I love you
Like only a best friend could
So please remember that about me
I hope you give life another chance
Before you think death is what's coming next
Life sucks
That's the way it goes
But sometimes
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Bleeding Hero
How can I explain my feelings to you? My bitter, tarnished love, how it burns in my throat like too much soda. How I hate that I love you more than you know. But I love you all the same.
I am the burnt-out streetlight under the falling night sky. The fleeting joy of a balloon that slips away to the clouds. And I'm sick of band-aids that don't work, I'm sick of being the bleeding hero.
Don't you realize what I'm worth? You dropped me like a penny on the street corner and everything went black.  I gave you a choice and you ripped my love to shreds.
Love isn't what I read about in sweet-dream magazines. It's not worth the doubt, but I doubt even that. I can't fit this band-aid on my broken heart.
You are everything to me, but I don't even know what everything is anymore. You used to burn in my thoughts, but not anymore. I'll let go of the balloon and I'll drink a sweeter poison.
I am the world's worst Romeo.
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How To Survive A D-Con Attack
1.  Stay alert.
Most television and radio stations will broadcast an emergency alert when a Decepticon attack takes place in the area.  If you do not have access to a radio or television, watch for signs of attack -- explosions, light flashes, unexplained dust clouds, tremors in the earth, low-flying jets and other aircraft where there are no airports or airstrips, etc.
2.  Remain indoors if possible.
If you are caught outside during an attack, try to get indoors if possible.  Houses and small business are generally safer than large businesses, hotels, office buildings, and other large buildings.
3.  If an attack occurs nearby while you are driving, remain in your vehicle.
Exiting your vehicle will most likely only attract undue attention.  Find an alternate route that takes you well away from the fighting, or return to wherever you came from and resume your trip w
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Rebecca Black TG
I'm Craig. I'm 19 years old.
I was on YouTube, looking through some random videos, clicking on random suggestions that came up. Somehow I got to Friday by Rebbeca Black.
"It's been a while since I've done some trolling, might as well start off with an easy one," I said to myself.
'This song, if you can call it that, is an absolute disgrace...'
I was cut off when pain filled my entire body. All my hair fell out, but then soft, lucious black hair shot out of the top of my head until it reached just past my shoulders. Pain flooded through my face as it softened and became rounded. My lips became pout and my eyelashes grew out.
The changes moved down my body as my shoulders crashed inwards. My arms lost all muscle mass whilst my hands shrank and my fingers grew thinner. My finger nails then grew slightly longer. Great pressure began to build up in my chest before my skin stretched out to form my new breasts until they reached a B-cup.
My core then hardened and my hips grew out while the re
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The Worst Thing a Christian Could Say
Came across this old blog from 2012 that was responding to the deaths of children in December, basically describing the worst thing a Christian could say following that tragedy:
As much as I can empathize with the pain of those who have lost their loved ones--and perhaps the wording of that Christian's statement could've been better--what the blogger doesn't quite understand is why Christians respond with hope to things that people would typically see as tragic. Yes, Christians do feel pain and miss their loved ones just like anybody else does, but the reasoning behind it is different.
The thing is, an atheist sees death as the end and nothing more after it. But a Christian knows that the spirit lives on because there is life after death. To the Christian, the difference b
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