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Possessional Demonology

Dante Alighieri
by CRYart-UK
By techgnotic
Opening the Darkest Door
I have recently come across a most disturbing phenomenon in my studies of the Diabolic Infestation of the Soul. It seems there is a most frightening psychological conundrum when considering the concept of demonic possession even the most remote possibility of reality upon our earthly plane is the notion that just believing it may be true could very likely be the spark needed for the Demon to discover, seek out, and ultimately inhabit its next vessel of evil: You.
From the Exorcist through Paranormal Activity, generation after generation of “believers” seem to have come to the reali
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Luckiest Fan Ever
This story includes foot fetish and tickle content.
If that's fine with you please enjoy^^
It's written in first person view, so feel free to imagine yourselves xD
Also please leave a comment.
I worked really hard on this story and like to know what you think.
The Luckiest Fan Ever
In this world we live, there are different types of fans for musicians.
The biggest, is the group that just likes a certain singer, band and so on and visits their concert when it's quite near.
The second biggest group, is the crazy fans who go to more than one concert and even if it's a little further away from where they live.
And the smallest group, is the insane and obsessed fans who travel around the globe to see their stars perform on stage.
Well, I've always considered myself to be in the second group. Normally....
Cause lately, I've been obsessed with a Japanese Rock
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Phineas and Ferb: Isabella's Foot Fetish!
One day Phineas and Ferb were sitting outside, under the tree they always sitdown in, and when they were thinking on what they are going to do today, Isabella walked in their yard saying her catch-phrase "Watcha Doing" Phineas replied "Nothing much, we really don't know what we want to do today", as Phineas was still thinking on what to do today, he staired down on Isabella's feet and got a evil looking grin on his face
Phineas then said "I know what we are going to do today"
Phineas then write down what they need for what they are going to build to Ferb, then Ferb ran to the store, to buy the items
Isabella said , "So what are you guys making'
Phineas replied 'O those are things I made up, to make Ferb busy, come to my room Isabella, their is something I want to do to you, that you might enjoy
Isabella smiled as she followed Phineas to his room, Isabella then said, 'So what did you want to do to me;
Phineas said "Just sit down here on my bed, and let me remove those nice pink shoes yo
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Bulma's Foot Worship
"There's nothing like a hot relaxing bath…" Bulma sighed as she sank into the steaming bubbly bathtub. Bulma was a pretty 16 year old girl who, like her father, was a genius. However, she was vain. She had blue hair and aqua coloured eyes. Just this morning, she had met one of the weirdest person she had ever seen. But she didn't want to think about him now. This was her 'alone' time, where she would normally pleasure herself. As her hand reached towards her private area, she noticed something at the corner of her eye. It was a small boy, staring at the teen's breasts with a puzzled expression. The small boy had wild hair that stuck out everywhere and was wearing a blue gi with a white belt. But the weirdest thing about the boy was… he had a tail.
"Goku!  What are you doing here?" Bulma questioned in alarm.
"So instead of a tail, you've got an extra butt? Goku asked.
"It's not a butt you idiot! They're boobs! And when you're a little older you're gonna think mine ar
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