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2051: The Brink of War (New) by YNot1989 2051: The Brink of War (New) :iconynot1989:YNot1989 120 39 Child abandonment by dan-duncan Child abandonment :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 1,590 205 2051: Luna and Orbit by YNot1989 2051: Luna and Orbit :iconynot1989:YNot1989 114 42 Birth Control by JamesLedgerConcepts Birth Control :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 336 250 Fallout World map pre-war by GeneralHelghast Fallout World map pre-war :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 71 58 Pottery TARDIS by Abboz Pottery TARDIS :iconabboz:Abboz 143 63 Lose You by inkandstardust Lose You :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 225 15 RAAAAAGE by Showa-Sylvie RAAAAAGE :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 50 56 Rule Of Thirds. by phyzer Rule Of Thirds. :iconphyzer:phyzer 102 48 Jersey Gods by dan-duncan Jersey Gods :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 52 22 stereoscopic dreaming by dan-duncan stereoscopic dreaming :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 57 7 Bay D-9 by Pixel-pencil Bay D-9 :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 45 5 clone war resurgence by dan-duncan clone war resurgence :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 50 2 Scandinavian Union by DigitalismIsMyCause Scandinavian Union :icondigitalismismycause:DigitalismIsMyCause 63 27 flower city by dan-duncan flower city :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 68 12 why do I keep doing this by dan-duncan why do I keep doing this :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 33 6 MAB017 Hibernator by Pixel-pencil MAB017 Hibernator :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 120 19 godzilla by dan-duncan godzilla :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 89 18 Ultranationalist Russia Flag by Panzerfire Ultranationalist Russia Flag :iconpanzerfire:Panzerfire 67 57 The Connoisseur (w/ flyby) by Pixel-pencil The Connoisseur (w/ flyby) :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 97 11 second american civil war by rondrigo-alex second american civil war :iconrondrigo-alex:rondrigo-alex 28 14 World War Three by lamnay World War Three :iconlamnay:lamnay 28 36 WW3: Major Factions by peacekeeper76 WW3: Major Factions :iconpeacekeeper76:peacekeeper76 16 4 AHU-9 Tiger Shark by Pixel-pencil AHU-9 Tiger Shark :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 82 33 HTA1-MKI Sloth by Pixel-pencil HTA1-MKI Sloth :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 77 13 a new book by dan-duncan a new book :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 23 10 walk of shame by dan-duncan walk of shame :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 66 11 Brigadier ATTV by Pixel-pencil Brigadier ATTV :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 20 6 Israel and Lebanon at war by auzzz24 Israel and Lebanon at war :iconauzzz24:auzzz24 18 2 End of WWIII by lamnay End of WWIII :iconlamnay:lamnay 13 32 WW3 Sides are drawn by Sharklord1 WW3 Sides are drawn :iconsharklord1:Sharklord1 15 2 WWIII Map by tylero79 WWIII Map :icontylero79:tylero79 31 29 in stiches by dan-duncan in stiches :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 87 25 The War for Pasta: Part 8 by mofurgi The War for Pasta: Part 8 :iconmofurgi:mofurgi 79 31 HTA1-MKI Sloth On Standby by Pixel-pencil HTA1-MKI Sloth On Standby :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 31 2 The Rebel by CRYart-UK The Rebel :iconcryart-uk:CRYart-UK 11 9 Aliens of London/World War Three by ChristopherOwenArt Aliens of London/World War Three :iconchristopherowenart:ChristopherOwenArt 21 9
APH: WWIII In A Nutshell
The year was 3001, and the world was at war. Again. God knows why this time. Germany sighed and ran a hand through his hair, a movement he normally avoided. He was just that stressed today. Further down the long table he was seated at where Japan and Italy, the two blabbering about grenades or pasta or something. He'd be more grateful for them if they'd take war seriously.
"Shut up!" His regular phrase didn't seem to have quite as much enthusiasm as usual. He'd wonder why, but oh yeah, he was at war. With an idiot and a quiet one as his only teammates. How cliche. At least he had someone.
"Germany-san, why you gathered us here?" Japan asked. That guy always had a way of sounding just a tiny bit nervous. Probably from his isolation.
"I gathered you here today to tell you of a new organization I found out the Allies have." Germany looked up, his fists placed firmly on the table.
"Their initials are F.B.C.. It's our job to find out what those initials stand for." He spoke coolly, hoping t
:iconlifeisgood4u:lifeisgood4u 35 39
World War Three: Escalation by lamnay World War Three: Escalation :iconlamnay:lamnay 12 39 SV-M0-2 by Pixel-pencil SV-M0-2 :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 37 3 mb page 10 by dan-duncan mb page 10 :icondan-duncan:dan-duncan 53 8 Pretorian Division by VthFSmith Pretorian Division :iconvthfsmith:VthFSmith 15 15 Minimalist 'World War Three' Poster by Abboz Minimalist 'World War Three' Poster :iconabboz:Abboz 41 0 Map of the Chinese Federation by tylero79 Map of the Chinese Federation :icontylero79:tylero79 25 27 TF Bandwidth and Broad Battle by Taiya001 TF Bandwidth and Broad Battle :icontaiya001:Taiya001 54 59 Coming soon to theaters by Pixel-pencil Coming soon to theaters :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 38 15 Bison MRU by Pixel-pencil Bison MRU :iconpixel-pencil:Pixel-pencil 49 34