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1940's AU - KristAnna by NightLiight 1940's AU - KristAnna :iconnightliight:NightLiight 3,496 192 SS Sturmer by anderpeich SS Sturmer :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 598 21 Night Witches by GENZOMAN Night Witches :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,156 218 What Would You Say? by HennaFaunway What Would You Say? :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,843 309 Il-2 by haryarti Il-2 :iconharyarti:haryarti 929 67
Matchmaker (Steve x Reader) One-shot
'Good morning, miss Carter,' you said, walking into the dark, stiffy room inside the elderly home you worked at.
You walked towards the windows and opened the curtains, feeling the warmth of the sun heating up your skin. It was the last day of summer and you could feel it would be a beautiful day.
'Morning, dear,' the old woman in the bed behind you replied. 'Come to look at an old hag again?'
You chuckled, walking over to her and fluffing her pillow. 'I would never call you a hag, miss Carter, you know that.'
She smiled as you put her medicine down next to her on the nightstand and went to the bathroom to get a glass of water.
'How are you doing today? Still in pain?'
She nodded, taking in a shaky breath. 'It will be fine.'
'You can always ask for more painkillers, miss Carter.'
'I know, and please, child, call me Peggy.'
You smiled, telling her you would. 'Are you comfortable?' you asked, putting the sheets of the bed back underneath it and tucking her in.
She nodded again, pulling h
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JS III Heavy Tank by DarkWizard83 JS III Heavy Tank :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 236 55 Marines by lonefirewarrior Marines :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 848 181 DUST Adventures - Operation Apocalypse by giorgiobaroni DUST Adventures - Operation Apocalypse :icongiorgiobaroni:giorgiobaroni 461 32
~Diamonds~ *Soldier!UK X Fiancee!Reader*
*Soldier!UK X Fiancee!Reader*
'Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth,we'll never die
We're like diamonds in the sky'.

Tears gathered into the beautiful (e/c) orbs making them look glass like.Biting down onto her lower lip in order to estomp a sob and seeing it didn't worked that well,the female threw her right hand onto her mouth,the golden band which encircled her ring finger shining under the dim light of the house.
The shaggy blonde haired male left a sigh escape his lips,ruffling his golden locks in distress.He couldn't stand seeing his beloved fiancee in such a state - but it wasn't as if he really had a choice.
Bringing her into a warm,gentle embrace,the Brit patted her back in a soothing manner,cooing as if she was an infant and not the female whom he proposed to some days ago.
"I'm really sorry,(Name)!They weren't taking no for an answer!" the Englishman explained,not able to face her as he did so.
"When are you leaving?"
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WWII Nazi Dalek by Promus-Kaa WWII Nazi Dalek :iconpromus-kaa:Promus-Kaa 390 319 Anastasia's Memories by uncannyphantom Anastasia's Memories :iconuncannyphantom:uncannyphantom 352 40 M61 Eisenhower 'Grizzly' MBT by PaintFan08 M61 Eisenhower 'Grizzly' MBT :iconpaintfan08:PaintFan08 266 45
Time Travel Do's and Don'ts
Do's and Don'ts of Time Travel
So, you've finally done it. You've scraped together the millions of dollars, dozens of passports, countless vaccinations and hours and hours of anachronistic language classes. The day is at long last here, and you are ready to take that romantic little vacation – through time. Yes, time travel is everything you've been told. You will meet exotic people, doing exotic things in exotic eras. You will get to see the "Good Old Days" when they were better known as "These Wretched Times." But, before you hit the app button on your genius phone, there are a few things you should know:
Time Travel Don'ts
Don't shoot your grandfather. It's tempting isn't it? You've read about people who've done it on countless blogs and seen the very realistic, yet highly grainy videos, on YouTube. Shooting your biological grandfather isn't just against the law, both criminal and temporal, it is considered unacceptable behavior in just about all cultures. For now, let's put as
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PB+J's Coloring Tutorial by HennaFaunway PB+J's Coloring Tutorial :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 424 90 The eastern Front. 1941 by Andrei-Pervukhin The eastern Front. 1941 :iconandrei-pervukhin:Andrei-Pervukhin 668 37 StuGgrenadier Mecha by Luches StuGgrenadier Mecha :iconluches:Luches 729 65 PPSh-41 Vector by 171Scorpia PPSh-41 Vector :icon171scorpia:171Scorpia 253 61 Erwin Rommel by KraljAleksandar Erwin Rommel :iconkraljaleksandar:KraljAleksandar 148 44 -Let Me Take You There- by HennaFaunway -Let Me Take You There- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 702 109 Hungary of Axis Powers Hetalia by WindoftheStars Hungary of Axis Powers Hetalia :iconwindofthestars:WindoftheStars 688 154 Europe, 1950 [alt history][partner to Yalta, 1946] by Animadefensor Europe, 1950 [alt history][partner to Yalta, 1946] :iconanimadefensor:Animadefensor 197 116 Grossdeutschland Mechgrenadier by anderpeich Grossdeutschland Mechgrenadier :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 465 20 Thompson M1A1 Vector by 171Scorpia Thompson M1A1 Vector :icon171scorpia:171Scorpia 197 44 gebirgsdivision sniper by anderpeich gebirgsdivision sniper :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 427 24 -Can't You Hear It?- by HennaFaunway -Can't You Hear It?- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 798 154 Shoot to Thrill by QueenMantis Shoot to Thrill :iconqueenmantis:QueenMantis 1,347 283 Ju 132 Bomber by PaintFan08 Ju 132 Bomber :iconpaintfan08:PaintFan08 164 37 Soviet female sniper by anderpeich Soviet female sniper :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 530 56 Death Star by ADIGITALSM1LEY Death Star :iconadigitalsm1ley:ADIGITALSM1LEY 287 40 Jagdtiger by DarkWizard83 Jagdtiger :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 187 57 Churchill Tank by DarkWizard83 Churchill Tank :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 206 44
Hitler's Lullaby
Hush, little baby,
Don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
Even though the skies are black,
And filled with smoke from the burning racks.
The lingering air here reeks of gas,
No, little girl,
We're not coming back.
But if you close your eyes real tight,
You can pretend everything's alright.
And maybe it won't seem so bad,
If you remember all the love we've had.
Hush, little baby,
Close your eyes.
And dream of yellow butterflies.
When you wake,
We'll be gone,
From this world where we don't belong.
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-A Red Thread- by HennaFaunway -A Red Thread- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 490 34 Battle V by krychu84 Battle V :iconkrychu84:krychu84 470 61 -Happiness- by HennaFaunway -Happiness- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 499 87 Special Operations Paratrooper by anderpeich Special Operations Paratrooper :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 387 25 -Be Still- by HennaFaunway -Be Still- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 452 33 Tesla Gunner Paratrooper by anderpeich Tesla Gunner Paratrooper :iconanderpeich:anderpeich 384 12 Hetalia - Fall of Berlin by oneoftwo Hetalia - Fall of Berlin :icononeoftwo:oneoftwo 956 76 Naginata Cruiser by PaintFan08 Naginata Cruiser :iconpaintfan08:PaintFan08 159 37 Mitsubishi J2M Raiden by U-Joe Mitsubishi J2M Raiden :iconu-joe:U-Joe 235 52 Panzer IV Ausf. G by DarkWizard83 Panzer IV Ausf. G :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 224 28 Leichte SPzA-II Armored Suit by MikeDoscher Leichte SPzA-II Armored Suit :iconmikedoscher:MikeDoscher 467 72 Hetalia WWII Posters- Japan by ItaLuv Hetalia WWII Posters- Japan :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 1,631 184 Nazi Ducks by Shenziholic Nazi Ducks :iconshenziholic:Shenziholic 114 54
House of the Snail
Curled like a tadpole in the confines of the ball turret, he slips into his mind and enters the first nautilus ring of memory.
He sees a potting shed littered with terra cotta fragments, soft loam, and quietly rotting tomato vines. It is fall now, and the place hasn't been used for nearly a month, not that his mother was ever much of a gardener - she prefers the career of a socialite, and complains constantly about this heathen life in the country. His father yells whenever she embarks on a new tirade, and his mother drinks something out of a square-cut glass bottle that looks as though it were pilfered from Oz, and then everything is still again. For a while.
He watches himself enter the shed, gawky and fair. Tears have made a paisley pattern of sorts in the skim of blood on his pale cheek, and the skin about his eye looks like an oval of wet blotter paper rife with plum-colored ink. He purloins a splinter of stake from the tomato ruins, and in his rage and helplessness, ass
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A Long War by lonefirewarrior A Long War :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 191 44