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5 Tips for Writing Religious Fiction
5 Tips for Writing Religious Fiction
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 12 “Religious”
With Links to Supplementary Material
Contrary to what it may seem by my occasionally colorful language and my semi-obvious beliefs about how the cosmos may work, I have read a ridiculous amount of Christian (and other religious) fiction—both admittedly good and absolutely terrible, and today I am going to talk about what makes them so. Please note that I am going to try to make this article respectful towards people of all faiths, and lack thereof—not because of any determination to be politically correct, but in a genuine attempt to be respectful and to see people of all faiths and beliefs grow in their ability to tell a powerful story. And I will expect the same out of the comments.
Tip 1: Decide wheth
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Atheists - A Very Vocal Minority
"Stop pushing your religion down our throats!  Keep your religion to yourselves!"  Most individuals, if not all, have heard this expression used at least once in their lifetimes.  If you've never heard it aimed at you, then you have likely said it to someone else.  Given the context, it is easy to determine that the speaker is typically an atheist; yet, replace the word "religion" with "belief," and suddenly these sentences become quite appropriate to direct at atheists.  Search any popular (or semi-popular) scientific video online centred on origins, evolution, or the big bang, and you'll find countless comments in the discussion section rebuking religious beliefs, insulting Christians (and other religious groups), and expressing great disdain and disrespect for any kind of God.  Find any popular religious video - whether it's on origins/evolution or not - and you will find similar mudslinging in the comment section (though likely not in the same great am
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You See a Wineglass, I See a Bridge
Slender glass expressions,
Flawless; nameless,
Like the ghost of particle momentum.
Lost somewhere between space and time,
An echo of a scream from another universe
Hidden far beyond the cosmos, yet very nearly here.
Quantum light can leap between home
And a dimension just beyond our perception
Manifested in crystal glass mathematics.
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Society Broken, CH 1
Cameron stood in the overly crowded hallway. Her long, chestnut hair fell in soft waves down her back. She laughed at something one of her girlfriends said, showing off her luminous white teeth in between pefrectly glossed lips. Her hazel eyes, accented by forest green eyeshadow, sparkled under her dark lashes. Her five-inch pumps showed of calf muscles well toned from years of volleyball. This year would be like any other--she would go out for team captain, win it and lead her team to the Nationals.
"And then he had the nerve to ask me out on a date!" Cassidy, Cameron's best friend and co-captain, squealed. "I mean, seriously?! It's bad enough that Mr. Hopkins assigned a miniature to be my lab partner, the little dweeb actualy thought I would even consider dating him!" Cassidy wrinkled her nose. "Disgusting. I don't care what the government says. I don't think they're actually human."
Cameron rolled her eyes. She knew Cassidy was just repeating her father's words. Cameron's own parent
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you belong to symmetry,
to the age-old art
of losing yourself
in patterns so vast
they surpass every doubt
in the universe.
   when your truth took shape,
   it was a bubbling heat coagulating
   into solid coils of steel.
  (it sealed up the fear in your skin,
   like scabs,
   but it's an itch you can't scratch
   if you want your new reality
   to stay intact.)
you belong to symmetry,
to the endless spirals
of sameness,
of loyalty
and trust -
of never asking
a single question
ever again.
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Christian Education: The Renewal of the Mind
If Christian education is to be effective, it must recapture a proper understanding of the role of the mind in spiritual growth. If people are to act like Christians, they must think like Christians. If people are to think like Christians, they must first know what Scripture says and what it requires of them. The task is to teach a Christian worldview. It is the responsibility of Christian educators to use social sciences wisely, integrating psychology properly into their philosophy of Christian education. Development can be seen in several interwoven aspects- physical, cognitive, affective, social, and moral. It is God’s will that people made in his image develop in all aspects of their personality. Theology tells us the content we need to teach, but psychology helps us know when and how we should teach it.
The church has always been concerned with morality because it is an important corollary to faith. God wants us to know right from wrong and wants us to do what is right and a
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Sing the Sorrow.
All alone, I play the tune-
No one else to get me through-
Sing the sorrow, numb the pain,
The Music calls me once again.
Darkness blinds all will and thought-
Reckless is this war you've fought-
Blood was shed to free your mind,
And reason has been your demise.
Now sing the sorrow, numb your pain,
For Music calls you once again.
The stage was set, the play began-
In vain we make our thoughtless plans-
We stray far from the holy plot,
And go for all or go for naught.
Scripts were broken, scars remade,
We tried to live, and yet we fade.
We sing the sorrow, numb our pain,
As Music calls us once again.
Now seeing him, I dry my eyes-
The sacrifice makes me realize-
I may've been gone, but still draw breath,
And together we defeat Sir Death.
So take my hand, and don't let go-
We'll fight a different kind of foe.
'Twas here we fell, and here we stand-
Through the fire, I understand
He sings the sorrow, heals our pain,
And now he calls me once again.
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The Comprehensive Guide to Debating: Part 2
Full title: The Comprehensive Guide to Debating Theists, Religious Fundamentalists, Religious Apologists, Conspiracy Theorists, New-Agers, Believers in the Paranormal, and other Dogmatists. Part Two.
Please see Part One before reading this.
  Precepts for Debating (continued)

- Consider your own responses as though you were your opponent 
As important as the substance and merit of your arguments are, it is equally important to take reasonable steps to ensure that your words will not be misunderstood, misconstrued, or strike an unintended chord. A sound point counts for nothing if it will not be perceived as such by your target audience. In in-person conversations, this entails choosing your words with care, and in written exchanges, entails carefully rereading your response before you send it, and making necessary changes. Hear/read you
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Puzzle of You and Me.
    Life is that of a jigsaw puzzle. Pieces strewn around haphazardly picked up one by one over time and assembled into a picture. These jigsaw pieces we find through the times of tremendous joy and those of crushing despair, these pieces make us who we once where, who we are now and who we will be tomorrow. Constantly finding more and more of them as the years go by; slowly assembling ourselves little by little until our puzzle is complete and at a stop. These puzzle pieces that make us who we are, are not simply created only by ourselves but by others as well, shaping them as we go along and showing each other we have the same pieces in us as well.
    It is with these we craft a better tomorrow together and strive towards our similar but diverse goal, to see what we end up with at the end of our journey. A piece of you and a piece of another person working together to make you see who you truly are. Won't you take each other for the pieces of
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