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Sci-Fi Arctic Guys by TheEchoDragon Sci-Fi Arctic Guys :icontheechodragon:TheEchoDragon 231 3 Entering The Hive by XenoPredDragon Entering The Hive :iconxenopreddragon:XenoPredDragon 135 194 Waiting For Maghrib by MARX77 Waiting For Maghrib :iconmarx77:MARX77 361 118 Confederate Socialist States of America by achaley Confederate Socialist States of America :iconachaley:achaley 158 51 Sky cleaner by xbastex Sky cleaner :iconxbastex:xbastex 415 40 The Factory Girls by Chopen The Factory Girls :iconchopen:Chopen 762 271 A Different Britain by YNot1989 A Different Britain :iconynot1989:YNot1989 90 39 Hangar Scene by Juhupainting Hangar Scene :iconjuhupainting:Juhupainting 194 19 Loathesmerite by humors Loathesmerite :iconhumors:humors 495 280
What is Socialism?
Who Owns What?
Socialism is the collective ownership by all the people of the factories, mills, mines, railroads, land and all other instruments of production.
Who Benefits?
Socialism means production to satisfy human needs, not as under capitalism, for sale and profit.
Who Runs Things?
Socialism means direct control and management of the industries and social services by the workers through a democratic government based on their nationwide economic organization.
Under socialism, all authority will originate from the workers, integrally united in Socialist Industrial Unions. In each workplace, the rank and file will elect whatever committees or representatives are needed to facilitate production. Within each shop or office division of a plant, the rank and file will participate directly in formulating and implementing all plans necessary for efficient operations.
Local and National Government
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No one asks where I am from.
I make up to seven coffee runs a day
for up to eleven different people.
I cannot afford the Prada pumps,
nor walk in them, for that matter.
But Dad's old brown loafers,
with the stitching coming undone
along the sides,
are good enough for me.
No one can speak my name.
If they did, they wouldn't be able
to pronounce it anyway.
I know four languages,
none of them American.
When spoken to, I answer in strained English,
the sharp sounds tripping over my tongue.
What they say must be true;
I am meant only to carry a clipboard,
to fetch papers
spitting viciously out of a machine,
to correct other people's mistakes
on Documents of Importance
being sent up to the Big Guy.
The Blackberries buzz,
a hive of bees
in three-pieces and pencil skirts.
No one knows that when Connor Carpenter told me
to hold his Blackberry while he went
to the copier room with Sydney Applebaum,
"in case my wife calls,"
I e-mailed the entire department
(plus his wife),
telling them just what
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