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sleep well :icontoadsmoothy2:Toadsmoothy2 123 51 precious moments :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 129 9 safe and warm :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 120 15 Ratha hearth mosaic :iconrathacat:rathacat 46 6 Cabin interior layout tonal :icontravale:TRAVALE 29 3 December felt cosy and warm :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 52 20 Hearth And Hound :iconbeautifuldragon322:BeautifulDragon322 92 12
It was cold.
A sudden crackle,
the snap of flame
and red warmth spread through the room
from the staunch, cast-iron woodstove
huddled in a corner
by the rocking chair.
Its glass window was blackened
with soot, testifying to its unwavering service
defending the house from winter's merciless jaws
with only a few pieces of wood
and some old newspaper.  Nothing
had kept it from its job in all its long years.
Even when the fickle electric neighbors
stopped working,
the woodstove happily gave its warmth for
cooking, heating water,
giving light.
Now the house is empty
and the always-faithful woodstove
has been abandoned,
left to wear cobwebs
and give a house to mice where there once
was fire.
And although outside, it was summer,
it was cold.
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Napping By The Woodstove :icondiscovear:Discovear 72 9 Victorian Wood Stove Stock 3 :icondeviousrose:DeviousRose 15 1 Give Me All The Heat :iconleccathufurvicael:LeccathuFurvicael 34 16 Roasted Nuts :iconthelovetrain:TheLoveTrain 15 7
hard freeze warning
unable to feel my toes
'til propped by the stove
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The Dog and the Stove
I dreaded the inevitable question.  Here I was, in the local Emergency Room, with bruises and burns on my torso, burns on my arms and face, and possibly a couple of fractures.  I've been here before, and they always ask the question.  “How did it happen?”  Lately, the answers I've given, have been embarrassing, but this one may very well take the cake.
I have a dog, which I believe to be a greyhound and lab mix.  After the last visit to the vet for his regular checkup, in which the vet said that a lab structure was similar to that of a greyhound, we still believe there may be some greyhound in him.  It is his very timid nature which makes us believe this.  The dog, whose copper toned brindle coat earned him the name “Copper,” has demonstrated abundant patience with people of all sorts.  Some dogs, if they were struck by a 3 year old child, may grumble, but Copper wouldn't.
With his patience, Copper does not like having som
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Woodstove 2000---#50 :iconastutefish:astutefish 3 3 To keep you warm :iconjoseph-sweet:joseph-sweet 2 2 Woodstove :iconmichaelgbrown:MichaelGBrown 3 13 Vintage Rat :iconindigonautilus:indigonautilus 2 0 Woodstove 2000---#49 :iconastutefish:astutefish 3 0 Snap :iconmylaundrystinks:MyLaundryStinks 2 0 Caloric Comrades :iconastutefish:astutefish 2 0 Woodstove :iconboisterouslysilent:BoisterouslySilent 0 0 Into the Depths of Hell :icondemonicfatality:DemonicFatality 0 2