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Walk through life by inf23 Walk through life :iconinf23:inf23 293 74 forest loving by SabrinaCichy forest loving :iconsabrinacichy:SabrinaCichy 1,699 178 For Grandma With Love by Rowye For Grandma With Love :iconrowye:Rowye 250 160 With love by daskull With love :icondaskull:daskull 2,990 219 So Precious by SabrinaCichy So Precious :iconsabrinacichy:SabrinaCichy 796 68 bento with love - nath by ChiNoMiko bento with love - nath :iconchinomiko:ChiNoMiko 1,326 381 drink it with love by LimpidD drink it with love :iconlimpidd:LimpidD 412 132 Deeply in love with you.. by addy-ack Deeply in love with you.. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 1,164 68 With Love, by Kameolynn With Love, :iconkameolynn:Kameolynn 219 34
with love.
my throat thickens
to echo the songs of sparrows
the shape of your lips
whispered through mine.
when i lift your shirt,
i see the mountains
traipsing over your heart,
i see the valleys
as i trace your stomach.
i am an adventurer,
crossing the fragile east indies,
the spartan deserts of upper africa,
looking for exploration.
my hands are my ships, your skin my ocean.
your waist breaks into your hip,
the shore of foreign lands,
cresting wave and falling tide.
drinking cups of stars,
we are thin nylon skin,
abashed teenage heat
erupting from our cores
and every orifice
as we proclaim our love
for the moon,
from our bodies.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 318 115
.With love... by addy-ack .With love... :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 758 26 Solitary night 2 by Creamydigital Solitary night 2 :iconcreamydigital:Creamydigital 182 52 St Valentine with love by HlYA St Valentine with love :iconhlya:HlYA 1,189 52
Remember Me With Love
Forget everything
You and I
Went through.
Remember nothing.
Forget everything
Except the
Way I told you
I love you.
Don't look back
Don't cry for me.
Smile as you
Let me go.
Don't mourn for me
When they close
The lid on the coffin
You chose for me.
Laugh instead
When you see
Me last
Laugh and smile.
Make our last
Moment together
Without regret.
Remember me
For the happiness
We had together
The love.
Think of me
When you
Think of
Remember me with love.
:iconphantomflamz:phantomflamz 40 20
from S.T.A.R.S. with Love by MuzzaThePerv from S.T.A.R.S. with Love :iconmuzzatheperv:MuzzaThePerv 166 76 With Love by Zindy With Love :iconzindy:Zindy 499 65 From Russia with Love by inObrAS From Russia with Love :iconinobras:inObrAS 460 585 From Paris With Love. by this-is-the-life2905 From Paris With Love. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 132 18 Solitary night by Creamydigital Solitary night :iconcreamydigital:Creamydigital 127 52 Only the Good Die Twice by ninjaink Only the Good Die Twice :iconninjaink:ninjaink 582 147 Creamy Chocolate Baked Deco Box by Lustfulwish Creamy Chocolate Baked Deco Box :iconlustfulwish:Lustfulwish 176 23 With Love And A Bullet by GothicNarcissus With Love And A Bullet :icongothicnarcissus:GothicNarcissus 185 111 With Love... by NayeliNeria With Love... :iconnayelineria:NayeliNeria 153 5 Love Step In by beorange Love Step In :iconbeorange:beorange 124 39 J'adore. by this-is-the-life2905 J'adore. :iconthis-is-the-life2905:this-is-the-life2905 73 5 Sailor Team Glomp by SenshiStock Sailor Team Glomp :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 303 37 From NY with love by Beregous From NY with love :iconberegous:Beregous 223 30 Caitlin Cooke, HER OWN PERFUME by daanton Caitlin Cooke, HER OWN PERFUME :icondaanton:daanton 107 36 Two parts of one heart. by Wonder-fox Two parts of one heart. :iconwonder-fox:Wonder-fox 137 7 Pretty Heart Cupcake by Lustfulwish Pretty Heart Cupcake :iconlustfulwish:Lustfulwish 93 13 Pink Rose Macaroon by Lustfulwish Pink Rose Macaroon :iconlustfulwish:Lustfulwish 125 16 Where my Heart Lies.. by addy-ack Where my Heart Lies.. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 575 24 Taka's Reference Sheet by TheGeneral50 Taka's Reference Sheet :iconthegeneral50:TheGeneral50 70 21 +FREE+ Brigadeiro by UmbrellaUnrequired +FREE+ Brigadeiro :iconumbrellaunrequired:UmbrellaUnrequired 206 77 from amsterdam with love by oeminler from amsterdam with love :iconoeminler:oeminler 125 14 From: Breakfast With Love by goRillA-iNK From: Breakfast With Love :icongorilla-ink:goRillA-iNK 71 5 Om Nom Nom... by KaTT-a-KlysM Om Nom Nom... :iconkatt-a-klysm:KaTT-a-KlysM 119 56 Strawberry deco waffle by Lustfulwish Strawberry deco waffle :iconlustfulwish:Lustfulwish 93 19 From Russia with Love by zotaro515 From Russia with Love :iconzotaro515:zotaro515 146 29 Blank by kylieGOESggrrrr Blank :iconkyliegoesggrrrr:kylieGOESggrrrr 176 52 Strawberry Sundae by Lustfulwish Strawberry Sundae :iconlustfulwish:Lustfulwish 107 31 With Love from Serbia by Qzma With Love from Serbia :iconqzma:Qzma 112 36
Ivan's Lovely Valentine
Though my heart is broken and cold…
It still needs someone to hold…
I need someone like you….
That I can hold until you suffocate…
That I can bite until you scream…
So I can bruise and cut your skin so fragilely.
I need someone that will belong to me…
I need your blood on my skin…
Your tears on my face…
I need you to feel as cold as I do…
I want to see the fear in your eyes…
Just as they felt the fear in mine…
I want you to watch me kill those you care for…
So it will just be me and you…
I want you to scream for me…
Especially in bed…
I want you to scream my name until your lungs are sore…
Make me feel like a king…
Because without you, I would surely
Be no more…
I would have nothing left…
To live for…
That's why I ask you today…will you be my lovely valentine?
Or this will surely end bloody for me…
I will split my wrist if you don't…
I will slit my throat if
:icondj-dialga3:DJ-Dialga3 59 45
For You With Love by CarlosArthur For You With Love :iconcarlosarthur:CarlosArthur 95 11
from florida with love
you are an unstable constant in my life
there is no promise of you in daybreak
and there is no lingering trace of you at night.
for three years of my life you were there
i could depend on you to house me
to feed me, to take care of me. 
but then i left because i didn't know
i didn't know what it would be like away
from your blistering chill and your great cooking. 
i have returned to you twice a year
ten years i hope you'll accept me once more
one week i hope it can feel natural again.
you send me away with bags packed and car humming
you do not plead for me to stay by your side
you leave no parting words between us. 
i cry for you every week and i'm not ashamed
i curse you before i sleep, clutching my pillow
and before i sleep i smell the garlic and coffee scent. 
i do not love the paradise you love
i hate the palm trees and i hate the sun
i hate hurricane season and i hate sandy beaches. 
i love the snow you complain about
i love burnt tongues from too hot ho
:iconinkstaineddove:inkstaineddove 13 9
With Love at Christmas by AnnekaTran With Love at Christmas :iconannekatran:AnnekaTran 53 5