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Drunk Cuddles Bucky X Reader oneshot
Letting Tony take Bucky out to go drinking was a huge mistake.
“I’m just going to borrow him for the evening” Tony promised as he pushed Bucky out the door.
“I’m just going to get him caught up with the 21st century you know? Movies, Cell phones, Booze”
Bucky shrugged on his leather jacket. “I already know about those things Tony” Bucky remarked.
“Not the way I do” Tony corrected him as Bucky leaned over to give you a kiss on the cheek.
“Don’t worry” Bucky soothed “I won’t let any pretty girls try to take me home”
“It’s not you I’m worried about” you replied, shooting a look at Tony.
Tony put his hands up in a sort of surrender motion “I promise, a guys night out, no girls allowed”
“Okay” you said warily.
With that Bucky placed a chaste kiss on your lips and rushed out the door with Tony. Tony bearing a huge lopsided grin.
You sighed and floppe
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Promises (Bucky X Reader)
You balanced the paper bag full of groceries in one hand, using the other to unlock your apartment door.
"Bucky, I'm back." You called to your boyfriend of 5 years, tossing your ring of keys on the counter.
It was strange for him not to rush to greet you. You just ran to the store for a few minutes, where could he have gone?
Thinking he may be in the bathroom, you put away the groceries. You peeled off his leather jacket that you threw on before you left. The apartment was strangely silent. You decided to live in a luxury apartment next to Stark Tower so Bucky could retain some normalcy after the winter soldier incident. You checked your phone for any updates and tucked it in your pocket.
15 minutes passed and you decided to seek him out. Standing up, you brushed the invisible dirt from your jeans and ventured down the hall. But no sign of him.
You stopped at the your bedroom door and opened it slowly. Bucky was laying face down on the floor.
"Bucky!" You yelled and dived to y
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Mr. Grumpy Gills (BuckyxReader)
There is now a sequel to this story: Fish Are Friends. Not Food. (BuckyxReader)
Silence filled the air on a warm, peaceful Friday. Bees buzzed happily through the air as humming birds flitted back and forth. Days like this are few and far between. The calming atmosphere, accentuated by the warmth, and the vision of rolling green hills and beautiful meadows...
~Meanwhile, at Stark Tower.~
“Tony, where is the crescent wrench?”
“Should be on the kitchen counter.”
“Sweet, thanks.” A crash came from the kitchen and Bucky’s eye twitched.
If it wasn’t bad enough that he had to live in the tower with these imbeciles, now he had to listen to them yell across the room to one another.
Seriously, was it so much to ask that they just walk across the room and speak quietly ins
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Carnage :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 400 42 the light before we land :iconsandara:sandara 16,121 645
Bucky Barnes x Reader Warmth oneshot
“HELLO DARLING!” Bucky called out to you as he nudged the door behind you.
“Hi Bucky!” you called back, moving the laptop off your lap and onto the coffee table. “How was your day today?”
“excellent” He beamed as he plopped down on the couch next to you and pulled you into his arms. “First, I went to go visit Steve and ended up talking to him for like two hours, then he and I went to the library and we ended up finding this.” Bucky smirked and he brought a dvd case out from his back and waved it in the air.
“what is it?” you asked, taking it from him.
“One of Steves films he shot back when he was a dancing monkey. He made me swear not to watch it and put it back. Which I did, and then went back to pick it up when Steve wasn’t looking”
“Bucky!” you gasped and hit him lightly on the arm.
“So you want to watch it?” he asked, his grin wider than the chesire cat.
“OF cours
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[Life] (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
"It's fucking one in the morning, and who in the name of sweet baby Jesus in a fucking golden cot are you, asshole?!" You shout, aiming your pistol at the man who had just broken into your apartment.
The man has long, messy hair, and scruff that's just not a beard. Dressed in long sleeves and gloves, he freezes as he takes one step around your living room. 
"I said," you say, voice steely calm. "Who the hell are you?!" 
"The Winter Soldier." He says simply.
The name rings a bell, and it's dangerous. But the bell doesn't ring loud enough so that your overreacting brain recognizes it. "Is that some kind of fucking street name, motherfucker? Don't mess with me, asshole, I've been trained by professionals."
You can see the man resisting the urge to laugh. "Think. I've been all over the news after Romanov spilled all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets."
"I..." You stop. "Fucking hell. You're..." You say angrily, running a hand through your hair. "Okay."
"Okay?" The soldier asks incredulous
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Heart's on Fire // Bucky x Reader x Steve
Well I don’t know how and I don’t know why
When something’s living well you can’t say die

"Bucky Barnes, you give that back!" you shouted, holding up your skirts as you chased the dark-haired boy down the sidewalk. At eleven years old, you were one grade behind your two best friends, the boys from Brooklyn, Steve Rogers and James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes. "Bucky!"
"Aw, c'mon, [Name]! I just want to read what you spend all day writing about!" Bucky called back, sending you a large grin over his shoulder before he started to shout out the first lines from your diary. "Yesterday, Steve and I sat under the tree for lunch! It was really nice and he gave me his butterscotch cookies because he knows they're my favorite! Steve is so sweet and I think I want to marry him someday!"
"Bucky, s-stop that! Don't read that!" you cried, running full out in your frantic need to reclaim your precious diary. Your cheeks were fiery red, burning with embarrassment, but Bucky r
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They Say Jump, You Say: How High? :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 609 24
Beating Heart - Winter Soldier (Bucky) x Reader
Beating Heart - Winter Soldier x Reader
The dream always starts out the same.
You would be in the corner your gaze fixed upon a person on an operating table.
A male. A male was being tortured.
Choked screams filled his and your mouth.
His pain was also yours. And the worst part was his resolve.
Eyes make their peace in difficulties
With wounded lips and salted cheeks
Tears slipped down his face while he harshly bit the mouth guard.
The doctor continued to electrically shock his brain; effectively he lost any and all memory.
Always, when you had enough strength to propel yourself to him you would screech:
Jolting out of your sleep made you collapse to the floor… on your face.
Immediately you heard rushed footsteps and your apartment door was thrusted open.
You looked up. “Steve” He ran a
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[Laughter Lines] (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
[Laughter Lines]
A/N: First damn fic on here, please don't kill me. Spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, language warning too.
70 years ago
[You took me to your favorite place on earth]
"Hurry up! Bucky! Steve!" your legs carry you up the hill as fast as you possibly could, pulling on a boy's sleeve, while the boy pulled on another's. 
Steve's panting as he tries to keep up with you. "Gosh, (First)! Go a bit slower, won't you?"
(First) giggles. "C'mon, Stevey! We gotta go see my favorite place on the entire earth! Me and Buck's gonna leave  off to the camp today- it's the last time the three of us will be together for a long time. Oh, hurry up! Both of you, it's beautiful, really, Steve!"
Bucky jogs up a few paces to meet you. "Hold up now, (Nickname). I'm sure we can get there without Steve combusting."
(First) pouts. "I told you not to call me that, Buck!"
Bucky laughs, ruffling your hair as Steve finally catches up. 
[To see the tree they
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Tempt Me - Bucky x Reader
Soft sweet lips touched his tenderly.
A warm familiar feeling burst through him.
But when her lips also met Steve’s, envy took over.
Thus making him go on a mission unlike he ever went before.
She will be his and not even his friend Steve could stop him.
‘______...’ Bucky thought.
After last night’s events a certain Winter Soldier wasn’t ready to be taken down so easily.
He knew Steve liked you too and was going to plan a move in order to get you.
‘I must act fast’ he thought, ‘Before Steve has a chance to perform his “good guy” suave’
~~~~~~Timeskip Of The Sexy Winter Soldier Rocking That Body~~~~~~
Your hips swayed to the beat of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
You giggled while you got ready to go out to the mall. Last night’s events of making Bucky and Steve play the Pocky Game and ultimately kissing them made you wake up in a great mood!
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Blood in the Breeze :iconalicexz:alicexz 13,985 392
My Treasure - Winter Soldier x Child! Reader
“Ouch! That hurts”
“Right in the jaw, Cap!”
“Dang! That’s gonna leave a mark!” you stated observing the fight between Captain America and some villain with a metal arm.
The way the two fought made you watch in awe. How their bodies could take that much hard hits left you amazed.
As Captain America used a right hook on the villain, his mask flew off.
Your hand flew to your mouth. Even though the punch wasn’t directed to you, you could imagine the pain. After all that was the reason you left the orphanage…
Looking back to the fight, you saw the villain’s face. Your eyes widened.
Chin length brown hair accentuated his sky blue eyes. He was very handsome; probably even more so than Captain America!
However, his eyes seemed strange. Like he was lost. This struck your tiny heart. It reminded you all too much of when your parents- ‘No I spent months
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Cap 2 - The reunion :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 4,139 269 Dump9 :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 890 47 Winter Soldier :iconjasric:jasric 2,430 66 Winter Behemoth_Destiny fan art :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 774 23 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Let me see :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,405 147 Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 241 24 Cap 2 - Dating time :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 2,924 194 star wars - winter soldier AU :iconshorelle:shorelle 1,222 188 Who the Hell Is Bucky? :iconramida-r:ramida-r 2,591 71 Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 260 42 Clone Wars Season 7 - Echo LIVES (Variations) :iconbrian-snook:Brian-Snook 294 17
Longing (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Wakanda, 2016 – Several months after putting Bucky back on ice
“Is this going to hurt?” the man before you asked, observing you as you heated up the electrode plates with your breath before sticking them to the sides of his head.
    You smiled, looking into his clear blue eyes that stared at you in anticipation. “Not at all,” you reassured him. “I’m only going to check your brainwaves. See how you respond to some of these words,” you said, showing him a long list of Russian code words you had found and which had been frequently used during the Cold War by Russian spies and soldiers.
    “What if they’re the right words?” he swallowed hard, letting his eyes shift over your face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
    “Don’t worry, Bucky. That’s what we wa
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BuckyxReader-Coming Home (One-shot)
Setting: After Captain America 2/Avengers 3: Age of Ultron although spoilers about this is unknown obviously due to the fact it didn't come out :P
Spoilers obviously
And the blood will dry
Underneath my nails
and the wind will rise up
To fill my sails

Bucky trudged along the sidewalk of DC, he decided to come back. He was wounded and in pain. Hydra was still going after him. It's been, what, months already? He heard about what happened with the Avengers and Ultron and all. He felt so bad about everything. And the fact that...
"(Y/n)..." Bucky looked up at the night sky.
You stood there, surprised. You and your brother, Steve, were going against the Winter Soldier after encountering him on the bridge and everything. You were fending off the Hydra agents
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Something There (Bucky X Reader) (One-shot)
Something There (Bucky X Reader) (One-shot)
You walked around the tower, going about your usual routine when you heard some crashing and banging coming from the training room down the hall. Then something suddenly went through the wall, crashing to the ground. You stood there shocked for a minute until you realized it was Steve and Bucky. Steve being the one currently on the ground. This had become normal, but you were getting sick of rebuilding walls. You used your powers to lift pieces of the fallen structure, born with the power of earth manipulation. You gained their attention.
"I'm only going to say this once." you paused, sharpening the pieces into daggers. "Break another wall, and I will break you."
"Sorry (Name)." they said in unison as they backed away from you, scared. With just a flick of your wrist you fixed the wall before walking away.
A few hours later you ran into Steve again, and he continued to apologize. You lost count of apologies, yet he continued no matter what yo
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A Helping Hand (Bucky x Reader) One-shot
You were walking through the streets of Washington DC. It had gotten dark very quickly and it was awfully quiet for a Friday night. You figured it had something to do with what had happened on the Theodore Roosevelt Island. According to the media, the dangerous assassin that was responsible for over a dozen kills, was still somewhere out there. People were advised to stay indoors and not to let any strangers in the house.  
You would have already been home, if your boss hadn’t made you stay to finish up some paperwork. You didn’t like to walk around town at night. Especially not when his assassin people had been talking about all day was still on the loose.
You quickly turned the corner and crossed the streets, without even really looking if any cars were approaching you. In the shadows of the buildings, you could see a man stumbling towards you. His long, brown hair was stuck to his face and he looked at you with a painful glance in his eyes.
‘Sir, are yo
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Knitted (Bucky x Reader)
Knitted (Bucky x Reader)
“Why?” Bucky mentally asked himself as he laid there on the couch, staring intensely at his hand. The left one; the one that caused so much destruction and damage, the one that nearly killed his best friend. He sighed as turned his attention to you as you sat in your comfy little chair and knitted away on a baby blanket. Knitting was your hobby and you knitted everything and anything that you could. An idea popped into Bucky’s head as you weaved away at the baby blue fibers. You were a bit too focused on your work when a familiar voice broke the silence.
“(y/n)?” You jumped slightly from your seat and looked up from your work to face the Winter Soldier.
“Yes, Bucky?”
“Can you do me a favor?” He sat upright, those worn blue eyes never leaving your deep (e/c) ones.
“Anything for you,” you grinned. Of course you would do anything for him, not just because he a good friend or your co-worker bu
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I'm With You Til the End Of the Line :iconramida-r:ramida-r 1,164 25 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - My mission :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,254 152 im not gonna fight you :iconsleii:sleii 871 36 Captain America :iconjasric:jasric 1,506 55 Till the end of the line :iconunicatstudio:UnicatStudio 568 172