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Frosty roses by LaraVilya Frosty roses :iconlaravilya:LaraVilya 373 44 Promise me by Asiulus Promise me :iconasiulus:Asiulus 886 77 Winter Roses by chuwenjie Winter Roses :iconchuwenjie:chuwenjie 75 35
Even this will be forgotten.
These drooping roses,
covered in needles of frost,
lament your goodbye.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 12 18
When seasons meet by kaede-kasumi When seasons meet :iconkaede-kasumi:kaede-kasumi 71 40 Rhaegar and Lyanna Sketch by Verlisaerys Rhaegar and Lyanna Sketch :iconverlisaerys:Verlisaerys 53 1 Roses Are Red by TheFantaSim Roses Are Red :iconthefantasim:TheFantaSim 45 25 Winter roses by TheKiller-Queen Winter roses :iconthekiller-queen:TheKiller-Queen 62 5 Gathering the Dead Roses by cazcastalla Gathering the Dead Roses :iconcazcastalla:cazcastalla 16 21
when you said it was winter
when you said it was winter
i replied with a laugh and a
few flowers draped in golden
sunlight, one for you & that
old woman walking down
the street
the one that wishes family
was the comforting sound
of rain against her window
the one that turns her music
to that old sad tune and cries
a little, because she had flowers
once, flowers that smelled like
his expensive French cologne
when you said the roses were
gorgeous i replied with a laugh
and a few pictures of things that
were more than eleven petals
so i took a sigh and captured
two eyes within a piece of paper
and you said your company is
a joyous sort of finger in heart
i replied with a laugh and
pulled the clouds down
to feather the green
that waltzed around
your pupils
:iconmesmeric-revelation:mesmeric-revelation 9 31
I feel so warm, Dispite the cold. by Angelblackroses I feel so warm, Dispite the cold. :iconangelblackroses:Angelblackroses 28 0 winter-roses by sipsic winter-roses :iconsipsic:sipsic 33 7 Solitude and the Magic of Winter by SpectralPony Solitude and the Magic of Winter :iconspectralpony:SpectralPony 12 8 Winters Rose by Gflady Winters Rose :icongflady:Gflady 75 54 Dancing with frozen roses by LynxBot Dancing with frozen roses :iconlynxbot:LynxBot 77 77 Winter Roses by Katerina-Art Winter Roses :iconkaterina-art:Katerina-Art 29 13 Wolves and Winter Roses by Ratgirlstudios Wolves and Winter Roses :iconratgirlstudios:Ratgirlstudios 18 0 Dark Roses by Carl06photo Dark Roses :iconcarl06photo:Carl06photo 15 4 Winter Roses by Eternal-Salvation Winter Roses :iconeternal-salvation:Eternal-Salvation 12 6 Stock4 by ChildrenOfRock-Stock Stock4 :iconchildrenofrock-stock:ChildrenOfRock-Stock 9 0 Dyed Red LINES by Rosefeathers Dyed Red LINES :iconrosefeathers:Rosefeathers 7 3 [Selena]: Zephyr by AlessaZero [Selena]: Zephyr :iconalessazero:AlessaZero 7 2 Queen on the North by RequiemForLostLove Queen on the North :iconrequiemforlostlove:RequiemForLostLove 7 9 Rhaegar Among the Winter Roses by dah-in222 Rhaegar Among the Winter Roses :icondah-in222:dah-in222 6 0 Winter Roses by SweetLilEmo Winter Roses :iconsweetlilemo:SweetLilEmo 4 8 .: R o s e s  I  n   T h e   W i n t e r :. by Tabe-chan .: R o s e s I n T h e W i n t e r :. :icontabe-chan:Tabe-chan 198 8 Tim and Krista 006 by LaceyD204 Tim and Krista 006 :iconlaceyd204:LaceyD204 4 0 Alone by CrazyTailz Alone :iconcrazytailz:CrazyTailz 3 2 Ice by Carl06photo Ice :iconcarl06photo:Carl06photo 3 6 Winter Roses by MoreThanNothing Winter Roses :iconmorethannothing:MoreThanNothing 4 1 Lyanna and Rhaegar by ViktoriaSvane Lyanna and Rhaegar :iconviktoriasvane:ViktoriaSvane 6 1 winter's guest by mistQ winter's guest :iconmistq:mistQ 2 0 Winter Roses by Joeydgraffix Winter Roses :iconjoeydgraffix:Joeydgraffix 4 1 Winter Roses by russel10 Winter Roses :iconrussel10:russel10 1 0 Winter Roses? by Ahsonzong Winter Roses? :iconahsonzong:Ahsonzong 1 0 rose selfie by kitsuneyaoichan rose selfie :iconkitsuneyaoichan:kitsuneyaoichan 2 0 Lyanna Stark by sammie-hates-clowns Lyanna Stark :iconsammie-hates-clowns:sammie-hates-clowns 2 0 Like a Kid by Automail-radish Like a Kid :iconautomail-radish:Automail-radish 1 2 Red berrys by Carl06photo Red berrys :iconcarl06photo:Carl06photo 0 0
Death Shambles
But sleeping
Sleeping without dreaming
Not an image
Not a sound
But the ashes still fall
Mistaken for snow
Silhouettes of beasts
Dancing in the lukewarm glow of the afteryear
The eventide won't come again
Even emotions lose their color
The faint sepia, staining a heart
Passion diminishing as we declare ourselves
Burning desires
Sorrowful ends
No longer matter
As the bitterness enters our hearts
And we become transparent
Without love
Just specters
Each day a blur
With everything running into itself
Like ink bleeding into all the pages
Staining each word
As it all blends together
Even your own self begins to fade
And you no longer know if you're even there
Memories seep into dreams
And dreams become nothing
Every second passes
And you're unable to catch even one
As time never stands still
There in a moment
And gone the next
Like the beat of a heart
And you sing your siren song
But even words cannot express
A lie
As memories and dreams become one
You can no longer dist
:iconvanityelric:VanityElric 1 3
white roses by Izzy-Nightshade white roses :iconizzy-nightshade:Izzy-Nightshade 1 0 Winter Roses 1 by Drikanyx Winter Roses 1 :icondrikanyx:Drikanyx 0 0 Map of Runa by ItsARyddle Map of Runa :iconitsaryddle:ItsARyddle 1 0 Winter roses by Fantasy-Fellowship Winter roses :iconfantasy-fellowship:Fantasy-Fellowship 0 0 Winter Roses, 20s style cap by TheSeaKnight Winter Roses, 20s style cap :icontheseaknight:TheSeaKnight 3 5 Winter Roses by supaflaj Winter Roses :iconsupaflaj:supaflaj 0 0 Outfit 1, Winter Rose by TangIsGod Outfit 1, Winter Rose :icontangisgod:TangIsGod 0 9 Winter Roses by Auberyrose Winter Roses :iconauberyrose:Auberyrose 0 5