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... by Life-Writer ... :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,470 127 TEAM FREE WILL by Life-Writer TEAM FREE WILL :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 2,105 72 Watching out the new Dean by Tsuki-Nekota Watching out the new Dean :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,013 58 SPN - Dean Winchester by Cataclysm-X SPN - Dean Winchester :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 3,008 426 destiel kisses by Life-Writer destiel kisses :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,222 106
She's My Soulmate (Deanxreader)
You were sitting around a random motel, waiting for Sam to come back with Dean. Dean had left a few hours ago looking frustrated saying he needed to be alone with his thoughts. Sam had gotten worried and left to find him and you stayed behind in case he came back.
About two hours after Sam left, there was a knock at the door. You opened the door to find a very drunk Dean leaning against the door frame.
"Oh good I found the right one," he said walking in, "you ever notice how all these doors look the same?"
You got out your phone to call Sam, letting him know his brother had made it back. After ending the call with you looked at Dean sitting on the bed. He was looking down at his jacket, confused as to why it wouldn't come off. You laughed as you realized it was because it was zipped up.
"Uhhh hey Jo? Can you help me get this thing off?" Jo? He thought you were Jo? He must have been even more drunk than you thought.
"Yeah, sure Dean," you said walking over. You unzip
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Sugar Fix (SPNxReader)
“Cas do you hear that?”
“Hear what (y/n)?” He asked as he watched you leaning against the vending machine, stroking the glass.
“That Rice Krispie treat, it’s calling my name,” you said staring down at the shiny blue packaging. Cas tilted his head to the side, confused at your words. He was very relieved when Dean walked by on his way to the Impala.
“Dean, I believe something is wrong with (y/n). She claims that that snack is attempting to converse with her.” Dean just laughed and reached into his pocket for his wallet.
“She’s just hungry and needs her sugar fix. Which one do you want (y/n)?”
“That chocolate Rice Krispie right there,” you said staring hungrily at the bar. Before Dean could put the dollar in the machine there was a fluttering of wings behind you.
“I hear someone’s in need of a sugar fix?”
“Gabriel!” you exclaimed running to give him a hug.
“Hey kiddo,
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Sam the poet by Tsuki-Nekota Sam the poet :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,628 162
Calm down Simba (SamxReader)
“(y/n)!” Sam called from the doorway of the bunker library.
“Hmm,” you said not looking up from file you had in your lap.
“With what?” you said still looking at the file.
“With this,” you finally looked up to see Sam pointing at his hair. It was a mess, completly tangled and knotted. Half of it was waved and other half stuck out in gravity defying angles. You couldn’t help but laugh at how a pouf of hair could make someone as big as Sam look the complete opposite of intimidating.
“Don’t laugh this isn’t funny!” he said. “If I don’t fix this before Dean wakes up I’ll never hear the end of it.” He then walked over and knelt in front of you, faceplanting in your lap.
“Well maybe next time you’ll listen to me and wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep,” you said running your hand through his matted hair.
“Help me I don’t know what
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Destiel by hermitic Destiel :iconhermitic:hermitic 5,982 324 Candies by Nile-kun Candies :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 980 128 Stolen kiss by Tsuki-Nekota Stolen kiss :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,240 94 Sammy is confused by Tsuki-Nekota Sammy is confused :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,494 112 It's fine Cas, It's fine by Nile-kun It's fine Cas, It's fine :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,225 121 I care about you by Tsuki-Nekota I care about you :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,125 127 Hot chocolate by Tsuki-Nekota Hot chocolate :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,319 110 What to wait next by Tsuki-Nekota What to wait next :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,532 201
SupernaturalCastxShort!Reader - Damn You...!
Supernatural!CastxShort!Reader - Damn you...! (One-shot)
Setting: Before Season 9's finale! And in real life
Contains: Violence and cussing. 
Important!!: You're actual name is the "actresses's" name and Amethyst (heheh) is the character you play. You are also 4'11 because that's my damn height so sucks to suck [I know it sucks doesn't it, shorty?] Oh shut it. 

-----[Fail #1]-----
"Amethyst, I know you're in there. Please, snap out of it," Sammy pleaded. Currently, Amethyst was tied to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap. If you were too look on her chest (the same area as Sam and Dean with the anti-possession circle) you could notice that it wasn't fully made. Meaning, Amethyst was possessed by a demon. Dean stood behind Sam, letting him do the work.
"Oh, Sammy boy. She isn't strong enough you know," The demon in her laughed. She blinked showing her demon eyes and blinked again. Dean quickly walked over to Amethyst and grabbed her shou
:iconfinitedreams:FiniteDreams 201 103
Just Cry (Dean x Reader)
    You sit on the bed of the Motel, waiting for them to come home.
    You’ve been friends with the Winchesters for just over a year, where they saved your ass from a Vampire. Already being a part of the hunting world, you requested they bring you with them- which they refused. So you followed them. Eventually they accepted you and allowed you to join them on their adventures. Unfortunately, they refused to let you come on the “super dangerous” hunts in fear that you would be unable to take care of yourself. Quite honestly- it pissed you off to no end.
    But you still waited. These boys were almost like family by now. You’ve been with them on their ups and downs. You’ve practically been to hell and back with them, no giving up now. 
    You groan into the pillow that covers your face. They’re late. GOD that’s annoying. 
    Suddenly the door bursts open.
    You jump up, p
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Jealousy - Dean x Reader
‘What was that again Dean?’ you asked, smiling.
‘I need your help (y/n). Please,’ Dean sighed over the phone.
‘I’m sorry, it’s just not often that Dean Winchester asks for help, of course I’ll help, so what’s up?’ you asked him.
‘Sammy’s not well and I need some back up,’ Dean said, sounding worried.
‘I’ll be there in a few hours, don’t worry just look after Sam,’ you told him, your smile gone now.
‘Thanks (y/n); it’ll be nice to see you again.’
You and Dean were going to meet in the bar near to his motel. You got in your car and thought about your relationship with Dean. You had met when you were both naïve and young, it made you laugh to think of how arrogant and cocky you had both been about hunting.
You’d been hunting the same thing and bumped into each other, and neither of you wanted to assist the other; but when things got bad and lives were at stake
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 603 42
Enough (Crowley x Reader One shot)
It had not gone over well when you told the Winchesters that their paranoia about introducing you to Crowley was unwarranted, as you had known the King of Hell back when he was just King of the Crossroads.
That and that you had made many small deals with him over the years.
Looking back, that fact was probably the clincher for what had become one of the most explosive arguments you’d ever had with your little family. Dean had thrown a chair across the room causing it to smash against the door frame, not that you were really any better, as you had buried more than one of your knives hilt deep into the wall before you’d left.
Sam had had a horrified look on his face when Dean told you to- how was it that he put it- “Get the hell out of my sight you stupid lying bitch before I do something we’ll both regret!”
You had screamed back, “I didn’t lie, you just never asked! Besides I was leaving anyways. Who in the world would want to stick around someo
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The Bunker Games by Tsuki-Nekota The Bunker Games :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,035 54 SUPERNATURAL by Life-Writer SUPERNATURAL :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,494 64 Pop culture savvy 2 by Tsuki-Nekota Pop culture savvy 2 :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 960 87 Unexpected genderswap by Tsuki-Nekota Unexpected genderswap :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,107 144 SABRIEL by Life-Writer SABRIEL :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 2,581 95 Just Forget the World by NaSyu Just Forget the World :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,485 182
SupernaturalxReader - Nightmares
Supernatural x Reader
A/N: In all honesty, I’m only up to season 4 right now. Sooo.... All of this happened before the apocalypse c:
The motel door flung open in rage by no other then Dean Winchester.
“Damn it (y/n)!!” Dean shouted. He set down his weapons on the bed. Sam followed into the room with you from behind. Dean was currently bandaged up from a few wounds. The three of you were taking care of a spirit when you let your guard down by accident. And well, this happened. Dean saved you but he got hurt in the process.
“I-I’m sorry!” You apologized, on the brink of tears.
“You could’ve gotten one of us killed. I don’t think an apology is gonna make it up.” Dean turned around to face you. Sam was standing near the two of you in case he needed to interrupt anything...
“... I know I almost got one of you killed, it’s entirely my fault for it!” You yelled at him, already having tears fall down. Your legs soon
:iconfinitedreams:FiniteDreams 260 33
Protector (Brother!Dean X Sister!Reader)
Dean's lungs burned and his legs ached but there was no way in hell he was going to stop running. The house was right in front of him, so he reached for the door handle, but before he could grasp it, Sam emerged, crashing right into Dean. The two flew backwards from the impact, falling to the ground. Dean groaned and got back up quickly, he pulled his little brother to his feet as well.
He choked back a growl when he noticed the bruise forming around Sam's eye. The younger Winchester had obviously been fighting hard, his knuckles were raw and bloody, and he was panting like a dog.
“They took her.”
Dean slung and arm around Sam's waist and Sam wrapped his arm around Dean's shoulder, leaning into him as the hunter helped him back inside. The place was a mess, the kitchen table was flipped over, a lamp smashed on the ground, as well as cups, plates, and bowls. The couch was on it's back, the bloody hand print on the coffee table made Dean's heart sink.
He set the couch upright
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 499 111
She's beautiful (Castiel x Winchester!Reader)
She's beautiful ( Castiel x Winchester!Reader + Brother!Dean&Sam)
(y/n) = your name (example: Ellie)
(e/c) = your eye color/colour (example: green)
(h/c) = your hair color/colour (example: black)

Castiel was confused. The reaction of his vessel when he saw you – the fast beating of his heart – his thoughts – He shouldn't have those filthy thoughts – thinking about you that way – it was wrong. He was an angel – it was so very wrong and at the same time it felt so right – so utterly right. It had all just started when he first saw you, when your brother had introduced you to him.
”(y/n) this is Castiel – he got me out of hell” Dean's voice made you turn your head in his direction. You smiled at the man.
“Nice to meet you Cas – Like my brother said I'm (y/n)!” you said cheerful. Castiel's heart started to beat in an unhealthy rhythm.  His cheeks turned red and he gulped. In that moment you seemed
:iconthunderofshadow:ThunderofShadow 822 98
In the Shelter of Your Wings by NaSyu In the Shelter of Your Wings :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,367 179
Surprise Adoption (Spn x Baby!Reader) 1
Warning(s): Death
Title: Surprise Adoption
Number in series: One
Pairing: Supernatural x Baby!Reader (Family)
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 916
Another motel room. Another crappy bed. Another case in just another state in the United States. It was just a usual week for the Winchester brothers. That was until Cas decided to come a knocking on their door(metaphorically speaking since he never uses doors and just pops into the rooms).
The day started off like usual. The boys went and got some information on the case and then went out to get some burgers and what-not for dinner. After, they went back to their motel room to relax and research a bit more before they went to sleep.
“I'm pretty sure we are dealing with a demon. It sounds as if someone sold their soul around here.” Sam said, untying his boots.
“Great, that means that we will have to deal with hellhounds. I hate those damn demon dogs.” Dean said, flopping down on one of the two motel beds.
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 449 52
Mine by NaSyu Mine :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,572 204 Carry On My Wayward Son by alicexz Carry On My Wayward Son :iconalicexz:alicexz 9,390 312 Day 2 Cuddling somewhere (Destiel version) by Nile-kun Day 2 Cuddling somewhere (Destiel version) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,439 100
Not Like Other Girls - Dean x Reader
You were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed when Sam and Dean came into the motel room. Their voices were louder than usual, so you stopped what you were doing to listen to them.
‘Dean, why don’t you just tell her?’ Sam asks.
‘Because I don’t want to be disappointed, you know what, maybe I should’ve just kept my mouth shut to you,’ Dean mumbled, clearly not happy. You frowned, you didn’t like it when Dean was unhappy.
‘Why won’t you tell her Dean?’ Sam asked, obviously confused. Something churned in your stomach, Dean was on about some girl, some girl that would never be you and that hurt.
‘What am I supposed to say Sammy? Oh hey, I love you, want to go out for dinner?’ Dean asked.
‘Well, yeah,’ Sam said.
‘She’d just say no, Sam. She thinks I’m some kind of womanizer,’ Dean said sadly.
You smiled fondly, it always made you laugh to watch Dean flirt, but it hurt when it
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It hurts by Tsuki-Nekota It hurts :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,076 71 SPN - Sleep little boy by Tsuki-Nekota SPN - Sleep little boy :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,389 151 Dean Winchester - The Strength by Petite-Madame Dean Winchester - The Strength :iconpetite-madame:Petite-Madame 3,153 526 Shingeki no Sammy by Tsuki-Nekota Shingeki no Sammy :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,162 105 Ever Ever After by NaSyu Ever Ever After :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,909 387 Kids 01 by Nile-kun Kids 01 :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,066 126 The Long Way Back by NaSyu The Long Way Back :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,923 107 SPN Frozen!AU - Deanna and Elsam (idek) by Tsuki-Nekota SPN Frozen!AU - Deanna and Elsam (idek) :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,467 238
Rib Fractures (Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: The reader is injured from a previous hunt and the medicine Sam gives you makes you a little loopy.
The motel bed you were laying on was lumpy and uncomfortable, but you barely noticed because of the pain you were in. You were still pretty banged up from the last hunt and your arms and ribs were covered in aching bruises. Anytime you moved shooting pain could be felt running up your back and sides, which was why you were laying facedown, trying your best not to move an inch.
“Everything hurts and I think I’m dying,” you said, the pillow muffling your words.
“Well that’s what happens when a witch throws you into a wall and down concrete stairs,” Dean said from across the room. “I’d bet good money that you have about three fractured ribs.”
You groaned into the bed, knowing Dean was probably right judging by the pain that was present in your sides. You heard Sam get up and, judging by all the noise, he beg
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 518 84
oops by shinyunicorntears oops :iconshinyunicorntears:shinyunicorntears 1,369 30 More guinea pigs by Tsuki-Nekota More guinea pigs :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,056 50 Pop culture savvy 1 by Tsuki-Nekota Pop culture savvy 1 :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 921 38
Boys Are Gross (Brother!Dean X Sister!Reader)
Danny was the kids name. Captain of the football team, one of Sam's friends. (Name) had met him at one of his football games that Sam took her to.
They exchanged phone numbers and the phone bill went up that month.
When he took (Name) to dinner, Dean was ordered by Sam to sit down before he popped a blood vessel.
She came back with a large smile and a cheeseburger for Dean, so he calmed down somewhat.
He didn't care what Sammy said, he did not over react when (Name) told him they were dating.
When (Name) planned to go the boy's house for a movie, Dean gave her 'the talk.'
Which basically consisted of, "If he touches you, I'll cut off his hands."
When (Name) brought him over, Dean was polite. He needed a few reminders from (Name) and Sam that asking his social security number, blood type, and throwing holy water at him was not okay.
Dean kept it together.
It was when (Name) came home with tears streaming down her face that Dean snap
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 520 130