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Hankypoo.jpg by Krinkels-R909 Hankypoo.jpg :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 188 28 .:Razor Wind by ALZP .:Razor Wind :iconalzp:ALZP 71 616 Madness Combat Quote Wallpaper by EpicBlargman Madness Combat Quote Wallpaper :iconepicblargman:EpicBlargman 66 14 .:Madness Combat by ALZP .:Madness Combat :iconalzp:ALZP 215 154 066 by Krinkels-R909 066 :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 154 19 Madness by katz579 Madness :iconkatz579:katz579 146 14 Madness 7 Scene Creator. by kamikaze002 Madness 7 Scene Creator. :iconkamikaze002:kamikaze002 73 72 Commission: Robotnik14 by Krinkels-R909 Commission: Robotnik14 :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 44 11 .:Indeed by ALZP .:Indeed :iconalzp:ALZP 17 111 MC - In Krinkels Name by einhajar12 MC - In Krinkels Name :iconeinhajar12:einhajar12 51 30 Hank by sicksake Hank :iconsicksake:sicksake 15 7 .:Hankuu by ALZP .:Hankuu :iconalzp:ALZP 26 35 .:Boom. by ALZP .:Boom. :iconalzp:ALZP 30 57 Madness Combat Meme by Nighttame Madness Combat Meme :iconnighttame:Nighttame 54 39 .:Hate by ALZP .:Hate :iconalzp:ALZP 31 57 Madness Combat Club Banner by EpicBlargman Madness Combat Club Banner :iconepicblargman:EpicBlargman 15 2 Madness Combat Hank by Arborix Madness Combat Hank :iconarborix:Arborix 65 40 Tricky cosplay 2 by metal-kiwi Tricky cosplay 2 :iconmetal-kiwi:metal-kiwi 28 37 Madness Combat Hank Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Hank Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 71 9 Madness Combat - WTF by kaizokupiano Madness Combat - WTF :iconkaizokupiano:kaizokupiano 129 0 Sanford and Deimos by Arborix Sanford and Deimos :iconarborix:Arborix 62 24 The Protagonist by annethyl The Protagonist :iconannethyl:annethyl 44 19 i give you a hamburger by Cymbourine i give you a hamburger :iconcymbourine:Cymbourine 36 3 .:Sandstorm -sketch- by ALZP .:Sandstorm -sketch- :iconalzp:ALZP 42 52 MC - Free Pie by einhajar12 MC - Free Pie :iconeinhajar12:einhajar12 38 36 Madness Combat SanDie Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat SanDie Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 40 12 Depredation Hank action figure by DarthRonius Depredation Hank action figure :icondarthronius:DarthRonius 20 27 The Clown Has Been Engaged by Cymbourine The Clown Has Been Engaged :iconcymbourine:Cymbourine 20 4 Hank by Cymbourine Hank :iconcymbourine:Cymbourine 67 34 Clay Hank by Pika-Robo Clay Hank :iconpika-robo:Pika-Robo 19 15 Madness Combat Zombies Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Zombies Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 33 2 Madness Combat 4 Poster by Tarantulaben Madness Combat 4 Poster :icontarantulaben:Tarantulaben 34 5 .:Sketch 01 Hank by ALZP .:Sketch 01 Hank :iconalzp:ALZP 33 25 Madness Combat Auditor Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Auditor Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 45 9 MC - Hank J. Wimbleton by MutatedTumor MC - Hank J. Wimbleton :iconmutatedtumor:MutatedTumor 31 10 Madness Combat Tricky Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Tricky Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 31 3 .:Sketch 01 Hank - Part 2 by ALZP .:Sketch 01 Hank - Part 2 :iconalzp:ALZP 23 122 Madness Combat Agents Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Agents Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 30 7
A Permanent Goodbye
Author's Note:  This contains Soft vore as well as a bit of graphic detail.  If you do not like either of these things, then don't read the following.  READ AT OWN RISK!
Hank awoke to the deathly sound of silence…  He rubbed his eyes furiously, obviously blurred out by the dark.  Sliding into focus, Hank found himself in the cell of an AAHW  bunker.   He was about a mile underground, and was trapped behind bars.  The room he was in was a small concrete jail cell with bits of straw and dirt.  Outside, the cell was connected to a long hallway, which would have been lit up like a dutch brothel and full of activity.  But now, something had happened, and the only light were bits of concrete embers.
Hank had been behind bars for 3 weeks.  When first found, he was outnumbered in the desert.  Despite his best efforts, the AAHW Elites had rounded
:iconthe-last-wimbleton:The-Last-Wimbleton 15 14
MC Group Phto by OneShotOneKiller MC Group Phto :icononeshotonekiller:OneShotOneKiller 14 10 Madness Combat: Hank vs. Jesus by Tarantulaben Madness Combat: Hank vs. Jesus :icontarantulaben:Tarantulaben 29 12 Madness Day 2014 by BiteSizedSurprised Madness Day 2014 :iconbitesizedsurprised:BiteSizedSurprised 28 6 Madness Combat Jebus Stamp by RebelATS Madness Combat Jebus Stamp :iconrebelats:RebelATS 26 2 Hank Human ver. by Blackout98 Hank Human ver. :iconblackout98:Blackout98 38 7 Madness Consternation by Eienias20 Madness Consternation :iconeienias20:Eienias20 46 20
Hank's Last Will And Testament
"This is ridiculous. Guys, I'm not doing this."
Deimos and Sanford both exchanged glances, smirking. "It's so funny how he thinks he's going to win this," Deimos said cheerfully.
"Yeah. He almost has himself convinced."
"Do you really think the Higher Powers would even acknowledge this? Or even allow any need for this to happen?" Hank asked, struggling to keep his anger in check. Murdering his allies, he figured, would not be a great way to start out his morning.
"Something I've learned in this field of work, Hank, is to never be too sure about anything. Who's to say the Higher Powers won't suddenly turn on you? This is a necessary evil, I'm afraid," Sanford finished.
Hank sighed. "I still say it's ridiculous, but fine." He dragged the small laptop towards him and rested his bandaged fingers on the keyboard. "How do I do this?"
"Well, title it for one."
He grimaced, and started typing.
My will
Deimos suddenly jerked the laptop away. "What's this?! 'My will?' The word 'will' is n
:iconjordanmademedoit:jordanmademedoit 18 13
Hank J. Wimbleton Cosplay 2 by auburn-haired-sadist Hank J. Wimbleton Cosplay 2 :iconauburn-haired-sadist:auburn-haired-sadist 24 45 Hank J. Wimbleton by thebloodreaver Hank J. Wimbleton :iconthebloodreaver:thebloodreaver 16 2