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Old Sketches 6 by LaurenMontgomery Old Sketches 6 :iconlaurenmontgomery:LaurenMontgomery 538 27 WileyKit - Grown Character Design (2011 Style) by JessDeaton WileyKit - Grown Character Design (2011 Style) :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 397 39 Thunderkittens Watercolors by JAWart728 Thunderkittens Watercolors :iconjawart728:JAWart728 62 6 Kit - wip by JessDeaton Kit - wip :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 28 2
Dark Jungle, Chapter One
(Thundercats 2011 fanfiction)
Dark Jungle....
Pushing their faces against the glass the twins gazed out with amazement at the landscape far beneath the Feliner.
Stretching out for miles in each direction was a large, lush jungle. With high mountains met by low valleys, separated only by a thin layer of clouds drifting between the ridges of tree coded peaks.
“I’ve never seen a forest this big,” exclaimed Wiley Kit, her eyes wide. “I think it’s even bigger than the Forest of Magi Oar.”
This isn’t a forest,” Panthro explained, walking up from behind “it’s a jungle.” “What’s the difference,” asked Wiley Kat.
“Not much from looking at it but you’ll find out once we step in,” he answered, in a dark tone.  
“Are we sure the stone is in there,” asked Cheetara, her voice line with concern.
“No mistaking it,” replied Lion-O. “That’s where the book
:iconnick-a-nu:nick-a-nu 16 9
No More Holding Back - Redux by JessDeaton No More Holding Back - Redux :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 203 25 Stones of Mumm-Ra's Desire by JamesVillanueva Stones of Mumm-Ra's Desire :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 45 44 Key of Thundera, Book of Omens by JamesVillanueva Key of Thundera, Book of Omens :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 59 6 Rescue Me by JessDeaton Rescue Me :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 195 9 Let The Good Times Roll by XI-Hypocrisy-IX Let The Good Times Roll :iconxi-hypocrisy-ix:XI-Hypocrisy-IX 154 45 Slave by JessDeaton Slave :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 196 9 Come and Get Me by JessDeaton Come and Get Me :iconjessdeaton:JessDeaton 119 4 Ancient Spirits of Evil... by thweatted Ancient Spirits of Evil... :iconthweatted:thweatted 100 9 Book Of Omens 2011 by JamesVillanueva Book Of Omens 2011 :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 51 10 Wiley wigs by ShadowCrawler Wiley wigs :iconshadowcrawler:ShadowCrawler 17 26 Thundercats Forever by KwongBee-Arts Thundercats Forever :iconkwongbee-arts:KwongBee-Arts 57 32 Mature-Kit by Netcro Mature-Kit :iconnetcro:Netcro 38 4 2011 Cheetara 2 by nazo-gema 2011 Cheetara 2 :iconnazo-gema:nazo-gema 38 5 The Groups All Here by sweetbean882013 The Groups All Here :iconsweetbean882013:sweetbean882013 17 35 Thunderkittens by Jubesfan Thunderkittens :iconjubesfan:Jubesfan 21 0 Wileykit and Tygra by aL-Rocket Wileykit and Tygra :iconal-rocket:aL-Rocket 21 7 Snopar by SanTsuki Snopar :iconsantsuki:SanTsuki 21 8 Wilykit like first episode 8 by Derracias-35 Wilykit like first episode 8 :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 15 2 THUNDERCATS R-R-Redesign by Ragnaroker THUNDERCATS R-R-Redesign :iconragnaroker:Ragnaroker 13 6 KitKat the Wileys by Darkness33 KitKat the Wileys :icondarkness33:Darkness33 23 7 Wilykit Under Interrogation by Phuram Wilykit Under Interrogation :iconphuram:Phuram 188 38 Wilykit like Lion-O by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Lion-O :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 12 0 Thundercats by TexMcCranie Thundercats :icontexmccranie:TexMcCranie 6 0 Summer Vacation by LionzHeart Summer Vacation :iconlionzheart:LionzHeart 13 12 Proof of my Existence by ReaperClamp Proof of my Existence :iconreaperclamp:ReaperClamp 11 8 Wilykit invite by Derracias-35 Wilykit invite :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 10 3 Wilykit first episode 2 by Derracias-35 Wilykit first episode 2 :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 11 0 Wilykit like Kaynar (Jackalman 2011) by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Kaynar (Jackalman 2011) :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 12 2 Wilykit like Cheetara by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Cheetara :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 10 0
Dark Jungle, Three
(Thundercats 2011 fanfiction)
Dark Jungle...
Chapter Three....
The great effort the cats put in fighting through the jungle wasn‘t evident in the distance they had achieved. Only four days in and they barely made a dent in their lush surroundings.
Every step they took was amount to battling through thousands of hands pulling them back.
No one felt this more than Cheetara though she had not fainted again, she still felt unwell.
The days however are not as bad as the nights, with the little sleep she could get filled with torment. Waking sweaty and out of breath from dreams she couldn’t remember.
Just about all the cats had had enough and will be glad for the day they can finally leave this place far behind them.
The only ones who still had any energy were the twins. They were in awe of the splendid oddities around them, with each step they discovered something even more strange and magical.
They would chase the whimsical, little creatures they find, collecting the multicolor
:iconnick-a-nu:nick-a-nu 8 3
Wileykit by Davonology Wileykit :icondavonology:Davonology 8 2 Wilykit like first episode 11 by Derracias-35 Wilykit like first episode 11 :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 11 0 Wilykit like Mumm-Ra slave girl by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Mumm-Ra slave girl :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 10 4 Thundercats Wiley Kit by Emilou1985 Thundercats Wiley Kit :iconemilou1985:Emilou1985 9 1 1401476898.kaose Wilykit Custom by titan-kaose 1401476898.kaose Wilykit Custom :icontitan-kaose:titan-kaose 6 26 WilyKit Cosplay by pyro-kittie2006 WilyKit Cosplay :iconpyro-kittie2006:pyro-kittie2006 8 0 Over My Dead Body! - 23 by hyenacub Over My Dead Body! - 23 :iconhyenacub:hyenacub 14 7 Wilykit like Jaga by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Jaga :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 7 5 Wilykit (2011) and Wilykit (1986) by Derracias-35 Wilykit (2011) and Wilykit (1986) :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 8 0 Wilykit like Panthro by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Panthro :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 6 0 Wilykit first episode 5 by Derracias-35 Wilykit first episode 5 :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 6 0 Wilykit like Mokian (Simian) by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Mokian (Simian) :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 6 0 Wilykit like Panthro by Derracias-35 Wilykit like Panthro :iconderracias-35:Derracias-35 5 0 lion-o wip by goblincreations lion-o wip :icongoblincreations:goblincreations 10 5