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The Pianist's Waltz
Pianist's Waltz
We become one
When the five become ten
Entertwined, and warm within
And then our hands unhook
And dance gracefully to and fro
As pianist's fingers to a key
The only thing that matters is the air we breathe
Sweeter it seems when we meet
The only thing that matters is her hand in mine
Fingers unhook, from ten to nine
It's time to leave, she says; nine to eight
We must say our goodbyes or we will be late
Eight to seven, a sad look in our eyes each
Seven to Six, time; parasitic like a leech
Six to Five, our time is done
And we part ways and we are no longer one.
*I count the hours on one hand, although another I have,
But to hold my own hand would make me laugh
I must count the hours, the minutes the time,
To the time in time which is so sublime
To sit in nothing but silence with her hand in mine*
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11. Sadness
They say sadness comes from ‘a feeling of disadvantage, loss and helplessness’. I don’t feel disadvantaged in any way, I haven’t lost a thing except for maybe a few coins in favour of a bottle of sweet juice, and I deffinitely don’t feel helpless. But I feel sad. So what am I, outer-deffinitionally-sad? I don’t know where this feeling came from, but all of a sudden, as if it had been in the air, I felt sad, and the feeling hasn’t left me since then, a few days ago. I walk around the world as if I were in a bubble, as if that bubble softened every sound except for those of cars roaring and people yelling, softened every touch, so that mostly I feel nothing. It’s as if my whole body had ‘fallen asleep’, like when your foot tingles and you can poke it with something sharp and you’ll only feel that something’s touching your foot, but not what and how much that hurts or feels good. What I do know is that I no longer want to feel th
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