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BunnyWatch: Choose Your Fate TG Caption
You finally arrive at the Overwatch tournament at GamerCon 2016. You can't wait to try out the new update to the game, which adds free "bunny suit" skins to most of the female characters. The people enter "pods" to play the game. But when you go into the character selection pod, you see there is only 7 options:
So, who will you choose?
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Overwatch x Reader - We need you - Prologue
The smell of smoke filled the air, ash fell from the clouds as the city of London burnt like hell. People screamed, people cried and people ran. You could run no more. You felt exhausted. You looked to your right to read the road sign. "King's Row" it read. You got out your phone to text for help. It was no use. The phone had smashed in your pocked and was no more than pieces. 
You feared you would die here and now, at the age of 18. You wondered what have you done in life to make a difference? Nothing. You made no difference to the world. Your father did, but you didn't. Your (e/c) eyes became teary. You picked yourself up and began to run again. You ran to the nearest underground where many civilians took cover. It protected us once, it can do it again.
The explosion aftermath caused vibrations down in the humid underground station. Everyone coward together as people would slowly get on trains to safety. People were being humans and shoved each other to make sure they or their f
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Widowmaker x Male Reader - Rekindled Pt.1
Didn't see any of these around, so I decided to make one of my own^_^
Tekhartha Mondatta's Public Meeting
Radio: Beta Seven, status report.
You: "You speak into your radio" All clear where I am, how about you guys?
Radio: Same here.
You: How long is this public meeting again? I forgot.
Radio: About an hour or two.
You(In head): "You sigh" I better get paid after doing this.
You: Alright, update me if anything else happens.
Radio: Copy that. "Transmission ends"
So far it's been about thirty minutes since Tekartha Mondatta's public meeting has started and you, along with some other men, are assigned to keep anything or anyone from harming the omnic monk. Things were peaceful around the area, but not for long.
"Immense explosion occurs and catches your attention"
You: What the? "You run to towards the other side of the building" Anyone copy? What's going on?
Radio: We have- "Static" a b
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