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This is a poem
for lip gloss
and the pre-teen
who wears it
and the old woman
who tried.
This is for
sparkle and stick.
For bodies like
candle wax.
For all the boys and girls
who would breath in
those scents
when the wick turned black.
Before their hair
turned grey with ash,
and their eyes fogged over
from the naked heat.
Before young love dies
and is buried in a shoebox,
with a little pile of rocks
to mark where it was.
This is for
the scared little boy
who spent all his time
sniffing candles.
While pretty girls
lay on autumn hills,
and even the crickets play
in major key.
With their noses
face down in the soil.
With their discarded jackets
on the grass, limp-
and making angels.
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Candlelight :iconneddiedavid:NeddieDavid 642 99
Fire Haiku
The wick holds the flame
But fire's heart can't touch it
A lonely pairing
Blazing fire crackles
Making light and shadow dance
To defy darkness
:iconravynkatt:ravynkatt 28 12
Hours and Wick :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 223 5 Resin Bob-Omb :iconpacman23:pacman23 166 10 Candle Wicked :iconaisu-isme:aisu-isme 404 49 Lackadaisy Quarrymen :icontracyjb:tracyjb 1,302 390 ''You're filled with WHAT?'' :iconthewardenx3:TheWardenX3 170 13 Doodles 33 :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 301 11 Yevren Contest Entry :iconhauket:Hauket 391 12 Yatti's Wagon :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 258 4 Thumbs :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 314 20 Phantasmagoria :iconsashas:sashas 524 118 Some awesome Minecraft characters :iconkingrebecca:KingRebecca 808 176 Skyforge Steel Battleaxe: Apparence and Size :iconsaronnisimon:SaronniSimon 118 76 Holding steady :iconkevron2001:kevron2001 161 11 Party Pony :TUTORIAL: :iconkalsmi:Kalsmi 965 100 607 - Litwick :icondevi-tiger:Devi-Tiger 147 9 Throwing Sparks :iconchristopherpayne:ChristopherPayne 101 13
Eyes fix
On the fire
Of a small candle.
Its wick burns no larger
Than the segment of a finger;
Yet the entire room burns with it.
Orange and black intermingle there,
The walls shiver hot with each flicker.
It is a meditation and it is a silent music
That burns now no differently than in the old
World before the advent of electric and celluloid.
When cold breath blows the candle black
A faint resemblance yet still remains,
The ghost of one deeply loved
Who may depart from us,
But only slowly,
Very slowly,
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 19 17
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Time is weird.
I spent months in a vortex winding, and winding.
And finally wound in to a tunnel.
Tubular and long, I'm walking through it.
The end isn't a thought or a sight.
No cliche's about light, just tunnel.
And I'm thrilled about it.
Walking straight and diligently forward.
Every day the scenery repeats.
My actions repeat, with mild differences.
There's only one sadness.
Life burns quickly, like the wick of a bomb.
And the tunnel is the wick.
And again there's progress.
Movement forward.
Achievement and reward.
Repetition. Repetition.
An unexpected departure.
I want to find my way back.
I'm scrambling, moving shifting fixing talking screaming.
Sleep is a memory, time tumbles, patterns disappear.
I look forward to returning more than anything else.
With a whoosh, it's back.
The first day is different than the others.
It's particularly exciting to organize the pace.
The next day it's as it was.
Repetition. Repetition.
And I'm home.
:iconspyed:spyed 26 46