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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
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100 reasons why I love you
1. I love you cause you are my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night.
2. I love you cause I can make you blush.
3. I love you cause I can make you shy.
4. I love you cause you make me blush.
5. I love you cause you make my eyes shine brighter than the stars.
6. I love you cause you make me smile.
7. I love you cause you make me feel like the happiest girl alive.
8. I love you cause you make my stomach feel as if it would be full of butterflies.
9. I love you cause you are the most beautiful girl on earth.
10. I love you cause you call me cupeycake.
11. I love you cause you are the smartest blonde I know.
12. I love you cause your style is awesome.
13. I love you cause you are as stubborn as me.
14. I love you cause you are the cutest kitty cat in my life.
15. I love you cause you drive me crazy.
16. I love you cause whatever you do you never annoy me.
17. I love you cause you make me laugh no matter how sad I am.
18. I love you cause you make me have so embarrassin
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True colors :icondorottyas:DorottyaS 341 69 Angels that blaze :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 136 175
Flying Dreams
“I don’t know why I love you.
I just…can’t stop thinking of you.”
said old Mr. squirrel slowly caressing
the nut in his bed beside him.
He pulled the glasses from face and set them down
on the nightstand beside him
letting out a sigh. A picture of himself
and another sitting beside him.
He rolled back over and kissed the nut
falling into a deep sleep.
Mr. Squirrel dreamed of flying,
just as his cousins could.
Flying from tree to tree.
Like an overextended wonderful leap.
Safe from danger. Safe from the predators below.
A dog snapping and growling. He paid it no notice.
He was free and happy sailing through the trees.
Through the clouds. He could reach out
with his paws and touch them.
SO soft and fluffy
just like her…
He awoke from his dream startled.
It took him a second to catch his breath,
and he played with his graying beard hairs.
He had been much younger in the dream. So much younger.
“It’s a dream my sweet. Nothing more then a drea
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RAIN p383 - Why I Love You :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 72 76
Why I Love You - Levi x Reader (OneShot)
Warning: rude language (as Levi tends to swear)
The night was silent and the air was cool. A breeze blew past, making the leaves on the trees rustle slightly. Bright stars scattered about in the dark night sky, surrounding the shining moon and decorating it beautifully. Crickets played their soothing melodies while fireflies brought the night to life. It was peaceful and harmonious outside... But not inside...
Not far away from the forest, stood a castle. A castle that belonged to the army, the Survey Corps, to be precise. During the day, soldiers' trainings would take place as usual. The fields and hallways would constantly be filled with the noisy voices and laughter of cadets chatting with each other. The bustling of when they rushed around would never stop.
But at night... everything was silent... The cadets would be tired from a full day of working, they would head straight to bed after dinner. W
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Why I Love You
Why I Love You
I really hope you know how much you mean to me.
You are my light in a dark tunnel.
You are the wings that make my heart fly with ease
A person like you, I don't deserve.
How did I get so lucky?
I hold your affection so close to my heart.
I never want to let it go.
You are the one I feel safest with, who would never hurt me.
You are my warrior, so to speak, who protects and defends me.
And these are just a few reaons of many that can tell you how I feel.
You have a great heart, mind, laugh, soul, compassion, and personality.
And that is why I love you.
:iconwyllowz:Wyllowz 8 10
Ten Reasons Why I Love You
Ten Reasons Why I Love You:
You've always been there for me, through the good and the bad times,
I can talk to you about anything and you will not judge me based off of what we discuss,
You have a way of making me feel like I am the most important person in the world when we are together,
Whenever you would run on ahead, you would eventually wait for me to catch up,
You let me cry on your shoulder when something bad has happened,
You have never asked me for anything that I couldn't give,
You've always been considerate of who I am and when I want to spend my days with others around me,
You have been the only person to see my crazy antics and laugh saying that I was "cute,"
I love you, because when I look into your eyes, I can see that you love me as well.
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Why do I love you? :iconbrokenapollo:BrokenApollo 12 11 Stupid Don't you die :iconstealthmoves:Stealthmoves 55 22 Four Seasons to Love :iconlilith-lips:lilith-lips 64 52
Why I Love You
A Shugo Chara Fanfiction
A one-shot about why Utau loves Ikuto. Basically just drabble. :P

I walked up the lengthy set of stairs, my long legs propelling me forwards. I quietly opened the metal door at the top and slipped through. I padded forwards, and peeked out from behind a wall.
He was exactly where I thought he would be. He was almost always lying around on this roof, just like a real cat. I stayed where I was and watched him. He was lying down on the ground, and his deep blue eyes were closed. Normally I’d run over to him and try to bowl him over with a hug, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it today.
Ikuto... I always say I love him. It’s true, I do love him. Ikuto’s the only one I can trust. The only person I love that hasn’t left me. Our mother betrayed us, and our father left. I want to keep him as close to me as I can, but the more I try and do that the more he tries to push me away. Sometimes I just want
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52 reasons why I love you BrucexReader (part 3)
You flopped down on the window seat, that so often held you in the late hours of the night. A card was taped to the window, the 6 of spades facing you. You peeled it off to read
22. I love that you will always put others before yourself, even if you forget to pamper yourself every now and then. To find the card you are seeking go to where Coulson will be teaching.
 Boy this search would be a workout. Heading into your buddy Phil's classroom where he would drill into wannabe SHIELD  workers , and found another card on the swivel chair.
23. I love your awful car dancing,even if you look like you are trying to attempt sign language. You will find the next card where you can be found screaming as you watch Pewdiepie play amnesia.
"Excuse me Mister I Will Scream Louder Than You!" You say to the air as you make your way to your laptop, back in the bedroom. If you weren't enjoying the trail you would've just searched every room. Finding the next card wedged between you
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this why i love you
miracles happens
angels around us
souls need just sweetness
this why i love you
feelings in faces
strongest emotions
needed in everything
this why i love you
smiling for crazyness
wishes and dreamers
tears cuz of stories
this why i love you
opened all aspects
no end no beginning
and only one Master
this why i love you
beliefs and forgiveness
all sounds of the beauty
my world is not broken
this why i love you
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Why I love You :icontt2008:tt2008 22 14 Minicomic - Why I Love You :iconscrewed-in-the-head:Screwed-In-The-Head 24 558 Spring Fashions :iconzombiegiraffes:ZOMBIEgiraffes 22 3
Laven Fic: The Reason Why I Love You So
THE REASON WHY I LOVE YOU SO – December 11, 2011
It's been a while since we've got this moment of silence. Just here lying, hand in hand, listening to the pouring rain. Words need not be told for the warmth of our hands is enough to tell us, 'I've got you. You've got me. Everything's fine.' As we lie there in silence, savoring each other's presence, I let my thoughts wonder off.
Tell me something. Do you love him?
Of course, I do.
Then, how could you tell it's true?
I don't know. I just feel it… here, in my heart.
Why do you love him?
Why do I love him? Why? I don't know… I don't know why.
As if Lavi's inner voice had actually snorted at him, he was cut off in his thoughts. Leaving him dumbstruck by the question thrown at him.
Why do I love him?
As if on cue, Lavi looked at Allen, pleased to see his lover's relaxed features. Then, Lavi spoke, almost a whisper, "Ne, Allen."
"Hmm?" Allen responded, not facing hi
:iconaozora-yume15:aozora-yume15 15 5
52 reasons why I love you BrucexReader (part 4)
Of course this would be the telephone that was next to yours and Bruce's bed. This was where one of you could be found patiently waiting to hear the wonderful sound of the others voice. And as promised, right next to it, your next card.
26. I love how you always notice the small things; you are my very own Sherlock Holmes. Speaking of which I believe those books are definitively worth reading right about now!

Making your way to your expansive bookshelf that held you favourite books. You pulled out your collection book of Sherlock stories, opening the book you flipped through the pages, landing on the third last page your card lay.
27. I love your strange, yet pretty fashion sense. The next card will be found with your favourite pair of shoes.

Wondering through to the wardrobe you flung the doors open, with no intention to shut them and searched for your very worn, but very loved (favourite shoes) reaching in and pulling our your next card that read.
28. I love the li
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My Little Snowflake :iconzombiegiraffes:ZOMBIEgiraffes 15 19
Why do i still love you?
Why do you blame me for things i didn't do?
Say you care then treat me like crap, how can i believe you?
We had something once, a long time ago.
I told you I loved you, you said you loved me too,
But this thing you are now, it just isn't YOU.
Hate filled and loathing, what did i do?
I wonder now was it worth it at all,
To keep it together until you became so withdrawn,
Can things be fixed, go back to what they were?
Or should I let our friendship drift away,
So your relationship can live.
I never tried to break it up, wanted you to be happy.
All my efforts, once revealed, were not believed,
When i need you most your never there,
Yet there is nothing I wouldn't do if you asked me to,
I would go to the ends of the earth and life itself to keep you safe,
It hurts too much to let this go while you still say you maybe like me,
Tell me there never was anything between us,
So i can relinquish these chains and live.
Your not the person i fell in love with, so why do I still love you?
:iconthe-armourer:The-Armourer 5 7
The reason why I love you
I like your smile
I like your vibe
I like the way your such a star
The way we playd
The way we faught
It keeps us strong
The reason why I care
The reason why I love you
I love you is you
I like the way
We misbehave
when we get wasted
The way you steal my snacks
The way you disagree with me
Is the reason why I love you
I love you becouse you been there
Been there for my darkest hour
And been for my lightest sober
Woken me up after a night long party
The reason why I love you is the all the things we been thrue
:iconhighspead:Highspead 5 0
Chibi Winter and boy :iconzombiegiraffes:ZOMBIEgiraffes 11 20 Remind Me Why I Love You :iconsilveraaki:silveraaki 13 15
Why I Love You...: For Sussurchan
Cyborg 009 Valentines Day Poetry:  
Why I love you...;  For Sussurchan
Why I like you...;
You're an intelligent young woman
Try to help others, best as you can
Your fur is as white as virgin snow
Burning gold eyes, your fire they show
You've adapted, with the wolves you run
Despite your world's become undone
A wolf with such humanity
Even with your life's calamity
And you're so adorable when 
Fast asleep in my lap again
I've been such a fool
Now I realise I love you
:icondeathsxdaughter:DeathsXDaughter 4 7
Why I love you :iconmisskirby:MissKirby 7 12 Adult Fall :iconzombiegiraffes:ZOMBIEgiraffes 7 2 365 Reasons why I love my mom :icondecora-chan:Decora-Chan 7 24
WILY - 8 - Part of the Reason - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
"Where are we?" Shinichi asked in awe, staring up at an old building.
They had travelled by train all the way to the outskirts of Ekoda, and then climbed up at least 80 or 90 steps through the forest before finally arriving at a gigantic building of sorts.
"It's called a Temple Shin-chan." Kaito said with some amusement, taking his hand and leading him through the huge wooden doors.
"No kidding." Shinichi said, rolling his eyes though he knew Kaito couldn't see his contempt.
Surprisingly the magician didn't stop at the altar to pray but continued to walk straight past it taking a left and headed for an open door.
Sunlight streamed through it, dazzling his eyes and dulling his senses. He brought a hand up to shade his eyes, trying to see through the wall of light.
Suddenly the air got a lot colder and he suspected that they had moved outside.
His vision cleared and he saw that th
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My DoInk Profile :( :iconkimikohi:Kimikohi 5 6 Adult Summer :iconzombiegiraffes:ZOMBIEgiraffes 5 0
Just... You.
You're perfect, And I love everything about you.
I love your eyes,
I love your hair,
I love your lips,
I love your face,
I love your clothes,
I love your smell,
I love your body,
I love your voice,
I love you.
And yet...
You don't get it.
You don't realize how much you mean to me.
To you, I'm just that shy, quiet girl in the corner.
And I'm okay with that...
:iconzuzurox:ZuZuRox 2 4
You and Me will Never Be
I’m not sure if you’re in my imagination;
Or the answer to my prayers.
I’m not sure if you love me;
Or if only in my dreams.
There’s a voice in my head;
I’m not sure if it’s you.
There’s arms around my waist;
I’m not sure if they’re yours.
My heart screams yes!
My mind shouts no!
I’m not sure I want this anymore!
When I close my eyes;
I see your face.
When I’m asleep;
I think of you.
And of all the things;
I know one is true.
Always and forever;
I love you.
:iconremusmesirius:RemusmeSirius 3 13
WILY - 9 - Confused Detective - Multiple POVs
Kaito's POV
"So?" Shinichi asked mildly. "What's your reason today?"
"Because..." Kaito hesitated. He didn't know how his lover would react to such a strange reason. "Because you're aloof."
"I'm... aloof?" The detective asked, raising an eyebrow at the odd statement.
"Not in a bad way!" He said hastily. "I just mean that you aren't easily shaken. Calm in a crisis."
"True, I guess." Shinichi admitted. Kaito sighed quietly with relief and showed a small smile.
He drew his lover closer, moving in to kiss him gently on thhe lips.
Shinichi leaned into the kiss, the physical contact wasn't a problem for him anymore though he was still struggling on the emotional front.
The door creaked as it opened.
Both boys froze, their eyes glueded on the classroom entrance.
Ran walked in, eyes closed as she hummed. She moved across the room, stopping at her desk to put a book inside.
She straightened and made as if to turn back to the door.
Then to their horror she sat down and opened her eyes, looking d
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 4 3
WILY - 2 - New Arrival - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
The teacher, Ms. Miyazaki walked in and rapped her knuckles on a desk to get everyone's attention. Shinichi looked away from his book and turned to the front, absently wondering what was so important.
"Today we have a new student joining us." Ms. Miyazaki called out. "His name is Kuroba Kaito. Now, I want you all to help him out, OK?"
He felt his interest growing and set his book aside. Ms. Miyazaki opened the door and motioned for the new student to step inside. The whole class was stunned to silence as Kuroba Kaito strolled through the door.
"He looks just like Shinichi!" Ran exclaimed, a little too loudly. Everybody swiveled in their chairs to see who had spoken. Ran flushed a little at the attention and sank back into her seat. Kuroba Kaito pulled a few colorful balls out of thin air and started to juggle. Everyone watched as the balls went around and around, almost hypnotic
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 4 5
Mommy you said you'd be back,
That I should wait right here,
Not to move an inch,
That I shouldn't fear.
Mommy I went with the man,
He was wearing a suit,
He took me to the cops,
They said you gave me the boot.
Mommy I miss you,
I live in a home,
With other children,
So we don't roam.
Mommy where did you go?
When are you coming back?
I miss you so much.
What did I lack?
Mommy I'm much older now,
I barely remember your face,
But I remember that day,
When you created this space.
Mommy you left me,
I'm still not sure why,
I'm not sad anymore though,
I let that all go with a sigh.
Mommy you left me without anyone,
Daddy had already gone,
I know it must've been hard on you,
But you could've went on.
Mommy now all I feel is rage,
When I think of you,
And when I look at my kids,
I think of what I will never do.
:iconrandomribbons:randomribbons 3 4
This is why i love you. :iconcookiecutterlove:cookiecutterlove 5 0
WILY - 1 - Prologue - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
He had always prayed for his own happiness. He didn't usually bother trying to make anybody else happy. He tended to think that it was too much work. He had so much confidence in his own deductions that he never paused to test his theory.But you see people are more complex than he ever realized. All of his deductions had been patterns created using evidence and logic.He wasn't used to thinking in the crazed terms of normal people. No one thinks or acts the same, there is no pattern to follow and no logic to uncover. People are not made from molds. We each see things differently and act accordingly. The thing we call "humanity" can not be placed into a ready-made catagory. It simply didn't work like that. And If he ever bothered to look back, he would see exactly that. He would see that he had assumed too much. He would see his over-confidence and perhaps he would correct it. But
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Why I Love You - Prologue
Kudo Shinichi was largely a self-centered individual. He didn't usually bother trying to make anyone else happy. He tended to think that it wasn't worth the effort, and he had so much confidence in his theory, that he never bothered to test it.
But you see, emotions and human reactions are far too unpredictable for anyone to monitor. All of his deductions were patterns, made by using data and evidence. And as such, his assumptions were based on the only people that he'd been in contact with, and therefore, should not be applied to people for whom he had no basis.
For we all see things differently, and act accordingly. One person could see something one way, and another could see something completely opposite of that view. And if he ever bothered to look back, and test his theory, he would see, and perhaps rectify his mistake.
But Shinichi is a logical person, not used to making mistakes. So until forced, he would continue to live in his quiet
:iconthenightwriting:TheNightWriting 3 0
Reasons Why I Love You Cover :iconautumnalglow:AutumnalGlow 3 0 Reasons Why I Love You p. 2 and 3 :iconautumnalglow:AutumnalGlow 3 0
The Kind Of Man
The kind of man who trusts me with everything.
The kind of man who I can trust with my life.
The kind of man who is soft and gentle, but loving and passionate.
The kind of man who my entire heart can belong to, without falter.
The kind of man whose entire heart belongs to me, without falter.
The kind of man who loves me and accepts me for who I am.
The kind of man who never tries to force me into something I do not want to do.
The kind of man I want.
The kind of man I have.
The kind of man I love.
:iconangelkae:AngelKae 2 0
WILY - 7 - Actions and Reactions - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
Morning classes passed by with excruciating slowness... or at least that's how it felt for the two teen prodigies.
They were both anxious for the whole awkward affair to be over. Though, at the same time they were dreading it with growing intensity.
They jumped as the lunch bell rang, both Kuroba and himself slowly picked up their things and headed in the direction of their lockers.
They'd been ignoring each other all day for the most part. With the exception of first period, Kuroba had reminded him of their meeting and hadn't spoken to him since then.
Finishing with his things first, Kuroba headed to the roof after shooting a hopeful look at Shinichi.
He lingered a bit longer, avoiding the meeting before shutting his locker door with a sigh and heading for the door that he knew would take him to the roof.
"No Student Access. Dangerous." Shinichi read aloud from the sign posted
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 2 0
WILY - 5 - Don't Talk about Love - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
"Why do you insist on following me everywhere, Kuroba?" He asked exasperatedly.
"Because you're so interesting." Kuroba replied cheerfully. "Besides I don't remember where the next class is."
"Yes, but you don't need to cling to me." He said, eyebrows twitching as he removed the unwelcome arms from around his shoulders once again.
"But I might get lost, Shin-chan!" Kuroba whined, following behind him like a puppy.
"Would you please quit calling me that?" He asked, scowling.
"Aww, but why? It's so cute!" Kuroba cooed. Shinichi grimaced and opened the classroom door, hoping for sanctuary.
A black-haired girl ran out at full speed, clutching an envelope. She looked positively terrified.
"Hey, are you OK?" He asked. She stumbled to the floor and looked up at him. Her face drew a blank and her eyes went wide.
"Sh- Shinichi-san!" She stammered and got to her feet. "Umm… this
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 2 0
WILY - 6 - Detective's Misery - Shinichi's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
He stepped through the classroom door, frowning. It was quiet, way too quiet. Everyone in the room looked up as he walked inside.
The clatter of the door was almost obtrusive in the silence. He glanced over the rows of desks seeing Ran, Sonoko and the others already sitting and chatting.
Kuroba was no where in sight. Shinichi shuffled over to his desk, trying to make as little noise as possible.
'Maybe because Kuroba isn't here?' He though absently. 'That's probably why it's so quiet. It'll go back to normal tomorrow when he comes back.'
He blushed suddenly, remembering what had happened the night before in the empty classroom. A hand went to touch his lips almost automatically.
'What did Kuroba think he was doing anyways?' He wondered, glancing out the window. It was raining and he hadn't noticed. He frowned.
'Thinking about Kuroba is disrupting my thought patterns.' Shinichi t
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 2 0
WILY - 4 - Falling For You - Kaito's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
"Hello, Kaito KID." Someone said behind him. Anticipation flooded through him as he turned to the voice.
"Good evening Meitantei-san." KID said pleasantly. "What can I do for you?"
"You can give back the Light of Day." Kudo said bluntly. KID held up a bright blue, cylindrical stone up to the moonlight.
He waited a few seconds before sighing.
"Not Pandora." He murmured. He grinned at the detective and tossed the stone.
"There you go." He said cheerfully. He watched as the excitement faded from Kudo's eyes.
'You're just going to hand it to me?' They seemed to ask him. He smiled at the disappointment he was shown.
"I'm afraid; I'm not really up to the chase today." KID said. "Don't miss me too much!"
KID jumped off the building and snapped open his hang glider. He thought he heard a shout behind him and looked back.
Kudo stood on the edge of the building, arms flailing wildly. Sudd
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 2 0
WILY - 3 - Giggles and Torment - Kaito's POV
NOTE: Title got changed, the previous one didn't fit!
He scratched the back of his head and walked back towards his desk.
"What's his problem?" He muttered with a sigh.
"Don't worry about him." A voice said behind him. He turned, coming face to face with a girl. She smiled at him.
"He's probably just upset because you stole his book." She continued.
"Just because I stole his book?" He wondered aloud. She nodded solemnly.
"Oh…" She exclaimed. "I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Mouri Ran, pleased to meet you."
"Would you mind showing me around a bit?" He asked.
"Not at all!" She said happily and grabbed his arm, pulling him out the classroom door. He stumbled as he tried to keep up with her.
'Man, this girl is strong!' He thought. Mouri chattered away, explaining where everything was, answering the greetings called out to her as she went by.
"You sure know a lot of people." He remarked at one point.
"Actually most of them are
:iconrathanyxd22:RathanyXD22 2 0