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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
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Why I always fancy the bassist
This poem has been temporarily removed in order to be submitted to a kick-ass anthology on the theme of rock 'n' roll.  If it doesn't make the cut, it'll be back soon.
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Seven Reasons Why I Loved You.
     seven hours
are spent waxing lyrical and
kissing your eyelashes in the library,
you mouth the third knuckle on my right hand,
and memorize the hollow of my cheek.
                       tender kisses press like
          afterthoughts and postscripts on my forehead:
                                    p.s. te
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This is why I have Pinky, This is why I suit. :iconfurryfursuitmaker:FurryFursuitMaker 494 315 A smile - collage :iconfurryfursuitmaker:FurryFursuitMaker 255 114
100 reasons why I love you
1. I love you cause you are my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night.
2. I love you cause I can make you blush.
3. I love you cause I can make you shy.
4. I love you cause you make me blush.
5. I love you cause you make my eyes shine brighter than the stars.
6. I love you cause you make me smile.
7. I love you cause you make me feel like the happiest girl alive.
8. I love you cause you make my stomach feel as if it would be full of butterflies.
9. I love you cause you are the most beautiful girl on earth.
10. I love you cause you call me cupeycake.
11. I love you cause you are the smartest blonde I know.
12. I love you cause your style is awesome.
13. I love you cause you are as stubborn as me.
14. I love you cause you are the cutest kitty cat in my life.
15. I love you cause you drive me crazy.
16. I love you cause whatever you do you never annoy me.
17. I love you cause you make me laugh no matter how sad I am.
18. I love you cause you make me have so embarrassin
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Healthy Levels Of Insanity 6 :iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 904 66 True colors :icondorottyas:DorottyaS 341 69 SCP-127 ''The Living Gun'' :iconxxpyroxqueenstonxx:XXPyroXQueenstonXX 160 36 why I look at the sky :iconhuang:huang 212 42
why i am the way i am
how it started is this:
i'd rather talk to you than eat.
i'd go hours past lunchtime,
decide in the hot summer sun
that it's too late,
and that's how i lost five pounds.
how it worsened is this:
i was a fat pig.
for as long as i can remember.
and here i was,
losing weight.
just watch the numbers in
and watch the numbers drop.
maybe i don't have to hate how i look.
let's keep trying.
how i stopped breathing is this:
i feel so much and i never want to feel again.
i don't want to love like this.
not now, not ever.
i can't make it stop.
i can't listen to music
because it makes me feel too much.
i can't move left
i can't move right
without feeling like i'm breaking.
i can't look at maps in history class
or i crack. the water is so big.
maybe i can stop eating
and not have the ability to feel.
maybe if i'm thin enough,
it won't bother me.
because i'll be happy, right?
happy and numb.
i'll be beautiful and what else matters if i'm beautiful?
if i'm thin, why do i have to worry about feeling t
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Cry Shimeji :iconkrystami:Krystami 669 147 Trade for Mizu :iconforgottenpantaloons:forgottenpantaloons 691 69
Why I Stopped Writing
Here's a little story about me,
about my skill to paint a grim little scene,
to make the mind creak,
to talk of those things which we don't like to speak.

I was a girl of sixteen and I had a dream,
to exist so broken hearted that I would know,
know to the core,
that love was as real as I thought it should have been.

I was dramatic to say the least and wrote poems spanning ages,
wrote of crashed cars and seeing those eyes again later,
FEELING that stare,
knowing that though time had passed, 
he'd not actually gone anywhere.

English class came, 
seemed so lame,
most days in the back with the boys,
getting out of work with the most clever ploys.

Then one day the teacher said,
we could share our writing,
with all the others,
to my in
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Why I Like Taxidermy-Pelts-Fur
It's Spring time...when everything starts coming to life, having babies, and bloom. It looks absolutely beautiful out, and I'm seeing the world a bit through rose-colored lenses. As I looked in awe at the simplest things today, I was thinking why I like fur so much.
I was watching a dog walking with its owner...I'm a total dog lover, so I shamelessly stared. I watched its muscles work to propel its body forward, its tail swinging in tune with its legs, its tongue out in a happy pant as it walked with its beloved owner. When I got home, I looked at my wolf pelt, Kalik. His eyes weren't his own and they certainly didn't look at me with love and loyalty, his tongue didn't loll out happily dripping with saliva, his tail didn't sway and his legs didn't bring him to me. But I still saw the same beauty as I did the dog. The life may have been lost to this wonderful creature, but its beauty still shows. Looking at Kalik, I can still imagine him laying there not as a pelt, but as a wolf. He was
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Reasons Why I Love Him
1. His Smile
2. His eyes
3. His laugh
4. His voice
5. His hands
6. His protective arms
7. His hugs
8. His kisses
9. His sarcasm
10. The way he strokes my cheek
11. The way he plays with my hair
12. The way he just watches me
13. The way he holds me when I'm scared
14. The way he holds my hand as we walk
15. His little concentrated look when he plays the guitar
16. His enthusiasm
17. The way he daydreams
18. The look he gives me when he just wakes up
19. The way he just cuddles me when I'm tired
20. The softness in his eyes when he's worried about me
21. The way he worries about me
22. The way he tells me everything
23. The way he kisses me to shut me up
24. The way his hand always finds mine
25. The gentleness of his touch
26. The way he cares for me
27. His disappointed face
28. The way he doesn't care how hyper or crazy I am
29. The way he kisses my neck
30. The way he looks when he's standing on the doorstep
31. The way he never wants to say goodbye
32. The way he always finds time
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Why I Should Win...
If I do not win
this trip to Australia,
the terrorists win.
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Pen to Paper
Ink flows through your metallic veins as it does through mine. From your silver mouth it spreads as you kiss your bride in white. She smiles from under her lined veil, a sweet gaze, as you bend to kiss her again, and again. You stain her stark white with dripping black as you both fold into the embrace of each other.
I see the shy smile that escapes your own inky black lips before ther touch against hers, and I smile myself. I pronounce your darkness bonded in marriage to that beautifully plain white, and I exhale in pleasure.
This is why I write.
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The Queen's last stand :icontheomegaridley:TheOmegaRidley 694 181
Acoustic--Ch3--Why I Care
It was harder than I thought it would be to wake up the next morning. Sometime during the night, I had acquired a splitting headache and overwhelming nausea. They were unwelcome companions to my already troubled brain.
I didn't remember all of the night before, but I remembered enough to make my face flush with embarrassment, even as it was buried in my pillow.
Did I really talk to him last night? Did he really drive me home? Was it possible that he understood my confession? Was it possible that he… accepted it? I kept telling myself it was just a dream, but the memories were way too real. The feelings were way too real. I shut my eyes tightly against a sudden throbbing pain in my temples. These giddy, over-excited thoughts were making my head hurt even more.
True to my expectations, Mom had yelled at me last night when I came through the door. She had been waiting up for me, 'cause she knew where I had been. My friends—Kate, Jana, Seth, Dave— my r
:iconimaginaryending:imaginaryending 31 26
I fell in love....
I fell in love with you when you shared your pudding with me.
I fell in love with you when you begged me to share my pudding with you.
I fell in love with you when you thanked me for a little favor on the playground.
I fell in love with you when you beat up that bully that picked on me and called it a little favor.
I fell in love with you when you asked me out on our first date on the first day of October.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I studdered when I asked you out on our first date.
I fell in love with you when you took me to The Pizza Parlor instead of some fancy resturant.
I fell in love with you when you didn't care that I took you to The Pizza Parlor instead of that fancy resturant I forgot to reservations to.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I started to cry when I said yes to your proposal.
I fell in love with you when you didn't mind that I started to cry when you said yes to my proposal.
:iconryhmeswithorange:Ryhmeswithorange 30 33
The Reason
You once asked
Why I liked you,
And I gave you
A poor excuse
For an answer.
I gave a list,
One describing traits:
Your smile,
Your laugh,
Your personality.
These may sound
All well and nice
But they've hardly
Conveyed what I feel
And think of you.
I could continue
Making the list
For ages to come
But it would never
Be finished.
Every day I learn
Something new
About you,
Something I didn't
Know before.
These new thoughts
I would have to add
To my list.
By doing so, this list
Would never be finished.
Instead, I'll abandon
This worthless list
For a simple answer.
I like you because
You are you.
:iconthat-bhunter:That-Bhunter 23 9
Why I Am Happy
The boy sitting on the park bench had eyes like sandpaper melancholy.
I think I noticed because I am a poet. I don't think anyone else but a poet could look at his eyes and think, "sandpaper melancholy." But they were that color. A fair brown. And grainy. I liked them in the way I like bitter baking chocolate -- because it has an interesting flavor, not because it is sweet. Unadulterated chocolate is almost unpalatable.
We like sugary chocolate because it has been changed. Adulterated. Oh.
Could tears clean out the roughness in his eyes?
That is why I am happy. I cry the Sorrow out, since poets are not afraid to do that sort of thing. The hunger of starving artists makes us sensitive.
He seemed like one of the people that can be Happy while Sorrow constantly nags on their heartstrings. Like, "Ha, ha, that film was funny!" but after the film is over there is nothing to distract you so tugtug! you remember being sad. They're always sad, but they can't always remember. He seemed ok
:iconcelery-soda:celery-soda 21 43
There is beauty in sadness;
In pain, in despair;
There is beauty in the tears that we cry.
There is beauty in madness;
In chaos, in confusion;
There is beauty in the voice in our minds.
There is beauty in stillness;
In quiet, in silence;
There is beauty in the words we need not say.
There is beauty in blindness;
In the dark, in void;
There is beauty in the things we'll never know.
There is beauty in lightness;
In laughter, in joy;
There is beauty in each and every smile.
There is beauty in sparseness;
In the empty, in the gaps;
There is beauty when nothing else is there.
:iconaredhel125:Aredhel125 20 19
Why I Do What I Do
Forming bodies in the air,
Swirling lines of swirling thoughts,
Melding into one.
One fiddler.
One bow.
One violin.
And who am I to judge you?
As I sit here, allowing myself to become inspired by your art,
Being a writer I am no one.
Being a musician you are both
Everyone and everything.
Your lips echo of talent
Mine cry mournfully in despair.
It is nothing but nothing.
The point at which things never happen.
One day I will be the point,
For things never happen at the tip of a pen.
I think.
Silhouettes mirrored in a copper licked dance,
Whilst I watch in awe.
But when you read what I've written,
When you feed your bright green eyes on my clumsy words,
I understand for a brief moment,
Why I do what I do.
:iconmica-cleary:Mica-Cleary 19 25
Having No Answer
As you are crying into my chest now,
Asking why I am not giving you an answer...
My heart battled my mind over which truth I may give you.
We've been here before,
The moment where I could answer a million questions,
The point where I don't know if you really want the answer,
Or simply a mean of comfort...
So sometimes I do wonder how you would feel,
If you were to know that I could be the answer.
:iconlatul1pe:LaTul1pe 20 38
Why I Live
It seems as though, to society, to live is to breathe, eat, sleep, drink...using the ingredients that is needed to continue life without really thinking that, just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re living, and I feel as though people often forget that. The act of being alive isn’t enough. And in the end, why do you live? What was the purpose of your life? How did you contribute to society? Help those around you? Dare to ask questions and demand for answers? Bob Marley had once said: “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?” For me, to be alive isn’t enough. Life isn’t about wallowing in pain, living in the past or being glued to materialism.  Living is about reaching out to touch the life around you, wanting to ask questions and know answers. DEMAND for answers. And this is why I live.
Growing up, I was not left to discover what made me happy, but rather, was told what would make me happy
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Why I dont like SebbyxCiel yet I like CielxLizzy
Also please respect that this is my opinion!! Please respect!
I have to say as a Yaoi fan I don't like Sebastian x Ciel……at all.
I don't like the whole Butler x Master thing. I hate when everyone goes "Oh there are so many hints that they like each other".
Not really....
Those are what we call in modern time "Fan service"
You guys have remember, Sebastian is a Demon, How they act to anyone is usually either very violent or can be sexual at times (which can also be an Incubus). Sebastian can't harm Ciel because in the contract he has to obey and not harm him until the contract is completed. So how he acts towards ciel is a natural way on how a demon goes really.( Sebastian can be indifferent and deliberately delays Ciel's wellbeing, as he frequently teases him and has put his life in mild danger for his own amusement. Once, he responded to Ciel's kidnapping as "terrible" but only because the tea he prepared would go to waste. He also calls Ciel a "b
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Angels that blaze :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 136 175
The reason why I will not draw you
Art is something that is almost indefinable. Essentially, it is something people created to express emotions and intellects. Art is something that goes beyond reality and opens our minds to the ideas of others.                                                                                                                           
Art is something everyone has been impacted by. Eve
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Insanity :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 228 52
     Why do I write?  It'd be much easier to answer that question as a five-paragraph persuasive essay, to be graded on spelling and organization and description by my English teacher or a standardized-testing official.  But, well, it wouldn't be the truth, the essence of why I'm here on a Saturday night, stretched out on my stomach with tea candles burning and a radio blaring, my sole companion my pen and paper.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are many different answers to that question, depending on who is asking.  Pick whatever reason you choose, whichever makes you happy.  That is the basis of why I'm still here: to make you, the general population, happy.
     "Why do you write, Meg?" in the words of a teacher would be answered thus: I write because I like sharing the irreplaceable gift of words with others, particularly with my apparent skill for it.  And be
:icon345652sw38:345652SW38 24 37
Why I Write
Many people wonder why I write
I don't do it for pleasure
For credit
For popularity
Or for fame
I write for expression
For freedom
For the stories that must be told
The voices in my head
All begging me to tell their story
I write for those who can't
Don't know how
And will never be able to
I write as a form of art
I write to be heard
And I write to tell the stories of those who can't tell their own
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DN - Why I preffer Mello :iconchicledemelom:chicledemelom 155 72 Art Block :iconxblackice:XBlackIce 159 32
You see that I'm slipping
Dropping grades in school
Thinking I'm lazy
Thinking getting on my case will make a difference
You just don't realize that's why
You don't see that's why I've hidden
You don't see that's why I'm hardened
That's why I just don't care
But in my mind I'm flying
Over a place with grey skies and black roses
And people that understand why
Where you don't have to hide your scars
Where you don't have to be afraid anymore
I don't pretend to be worst off
I know that so many are in worse places
No, I don't want to whine to you
But I'm so sick of pretending to be alright
Sick of pretending I'm on top of life
While I'm falling faster and faster
But in my mind I'm flying
Over a place with grey skies and black roses
And people that understand why
Where you don't have to hide your scars
Where you don't have to be afraid anymore
You can degrade me with words
I'm beyond it, so far gone
I haven't been here for years
That's why it does not touch me
At least not on the surface
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Why I Hate Snow :iconsinclairstrange:SinclairStrange 88 59 Why I Still Read Warriors :iconchaseclouds:ChaseClouds 135 105
Why I Hate Containers

when i spend extra time baking a pie 
that doesn't turn out right,
i lock it away in a container in the fridge. 
but i hate containers, 
smooth glass prison cells 
holding cold seeds longing 
to be flung by the wind. 
old sliced fruit drown in their own juice,
sentenced to a chilled, sealed orb -
a spiced soup to flow like the river 
cannot decide its own form. 

when i scrubbed the pickled-fish dish this evening,
i thought of you. the water smelled like sin, like vomit
that would crawl down my throat
every Sunday morning. 
i'd pretend to look around. all singing, all smiling 
except you (but i liked you for your blasphemy). 
now i stare at my useless hands 
that can't punch down walls 
which keep us in the same room.
the house of God holds us all together 
covered tight with hallowed cling-wrap,
thin and smothering.
you held my affections in
:iconiyraemm:IyraEMM 12 16
Why I Write...
I don't know what's wrong with me...
I feel sick
I feel scared
I feel stupid
I feel hated
I feel loved
I feel...
I am weak
I am strong
I am happy
I am depressed
I am missing
I am loving
I am needing...
My hands are shaking
My head is spinning
My stomach is aching
My muscles are tired
My mind is lost...
I need a hug
I need caring words
I need some attention
I need medicine
I need to write
I need to get this all out
But I don't know what I need to get out
Maybe it's the pain
Maybe it's the love
Maybe it's just the memories
The memories are sweet
The memories are painful
The memories keep me up at night
The memories make me go on with my day
I laugh
I cry
I love
I bash
I scream
I shout
I sing
I dance
I hum
I write...
I write to get the pain out
To get my feelings shown
To get the love that I wish for shown
To get the pain I wish to never curse anyone with shown
To get my stress to release
To get my happiness here
To get my pain gone
I can't think
I can't breath
I can't walk
I can't run
:iconxxmyfategrimreaperxx:xxmyfateGrimReaperxx 13 55
Flying Dreams
“I don’t know why I love you.
I just…can’t stop thinking of you.”
said old Mr. squirrel slowly caressing
the nut in his bed beside him.
He pulled the glasses from face and set them down
on the nightstand beside him
letting out a sigh. A picture of himself
and another sitting beside him.
He rolled back over and kissed the nut
falling into a deep sleep.
Mr. Squirrel dreamed of flying,
just as his cousins could.
Flying from tree to tree.
Like an overextended wonderful leap.
Safe from danger. Safe from the predators below.
A dog snapping and growling. He paid it no notice.
He was free and happy sailing through the trees.
Through the clouds. He could reach out
with his paws and touch them.
SO soft and fluffy
just like her…
He awoke from his dream startled.
It took him a second to catch his breath,
and he played with his graying beard hairs.
He had been much younger in the dream. So much younger.
“It’s a dream my sweet. Nothing more then a drea
:iconhamsterscribbles:HamsterScribbles 14 9
And you wonder... :iconcatieisavampire159:catieisavampire159 96 49
Why I do not drink and drive
Those daily flowers in Arbuthnot Lane;
five sons of five mothers,
fifteen years dead and still
Those daily flowers; red, yellow, white,
whipped by the passing cars,
and watered by the tears of the rain,
standing vigil to an unending grief.  
:iconanarkhos:Anarkhos 12 32
Why I Hate Dib :iconmad4icecream:mad4icecream 84 42
why i always write when
because you are static
and magic and gems
pooling in my palms.
because you are finite
and fragile, pale
and recumbent.
because you are numb
and unforgetful,
aching and regretful.
because you are cocaine
crystals and ecstasy,
joy and loud color.
because you are graffiti art
spun from aerosol cans
along the expanses of freeways,
because you are sad-boy-blue
and tin-fingered.
because i love you.
:iconohsostarryeyed:ohsostarryeyed 140 18
I Cut Because ........I Care
Why do I cut?
Because there is no such thing as simply vanishing
Because I feel the need to be in control over something
You might say it doesn't solve anything
But I disagree
I cut
Because I can
Because I want
Because what I want seems too far away
Because I am impatient
Because I hope
Because although it hurts,
It feels so much better
You might say that I’m important
But I disagree
I cut
Because I feel,
I cut because
It is the only thing that makes me feel whole.
:iconxcxd12xtdix:xCxD12xTDIx 12 19
I Despise Fear :iconnocturnal-schism:nocturnal-schism 15 0
Why I was born
Why was I born?
Surely not to be renowned
Nor to feel superior,
But really, just to be found.
I don't take pride in fame,
Money, or status.
All the like, these infections
Have become shameless.
Timid and quiet,
But never too far
To hear your story,
However bizarre.
I am that friend
Here, through to the end.
:iconcookieko:cookieko 11 5