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Chara (Undertale) - Stop looking at me like that! by WalkingMelonsAAA Chara (Undertale) - Stop looking at me like that! :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 4,299 429 Impatience by DestinyBlue Impatience :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 12,471 523 Dark Side by DestinyBlue Dark Side :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 14,118 428 Buttercups and Golden [Part Three] by HazeSpawn Buttercups and Golden [Part Three] :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 884 179
HetaliaxAbused!Child!Reader: Japan Part 1
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, a bit of swearing, a bit of Yao and Alfred squealing, and a bit of childhood depression symptoms mentioned.
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug your hand deep into the bag. Near the bottom. And you pulled out a . . . stick . . . Oh, but it had a pretty pink flower at the end of it! The color was beautiful. You only ever saw such a thing by looking through a dirt-stained window in your home, out at the people walking by. Or maybe on the TV.
The same black-haired man as before grew wide-eyed.
The blonde man holding the bag looked around. “Who put zhis in zhe bag?”
“U-uh,” The other man, Kiku, said. “It’s mine. Cherry blossom is mine. I’m ah, Kiku Honda. You may call me Kiku, little one.”
“Vell zhen,” The same blonde said after a moment, “Everyone, take your zhings. Und ve meet again in France in two months.”
“So long, suckers!” A girly-lookin
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BEE-tale by Pyeshii BEE-tale :iconpyeshii:Pyeshii 203 240 Bad Day? by SpringBelleBunny Bad Day? :iconspringbellebunny:SpringBelleBunny 350 53
Death Battle: Deadpool vs Scott Pilgrim

Tendo: The combatants are set, the fourth wall's ready to be shattered, and now it's time for the two year anniversary.
Random Train Station...
"Really? THAT'S where we're doing this?" asked an annoyed Merc, in mostly red with bits of black clothing, and two katanas steathed on on back. "What's next Tendo, random city that 50% of your fights took place in?"
"What are we doing here anyways?" asked a yellow text box, appearing beside him.
"Apparently getting into a fight with a teenager." responded a white text box.
"Wait a second." said Wade. "There's a slight chance this child could fire Kamehamehas. That automatically means I can kill this kid." Deadpool tried to make sense of, before turning towards the ticket booth of the train station.
The station was mostly gray and black colored, stone floors, train tracks at some parts. There was a ticket booth with a man accepting money to gi
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Kill 'Em With Kindness. by SpringBelleBunny Kill 'Em With Kindness. :iconspringbellebunny:SpringBelleBunny 307 38 The Ex by Rocker2point0 The Ex :iconrocker2point0:Rocker2point0 377 89 Cheesus Chrust. by FabianaDLCD Cheesus Chrust. :iconfabianadlcd:FabianaDLCD 110 25 They are Number One by FallingWaterx They are Number One :iconfallingwaterx:FallingWaterx 303 125
adored by him // tsukishima kei
Pretty girl with the butterscotch hair,
Your eyes and the sunshine smile you wear.
I can see how you make his soul glow.You're not really sure how the whole thing started. You had been friends with him your whole life and never before had you felt this way towards him. It had always been jokes and teases, nothing serious. You saw him as your best friend, and you were sure he saw you as his, but it seemed that now you no longer felt the same.
You had fallen hard for Tsukishima Kei.
Throughout the school year, you had remained close to the tall boy and found strength in each other to make it through. When things got rough, you were there for him as he was for you. There were moments when you felt you could harbour more feelings for him than you thought, but they would quickly pass. The late night hours you'd spend talking with him. The hugs he'd let you give him. The rose you got on Valentine's day. S
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Hurt by DragonBlast71 Hurt :icondragonblast71:DragonBlast71 34 0 The Final Batch by deathshadow1991 The Final Batch :icondeathshadow1991:deathshadow1991 193 151 return of the mac by RemRamLuigi return of the mac :iconremramluigi:RemRamLuigi 17 1
Hetalia xAbused!Child!Reader: Iceland Part 2
I'm not dead! 
And then Denmark opened his mouth… “We want to wish you the best, little brother!”
Lukas placed his arm around Matthias’ neck, but otherwise did not choke him. It wasn’t exactly in a loving fashion, though… “Don’t mind the idiot, but we will help you anytime you need us.”
“Thank you,” Emil nodded. “(Y/n)? These are…I guess…your new uncles. Lukas, Matthias, Berwald, and Tino.” He motioned to each one, a tiny, awkward, and nervous smile barely lifting his lips. “I, um, guess that we will be your new family now.”
“If you need any help Little Brother,” Matthias swung an arm around Emil’s neck, “or want to give her to your awesome Big Bro here, then you know that weHE’LL—”
...Choking halfway avoided, Lukas was only pulling back at his tie a little bit to spare you the choking sounds. “Stupid Dane.
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Home Grown chptr9
Gaster was tired, tired like never before, but he didn’t dare close his sockets.
His human child, his daughter, lay resting against his chest, draped in one of his white lab coats he kept in his office. Her tiny fists balled against her chest while her legs would jerk every now and again in her sleep. Her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath she took. Every movement, every little twitch, she made Gaster found caught his attention and it kept him awake.
Everything she did showed Gaster that she was alive and not…
So long as he saw her moving, Gaster knew she would be alright.
So if it meant he would go a few hours without sleep just to make sure she was still breathing, Gaster would do it. Sleep seemed like a less important thing right now. The scare from earlier, almost losing her, had shook him down to his core and Gaster wanted to do nothing but make sure his little human girl was safe and out of harm.
After cleaning both the child and himself of the DT, Gaste
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Prelude: The Meta vs Deathstroke

Tendo: When a human is scientifically modified, they can become a deadly killing machine. That or a human toaster.
Tempo: Psh, forget toasters. I already roast you enough Tendo. But anyways, wouldn't it be fun to have a scientifically modified soldier fight a scientifically modified mercenary?
Tendo: The Meta.
Tempo: And Deathstroke. He's Tendo, and I'm Tempo.
Tendo: And it's our job to analyze these fighters to see who would win in a Death Battle.
The Meta
Aka: Freelancer Agent Maine
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Affiliations: Project Freelancer (formerly), Agent Washington and Doc (formerly)
Occupations: Freelancer (formerly)
Described as being "the scariest mute in the galaxy"
Has an enormous kill count
Hunted and killed several Freelancers, including North Dakota
Acquired several A.I.s, like Omega, Theta and Gamma
Together with Wash, managed to capture Te
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Quickies Ep. 44
The Teacher

    Ms. Hartlowe glanced at the analog clock in her classroom and took a large bite of her tuna fish sandwich. The clock hung lopsided above her door, which was propped open to an uninterrupted view down a long hallway directly to the entrance of the school cafeteria. The hallway was an irritating funnel, channeling all the noise of more than three hundred children crammed in a room the size of four basketball courts. She sat fully reclined in her office chair, utilizing her large stomach as a table, while a napkin served as her plate. Her clothes, a drab brown suit and skirt, were due to be replaced soon. The sandwich crumbs on her shirt bothered her little. Rather, what bothered her was the painfully obvious fact that this would be the third time in two months that she would have to buy a new set of dress clothes just for work. Like her doctor predicted, her growth was picking up much faster than usual. She swallowed
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