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Currently Untitled
It that
I always
Wait until it's
Too late to simply
Say hello? When all I
Want is to be nearer to
Those I love and those who I just
Can't let go? My timidity gets
In the way of speaking what's on my mind.
If only I were bold enough to speak
As honestly as I would like. So
Many things that I could say! If
Only, if only. Perhaps
Some practice will be in
Order, and trust in
My peers is all
I need to
Get along.
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England x Reader: 'What's On Your Mind' (Part 1)
You were the new girl again.  Or, at least, it had been that was for a couple weeks after you had moved here to County Sussex in England.  It had been a month since your big, life-changing move and you had found two good friends since then: Antonio and Francis.  They liked to get you talking about what you thought about the other guys at the school, because they seemed intent on getting you a boyfriend.  After carefully weeding through most of your other classmates, they had a hunch that they wanted to confirm.  To date, they had set you up with three different guys, none of whom were your type.  This was getting ridiculous, and it was almost Valentine’s Day.  Today, they decided to talk to you about Arthur Kirkland.  The only problem you had with talking about him was the fact you actually had a crush on the guy.  If either Francis or Antonio got a hint of an inkling that you might just possibly like Arthur, they would instantly try t
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England x Reader: 'What's On Your Mind' (Part 5)
The inside of the windmill was dark and a little cool, so you reflexively walked a little closer to Arthur.  Your eyes met for a moment and you exchanged smiles.  You explored the mill in silence for a few moments, and just as Arthur began to talk about something concerning the mill, you drifted off into a daydream… What if Arthur were your boyfriend, and not just your Valentine?  Your vision was clouded with tickled pink from the thoughts, and you snapped out of it a few seconds too late.
“Be careful, luv! Bloody hell, no!”
You felt a whoosh of air as your hand slipped from his, and you became aware of the fact that you were falling.  Had he been telling you there was a stone loose?  Maybe, but either way, you looked up just in time to see his face stricken with worry as he barely missed stopping your fall.  “ARTHUR!”
And then everything went black.
“No… bullocks! How could I be such a fool?” He rushed downstairs to where
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