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City of Peril by RalphHorsley City of Peril :iconralphhorsley:RalphHorsley 1,646 228 Girl Rat TF Manip by DogGirlKari Girl Rat TF Manip :icondoggirlkari:DogGirlKari 265 27 Warriors Past And Present by Tacimur Warriors Past And Present :icontacimur:Tacimur 973 186 Wererat by Girhasha Wererat :icongirhasha:Girhasha 896 208 Ikit Claw by Dragolisco Ikit Claw :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 441 96 big bad rat by Scebiqu big bad rat :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 715 30 Laboratory Experiment: Wererat by Mikeypetrov Laboratory Experiment: Wererat :iconmikeypetrov:Mikeypetrov 555 48 DnD4e: Wererat by UdonCrew DnD4e: Wererat :iconudoncrew:UdonCrew 635 54 The backstab by Dragolisco The backstab :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 137 64
Sociology of the DnD Wererat
Wererats are considered the lowest of lycanthropes, often viewed as fodder for low to mid-level PCs that are spending time in the city during peace time. They are frequently potrayed as filthy creatures living in the sewers in over-crowded colonies that look bitterly up towards the humans and other races above them.
As far as lycanthropes go, wererats are very unique in terms of statistics and psychology.
Small Animals
Unlike other werecreatures, wererats do not grow larger as they shift out of human form. In fact, even their hybrid form is, in generally, slimmer than their human form.
This initially seems to be a disadvantage more than a power. After all, what use is it to suddenly turn into a small rat in the middle of a raging battle. However, the use of the small form is more or less underrated.
For rogues, wizards and other such classes, the ability to turn into a small, easily missed form is unmistakable. Given the rogue's sneak attack and (assuming GM allows it) a wizard werecre
:iconthrythlind:Thrythlind 24 11
Man to Rat (TF)
    Exhaustion was all Daniel felt when he finally reached his house. All day he had been hiking with his girlfriend up and down the canyon about an hour away from home. Stepping into the doorway, he let out a sigh of relief that the day was over. His body was just painfully aching from trotting around with his heavy backpack. Stomping up the stairs, carelessly dropping down his pack, he flipped onto the carpet into his room. For literally a minute he had been hugging it as though it was the first time he saw land in months. Slowly crawling up to his bed, he threw off his shoes into a corner of the room. Feeling all icky and sticky, he stumbled into his bathroom to take a shower.
The warm water felt good on his skin as it rinsed off some of the grime stuck on his skin. Feeling out of breath, he leaned on the glass pane and let himself be immured under the liquid pellets. Soon he began feel strangely itchy, looking down on his skin he noticed tiny dark streaks all ov
:iconlucasgodzilla:LucasGodzilla 13 10
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