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Monster Club (Chapter 32)
“STOP!” Abraham, Sarah, and Annie were all thrown back by a tremendous force, knocking them away with ease. Abraham managed to see a swarm of bats burst from around the corner of the store and crash into the bear boy. With a horrified roar, the skin walker began attempting to swat at the bats, but he might as well have tried to strike down mist. The boy leaped back and the bats reformed to create an incredibly pissed off Asher.
“Night Walker!?” The boy hissed. “A vampire!”
“Who the hell are you?” Asher snarled. To Abraham’s shock, the skin walker didn’t seem intimidated by Asher…in fact, he just smirked.
“It seems…the wolf has befriended a bat.” He muttered.
“Tell me who the hell you are!” Asher roared, pulling his gun. “Or I’ll put two silver bullets in your chest.” This time the skin walker flinched and glared at the gun.
“How do you have silver bullets?” He d
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Totem Clan part 1
Dani thought the car trip would never end, folded up as she was in the back seat of the car.  This was just typical, the smallest girl always gets the back seat, so there she was, sharing the back with Connie.  Not that she was complaining too much, since she had been looking forward to this trip for weeks.  Dani had just finished her sophomore year and had logged enough classroom time in geology that she was ready to take in some field work.  At least that’s the way she justified this in her mind.  Not that she wasn’t planning to have any fun on this jaunt, but as her first endeavor after finals, she wanted to see some of Mammoth Cave’s formations up close.  The drive took them 7 hours in Gary’s old beater, but it was worth it.
“Here we are, my lovelies.  Everybody out,” Gary announced as he parked the car and lifted the hand brake.  Although the four of them did not love the
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