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Hitler's Magic by Rudolf Hess by Belarig Hitler's Magic by Rudolf Hess :iconbelarig:Belarig 3 0 Weltanschauung by PhoenixWerthan Weltanschauung :iconphoenixwerthan:PhoenixWerthan 1 0 There Are Certain Thruths by Belarig There Are Certain Thruths :iconbelarig:Belarig 1 0 There Are Certain Thruths BG by Belarig There Are Certain Thruths BG :iconbelarig:Belarig 1 0 Durch Kinderaugen by sUmkIndAmOnstEr Durch Kinderaugen :iconsumkindamonster:sUmkIndAmOnstEr 1 2 weltanschauung by muffaelucciole weltanschauung :iconmuffaelucciole:muffaelucciole 5 0 Mirovozzrenie - Weltanschauung by carolinaaeterna Mirovozzrenie - Weltanschauung :iconcarolinaaeterna:carolinaaeterna 0 0 Weltanschauung III by DantesInferno Weltanschauung III :icondantesinferno:DantesInferno 1 0 Weltanschauung II by DantesInferno Weltanschauung II :icondantesinferno:DantesInferno 3 0
Have you ever
Seen the world
As a monster
Eating you
As a monster
Seeing you
When you hide
Still seeing you
Eating me
Have you ever
Seen the world
As a fire
Burning you
As a fire
Hurting you
When you flee
Still hurting you
Burning me
Have you ever
Seen the world
As a shadow
Drowning you
As a shadow
Hunting you
When you run
Still hunting you
Drowning me
Have you ever
Seen the world
As a mother
Stabbing you
As a mother
Hating you
When you cry
Still hating you
Stabbing me
Can't you see
There's none for you
No one helps
No break for you
Breaks me down
No life
:iconensanguinedsky:EnsanguinedSky 0 0
Hitler's Magic by Rudolf Hess BG by Belarig Hitler's Magic by Rudolf Hess BG :iconbelarig:Belarig 0 0 greetings from llama by AnnaPaar greetings from llama :iconannapaar:AnnaPaar 32 19
A Man in Full Wolf
It wasn't long ago that I could pace
Unnoticed amongst their docile numbers
Despite the passage of many a year
Since my Weltanschauung was torn asunder.
Can't recall what eased that fateful blunder,
Why we'd share our savage meals together,
What laid deep within her azure eyes that
Crowded out any thoughts of another.
                Flames can burn an ignorant bright before
They must endure that endless, bitter cold.
                Should've heeded, icicle bones barring your door,
Perhaps spared my heart from this chilling void.
                Can't even tell the teeth-marks anymore,
But the blood from hardened wounds still stains
                The scores of w
:iconkanissapphirus:KanisSapphirus 0 0
Dissent Syndrome
The world really wants me to write this now. I have been avoiding it, and I guess I'm still avoiding it by still talking about how much I don't want to do it. But things seem to converge on the aim of making me. So, yeah.
Because I too often find it misapplied, I came to hate the term "mental illness". Note that it doesn't mean I hate people who think they have one, or people who really do have one, it just this obnoxious trend that irritates me. What trend, you ask?
Let's say, someone disagrees with your opinion. What might be the problem? Oh, that's right, they are mentally ill. No need to think it over, they are talking nonsense.
Or some people tell you that they aren't perfectly happy with themselves, or their environment, or other people, or world affairs. They have strong emotions and they want to do something to make things right - or even worse: they urge you and your crowd to do something about it. Another case of mental illness. Aw, the poor things. Give them some drugs and t
:iconlibrarian-of-hell:librarian-of-hell 0 0
201701212 by hoodedcrane 201701212 :iconhoodedcrane:hoodedcrane 3 0 Weltanschauung I by DantesInferno Weltanschauung I :icondantesinferno:DantesInferno 5 2
Ach wenn sich doch
der Himmel würde öffnen
um freiheitssuchenden Geschöpfen
wie dir und mir
Einlass zu gewähren
In eine Welt, frei von Schmerz
Frei von Gedanken
Frei von nutzloser Konversation
Voll von Verständnis, ohne Barrieren, ohne Schranken
Liebe zu schenken ohne Zweifel daran ob sie auch ankommt
Keine Ängste
nicht vor Verlust
nicht vor Abstumpfung
sitze ich
schweige ich
ohne Schmerzen
ohne Leid
ruht die Welt
schweigt die Welt
ohne Krieg
ohne Hunger
:iconbuggy182:Buggy182 0 0