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The Dark Brotherhood Wallpaper by KyleChadwick The Dark Brotherhood Wallpaper :iconkylechadwick:KyleChadwick 448 44
Cure for madness (CiceroXListener!Reader)
"Unfortunately Jester...there is only one cure for your madness." You paused with a light smirk. "The cure is me." He heard you coming closer, closer. Soft, stealthy foot steps not running to kill the tretcherous clown but steady. "Oh yes listener. I like that..Very creative!" He laughed weakly.
Cicero tensed up hearing a clank, he had assumed you had taken out your weapon of choice to finish him off as you had been told to do by Astrid.
Cicero grasped the knife in his hand, his back to you. 'Listener...Cicero will kill you if he must. Don't make Cicero have to kill you...who knows how angry mother might be but if he really, truely must...' His mind jumbled. Cicero felt a tiny pang of fear in two different ways now.
On one hand mother might be very, very angry with him upon murdering the listener. On another hand remains the fact of how fast you had gotten to him, taken down the defenses and slaughtered the barbarous troll out front. You were a savage! An admireable savage!
"Go on list
:iconraesnowgirl:raesnowgirl 90 73
When I'm Queen by CigarsCigarettes When I'm Queen :iconcigarscigarettes:CigarsCigarettes 1,047 76 solgas font by weknow by weknow solgas font by weknow :iconweknow:weknow 675 171
OC X Reader
As you walked through the forest, snow crunched under your boots, and Jack Frost nipped at your nose. Winter, a beautiful season, sure it's cold, but when the world is covered in a blanket of white, and the windows look like drawing boards, just so beautiful. Your thoughts were interrupted when a snowball hit you in the back. Annoyed you whip around to the thrower. You blush slightly when you see a handsome boy, your age, a few inches taller than you, with mousy brown hair and bright blue eyes, standing up from behind a fallen tree looking rather embarrassed.
"I'm terribly sorry, (Miss/sir), I thought you were someone else," he apologized walking over to you.
"It's quite alright, accidents happen," you say brushing the snow off yourself. He rubs the back of his neck uncomfortably, still flushed with embarrassment. Then he has a light bulb moment. He quickly squats down, forms a snowball and come back up.
"Here," he says handing you the snowball. "If you hit me with a snowball, we'll be
:iconpontiac1968:Pontiac1968 71 229
Somewhere Only We Know by arhcamt Somewhere Only We Know :iconarhcamt:arhcamt 1,490 411 Post-Apocalyptic City by OpticalIrony Post-Apocalyptic City :iconopticalirony:OpticalIrony 262 29 We Know by Grypwolf We Know :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 926 19
The World As We Know It
War, Hate, Death, Depression.
Fives words to describe the world,
Leaving out so many more.
I can write this about happiness,
How there is hope and joy,
That it is going to be all okay and good,
But when you look right to it, it isn't like that...
The world...
Let me sun it up for you:
We have the youngest of our people cutting,
Taking their owns lives and losing their innocence,
To put it sincerely.
We have children killing themselves,
Just because of a past love,
Or taunting at school...
They are torturing each other day after day...
We have stars today that shine dim
And rotate around money and power...
Where did all the compassion go?
The love, the happiness?
Do we even care that people take their lives every day,
Only to escape this living Hell?
I don't blame them...
And I am stuck here,
In the middle...
Trying to help,
Succeeding little...
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 98 195
Paramore by darkcl0v3r Paramore :icondarkcl0v3r:darkcl0v3r 785 131 all i feel by corollary all i feel :iconcorollary:corollary 546 51 somewhere only we know by Braq somewhere only we know :iconbraq:Braq 338 89 [ We Know ] by Aizy-Boy40 [ We Know ] :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 210 12 somewhere only we know by helkiri somewhere only we know :iconhelkiri:helkiri 242 38 Where The Hell Was Crowley? by blackbirdrose Where The Hell Was Crowley? :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 864 382
We Know Better (Outtake) - Frozen (OST) LYRICS
We know Better lyrics
Four Year Old Elsa:
Hello little baby
You're a princess just like me
Bet you're thinking maybe
It's a pretty cool thing to be
But soon you'll see that everyone
Expects a lot from you
They say that there are things
A princess should and shouldn't do
But you and me
We know better
One two three together
Clap together
Snap together
You and me together
Knees together
Freeze together
Up or down together
Princess crown together
Always be together
You and me
One two three together
Clap together
Snap together
You and me together
Knees together
Freeze together
Up or down together
Princess crown together
Always be together
You and me
Young Anna:
They say a princess
Is full of charm and grace
They say she always
Knows her place
Young Elsa:
They say a princess
Wears pink and frilly clothes
They say she never laughs
And snorts milk out her nose
They say she's calm
They say she's kind
They say she never speaks her mind
Or freezes nanny's big behind  
:iconbluerae8:bluerae8 17 5
The Same Wave Length by iyandejesus The Same Wave Length :iconiyandejesus:iyandejesus 814 165 Somewhere Only We Know by Jenna-Rose Somewhere Only We Know :iconjenna-rose:Jenna-Rose 123 40 Robins- We Know Better by callousvixen Robins- We Know Better :iconcallousvixen:callousvixen 427 48 splashing the rainbow by weknow splashing the rainbow :iconweknow:weknow 504 272 So why don't we go? by neko-b So why don't we go? :iconneko-b:neko-b 347 200 Somewhere Only We Know by LadyUndone Somewhere Only We Know :iconladyundone:LadyUndone 137 73 CP'S Dalton Chibi Flash by XxMinishaxX CP'S Dalton Chibi Flash :iconxxminishaxx:XxMinishaxX 469 158 We know better by Elsaaaa We know better :iconelsaaaa:Elsaaaa 218 15 Hayley Williams of Paramore 5 by RyanRadical Hayley Williams of Paramore 5 :iconryanradical:RyanRadical 164 14 hot seat by weknow hot seat :iconweknow:weknow 353 311 TeganandSarawith noapc by weknow TeganandSarawith noapc :iconweknow:weknow 151 171 Paramore doodle by eonlegend Paramore doodle :iconeonlegend:eonlegend 289 63
A Dream Between
Stealing looks among everyone we know.
Holding hands in darkness we walk.
Secret smiles
With lowered eyes,
Midnight kisses
On moonless nights,
Unbroken hearts
In a dream between.
:iconlatul1pe:LaTul1pe 16 26
We Know by emptysamurai We Know :iconemptysamurai:emptysamurai 68 11 Somewhere only we know by Ilusion-Island Somewhere only we know :iconilusion-island:Ilusion-Island 94 39 Life As We Know It ~ Wallpaper by Karl97 Life As We Know It ~ Wallpaper :iconkarl97:Karl97 147 12 paramour by mlvnsnmgl paramour :iconmlvnsnmgl:mlvnsnmgl 341 77
We Promised
"School dances were never one of my strong points."
Blaine's voice was choked with tears and blood. Though he tried to smile, the sound of Kurt's sobs somewhere beside him shattered his heart, which was already beginning to fail him. Eventually, the pain became too much, and he grappled at the floor to which he had fallen, a groan escaping through his lips. Blood was beginning to seep from the corner of his mouth, the redness from their blows turning to purple bruises which dappled his skin. Seeking some relief from the agony, he closed his eyes, and all sank to darkness once more.
"Blaine…" Kurt wailed, pulling the boy onto his lap, cradling his head in his arms. Blaine's tears streaked down his bloodstained face, before dripping, icy cold, to the stone ground below them. He did not want to listen to Kurt's cries, which evoked even more pain from his already tortured heart. But at the same time, he wanted nothing more than to be held in those arms: held tight, held close. He need
:icongypsymaid:GypsyMaid 22 47
Life As We Know It by allyalltheway Life As We Know It :iconallyalltheway:allyalltheway 109 23 The Lusty Argonian Maid polish  spear by elenasamko The Lusty Argonian Maid polish spear :iconelenasamko:elenasamko 91 3 Paramore: Loonaki - NickyToons by NickyToons Paramore: Loonaki - NickyToons :iconnickytoons:NickyToons 281 36 Hello little baby by RushiSketcher Hello little baby :iconrushisketcher:RushiSketcher 282 29 Somewhere Only We Know by LancerMoo Somewhere Only We Know :iconlancermoo:LancerMoo 128 33 Monster by NickyToons Monster :iconnickytoons:NickyToons 444 61 Somewhere Only We Know WP by arhcamt Somewhere Only We Know WP :iconarhcamt:arhcamt 168 54 until by corollary until :iconcorollary:corollary 124 9 somewhere only we know by iLed somewhere only we know :iconiled:iLed 83 17 little girl blue by weknow little girl blue :iconweknow:weknow 117 126 Somewhere Only We Know by OukaWolf46 Somewhere Only We Know :iconoukawolf46:OukaWolf46 289 55 Strawberries and Wine by XxMinishaxX Strawberries and Wine :iconxxminishaxx:XxMinishaxX 217 16 HEAVEN. by lunarblues HEAVEN. :iconlunarblues:lunarblues 31 5 The Only Exception Gifs Pack by JealousKills The Only Exception Gifs Pack :iconjealouskills:JealousKills 120 12 RUSSIA: As We Know It by Aerobian-Angel RUSSIA: As We Know It :iconaerobian-angel:Aerobian-Angel 133 217