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Cheater!Weiss x M!Reader x Winter

(Y/n)'s P.o.V
"Hey, wake up man. We have to get to class." (Tm/n) said shaking me up.
"Okay, I'm up. Time to see what life has in store for us today." I said sitting up fixing my (h/c) hair.
"Well what life has is you hurrying up because we have ten minutes until class." (STm/n) said. 
"Holy Oum." I said scrabbling to get ready.
                                 –Professor Port's class–
"Two more minutes and we'll begin our class." Professor Port said grooming his mustache a bit. The door to the room was slowly closing as to signify time running out.
"And they're safe." My teammate Rae said as he caught the door and help it open for me and the rest of the team.
"Ah, Team (Team Name). You all were almost late. You were about to miss the wonderful story of how I, Professor Port, bested a wild pack of beowolves, will one arm." The mustached man said.
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Snow White and the Wolf
(y/n) groggily opened his eyes as the light shone through the window of his shared room.
“Ugh,” he turned over, pulled the covers over his head, and tried to get back to sleep.
“Oi, get your furry butt up! We’ve got class soon!”
That was until one of his teammates, the leader to be exact, tried to get him out of bed. He let out a growl and said, “Leave me alone.”
Even though he was placed in a team that had pure Faunuses, he really wasn’t showing any signs that he wanted to be friends with them. The leader tugged at (y/n)’s blanket, trying to get the unwilling Faunus up and ready for the first class of the day.
“Come on! We’re gonna be late because of you!”
“Ugh, fine!” (y/n) gave up, got out of bed, and put on his school uniform.
“Geez, this looks ridiculous,” he mumbled, pulling his fluffy wolf tail through the hole that was specially made into his pants. It’s been about two weeks si
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Male!Faunus!ReaderXRWBY: Intro
“Hey, isn’t that the rouge Faunus Ozpin allowed into the school?”
“Yeah, I heard he was a member of the White Fang.”

“Dude, what is Ozpin thinking? Letting someone like that into Beacon?”
His wolf ears twitched in annoyance as they picked up the murmurs of the students in the cafeteria.
(y/n) (l/n) was a Faunus, a wolf Faunus to be precise. He was found in the streets of Vale by some policeman while they were patrolling the streets. They had been told to be on the lookout for a wolf Faunus that was suspected of being a member of the White Fang, he was deemed aggressive and highly dangerous. Noticing his ears and the menacing weapon he carried on his back, they approached him and ordered him to come with them. When he refused, they immediately drew their guns and without even a warning, began to fire at him. He knew he would seriously be injured or die unless he did something, so he drew his weapon that unfolded into an enormous broad swo
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White Mirror (Weiss Schnee x MaleReader)
As your airship slowly docked in front of Beacon Academy, your (e/c) eyes were filled with anticipation and wonder. You had been accepted into the best Huntsman Academy in Vale and you couldn’t wait to see what the next four years held in store. When the doors opened you filed out with the other new arrivals; and spotted your friend Jaune Arc getting to know the inside of a nearby garbage can, his motion sickness getting the better of him once again.
“Hey man, I offered you some pills for that, can’t say I didn’t try to help you out.” You said as you leaned against a wall and hearing a groan come from Jaune while you moved some loose strands of (h/c) hair out of your face
Next to your ship, another docked and soon dozens of workers wheeling white crates filed out. A director of sorts was guiding them towards the academy and you heard something rather peculiar as he barked orders.
“Come on now lads! Miss Schnee is expecting these to be unloaded in a t
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Goldilocks and the Wolf
(y/n) didn’t know it, but a pair of lilac eyes had been watching him throughout his first weeks of attending Beacon. She watched as he ate his meals, during class, and while he sparred with his teammates. Yang just couldn’t help but to be enamored with him, it was understandable for a girl her age to be attracted to (y/n), who really was easy on the eyes. But there was one thing she saw as a flaw, and that was (y/n)’s uptight personality. He never really interacted with anyone except with his teammates, and even that was scarce. She had tried to get a “hello” out of him, all he did was respond with a grunt and keep moving on.
It was on a weekend when she finally managed to stop him and get him to speak with her . . . . . . . by grabbing onto his tail when he tried to walk away after giving his brief response to her greeting. He let out a pained yelp.
“Hellloooo!!” she greeted cheerfully again.
“You already said that! N
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