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Superhero Character Profile Template v.2
Superhero Character Profile
Legal Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Color:
Hair Type:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Powers and Abilities
Power Limitations:
Physical Weaknesses:
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:
Personality and Relationships
Primary Traits:
Romantic Interests:
:iconarachnid95:Arachnid95 163 85
The (New) Fattening Doll
    The latest turnout in Mrs. C's baking enterprise turned out well--which was not unexpected given that her bakery was practically akin to a mall. However, there was much that Mrs. C demanded in order for her true motives to be slaked. Here was a woman, who towered and dwarfed the common svelte figure. Her waist defied all limits set by furniture and clothes, explaining why elastic jeans were her choice. Her upper body was just roll upon roll of flab, and was hidden well under a lighter red sweater with a bit of the top opened (she learned soon that she heated up too quickly wearing a thick sweater). Today, Mrs. C's office, or rather, her living room, was sparked with a great glow.
    Judging from the fact that it was bluish meant that it was either magical or from the far reaches of outer space. Her first guess was correct as a slim, but curvy sorceress appeared. Her body was decked with a two piece outfit which resembled a bra and long skirt combo. Yet, they we
:iconrevivedracer209:revivedracer209 180 4
A Word on Inflation Art by MPsai A Word on Inflation Art :iconmpsai:MPsai 1,729 3,352 067-Paranoirm by Dragonith 067-Paranoirm :icondragonith:Dragonith 448 77
A Big Price to Pay For Comfort
    The humming of Linda's car was incessant, as were all others, as they were all waiting to move on their way past the traffic light. Linda's ears rang with constant shouting (that went past the closed windows) and loud honks. Being stuck in standstill traffic is a fate worse than death itself.
    "My goodness," she said to herself, "If I have to spend another hour, I'll starve!" Linda honked her horn, and joined the others. But that was not before she found a small opening at a random hotel, and she quickly drove in. Recognizing the logo in the bright wall, she knew that she could finally reach her destination in time: a trendy club only she and her esteemed colleagues knew about. But alas, her tired body wouldn't allow it, even if she was awake. She couldn't make it to the club, regrettably. Still, as long as her body could function, she was golden.
    Linda, dressed in almost business attire, struggled to keep herself up while approaching the front
:iconrevivedracer209:revivedracer209 141 7
Mass(ive) Effect
The sun of the Tasale System rose above the horizon of Ilium filling the dark, empty void of space with its light as the Normandy lazily flew across the expansive solar system that contained the rich Asari colony. With no missions to occupy its crew, the ship had been approaching the planet for some much needed R&R. The motley crew was looking forward to their shore leave, as Ilium had incredibly lax laws compared to Citadel authority planets, meaning that many things were perfectly legal, or at least not followed up upon.
Well, almost all of the crew.
“Samara, are you sure you don’t want to come on world with us?” Shepard, the coffee haired female commander of the Normandy and ‘Savior of the Galaxy’ asked her Asari Justicar companion.
Samara was an ancient and powerful Asari, her icy eyes were closed in concentration as she meditated. Her supple, curvaceous blue body was covered by a jump suit type uniform with a split from the cleavage to the naval, high
:iconcrazygameguy:crazygameguy 97 20
Special Pills
    "So, these pills are supposed to work?" Tammy asked.
    "Well," said a svelte woman, "Tell me what you see."
    Tammy examined the woman, and found her form to be amazing. It was like the swimsuit she had on was made for her, showing a neatly trimmed lady, who could've starred on anything she wanted. She even had men waiting her, hand and foot. Her brown hair also added to her radiance as it was not too short, nor too long in either aspect. The woman sighed, and turned around to show off her backside. Again, simply divine by Tammy's regulations. The woman shrugged, and held up some pills.
    "You want to keep yourself looking like me? Then, take these pills."
    Tammy smirked, and took three of them. As she was only visualizing the reward ahead, she decided to wolf down three at the same time. Unbeknownst to her, a large majority of women on the beach were massively overweight--except the one standing before her. Tammy then went
:iconrevivedracer209:revivedracer209 134 2
The Bakery in Food Court Street
Two young women, one day, were passing by the newly completed Food Court Street. And as one may surmise, the street was just a massive food court, lined with several restaurants, and some apartments, tailored for the obese polulation in Fatropolis.
"I can't believe it! We actually made it!" an excited Gabbie clamored.
"You weren't interested in coming here before!" her friend Nikki said. "All you cared about was the cinema building."
Gabbie was 5'3", moderately short, and a well toned 124 lbs. She wore a midriff top, with a bright white color, and wore it with shorts, mainly to show off her firm rear. She even had long legs to prove it. Gabbie's hairdo was a classic dual pigtail style. It made her look firendly.
Nikki, on the other hand, was not as fit. She was a gamer, and a major league one. She had blue hair, with a black gradient. She oftne wore clothing that covered her body, which gave her a somewhat mechanical look. Her baggy black pants were decorated with three horizontal whit
:iconrevivedracer209:revivedracer209 195 34
True Stories: Gymless (WG)
Quick update on someone I used to date/sort of dating again.
A little backstory, this young lady was a former athlete and had quite a toned and tight figure. At her peak, she was about 125-130 lbs on a 5’5” frame. Tight waist, and a big bubble that you would expect on a soccer player.
Fast forward a bit and her weight has yo-yo’d quite a bit over the last several years, with her settling comfortably (or uncomfortably) into a round, out of shape, young woman.
Recently, it’s gotten so bad that even her “fat pants” no longer really fit, as she’s cruised comfortably into double digit sizes. Every single pair of jeans she wears requires a herculean effort to get into, with a resultant thick muffin top and soft belly flaring out over the top. That of course only happens with the jeans that she manages to get over her thighs, as the sedentary life has caused her to take on quite a pear shape.
She’s mentioned recently that her weight is absolutel
:iconkowlooner:kowlooner 53 3
Not To Scale by Inyuo Not To Scale :iconinyuo:Inyuo 2,059 178 Reference- Weight Gain by ThirdPotato Reference- Weight Gain :iconthirdpotato:ThirdPotato 587 105
True Stories: The Skirt (WG)
This is a quick, yet true recounting of a weight related incident I was lucky enough to be witness to. Enjoy!
So my then GF and I were in college and she was in the middle of a particularly stressful semester. Despite doing well, classes were still overwhelming her from a stand point of stress. Whenever she would stress out, she would usually turn to grazing. Late night bowls of Tostitos Salsa Con Queso paired with two cans of Coca Cola were usually her favorite.
Now, when we first started dating, she was quite “traditionally” attractive. She was 5’5”, 125 pounds, with a modest, yet proportional 34 B.  She had a slim waist and a nice full bubble butt. At that point, you might even consider her slightly bottom heavy, but just perfectly so. She was extraordinarily pretty as well, with crystal clear skin and auburn color hair. She also never exercised and would often eat whatever she wanted. To say she was a “natural beauty” couldn’t
:iconkowlooner:kowlooner 39 0
How to fix non-moving mmd parts/rigging tut by Ekkoberry How to fix non-moving mmd parts/rigging tut :iconekkoberry:Ekkoberry 752 539
Sorority Weight Gain 1: Intro
Warning: This story contains stuffing and weight gain. If you don't like, don't read. Simple.
It’s Freshers week at uni. There are what seems like hundreds of stands for various clubs, courses and sports, and a whole lot of students milling around, laughing, joking, everyone seems to know everyone else.
“I don’t know anyone” thinks Leah. She’s a slim girl but with well defined curves. Extremely attractive with her dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, she could easily be mistaken for an Italian. She’s around 5’7” and looks timeless and classic in her platform black heels teamed with skinny jeans, white t-shirt and floaty scarf. But she comes from a small town, and has arrived at university not knowing anyone, and is feeling pretty lost and confused.
Just then, one stall catches her eye. It has the words Phi Alpha Tau written above on a bright pink banner. It seems to be getting a lot of attention from the female students. Leah cautiously a
:iconfoodie128:Foodie128 152 5
Skate Weight by Inyuo Skate Weight :iconinyuo:Inyuo 4,022 266
The Big Squeeze (WG) (Short Story)
This is a short vignette, inspired by some real life events, with some use of dramatic license. Enjoy!
Nastassia looked over at her roommate’s bureau. She always hated that picture from freshman year. She was 20 pounds heavier after a few months of dining hall food, late nights, and long parties. It brought back thoughts of a softening mid-section and an entire wardrobe full of clothes that were either too tight, or didn’t fit at all. What compounded things was how podgy she looked next to her beautiful roommate, Laura.
“Gross,” Nastassia muttered to herself, seeing a bowl of finished salsa con queso sitting next to the picture on the bureau. “She never cleans up after herself.”
That wasn’t just the only thing littering the room. Nastassia walked across the room, her thin 5’9” frame moved gracefully towards Laura’s desk, grabbing three empty cans of Coca Cola Classic and throwing them in the garbage bin.
“This i
:iconkowlooner:kowlooner 28 4
Dankii Morph by megaspike Dankii Morph :iconmegaspike:megaspike 307 10
"Where the hell is that damn carnival anyway?" Christi groused to herself while driving thru yet another rural town. "It figures my freak of a sister would work for some outfit that couldn't follow a schedule to save their lives".  For all her bluster, she was nervously looking forward to the reunion.  It's been a long and trying ten years since she last saw her twin sister, and that last meeting was not exactly a Kodak moment.
Once upon a time they were your average plump and pretty mid-western twins.  They were indistinguishable and inseparable until they got to high school, nobody was quite sure how it began but a bitter rivalry soon drove them apart.  When Christi became an avid bookworm and Debra a party animal, the best explanation their friends could come up with was the old twin curse of wanting to be as radically different from each other as possible.  At graduation, they both filled out their robes quite nicely at about 185 lb
:iconfacreature:FAcreature 137 18
The Slime Cave Pt1
The Slime Cave Pt1
Weight gain/expansion/slime
Somewhere deep in the Amazon…
The researcher and explorer, Kiri Thorne, was delving deep into the jungle, looking to find new species of plants and possibly animals. With her, was her shy assistant, Dahlia. Exploring a part of the endless jungle that had never been touched before came as exciting for the adventurer, but not for her pack mule assistant. “Hey, Miss Thorne? I think we should take a break…Miss Thorne? The young woman, only 19 years old, could barely hear her as she scaled a tree nearby, startling a toucan. “Take a break? Come on, we’re almost to the new area!” Kiri suddenly landed back on her feet in front of Dahlia, scaring her. It was a bit of an overstatement to say Kiri had an Amazon build, but she did. She was 6’5” with a trim slightly muscular body, with voluptuous features such as large, proportionate breasts and shapely hips. Dahlia, as you could’ve guessed, was m
:iconhoverphone:hoverphone 140 6
Worth by JeanFan Worth :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 2,883 323 the weight of darkness.. by devils-horizon the weight of darkness.. :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 471 65
AN: Okay folks this is gonna be a step outside the norm for me.  Not because I’m stepping away from elastic girls but because as opposed to trying to present my fetish within the boundaries of a continuous narrative, I’m going to do a breif “one hand” if you will, one shot that involves massive amounts of weight gain.  I did this fic who for Crinos ( who will be writing a similar fic for me because I find his writing quite good and I can enjoy well done weight gain just as much as I can pregnancy, elastic girls, and inflation.  In short if you’re looking for my usual skill with newaunce and character’s then saddly you’re not going to find it here.  Anyway on with the fic!
“And then you tuck him in.”  Helen Parr walked over to her baby Jack Jack’s crib and pulled the sheets up to his sleeping chin.  Normally if only members of her family had been pr
:iconiwfan53:IWfan53 176 16
Game Changer: Chapter 1 (WG)
It was another warm, southern summer day by the pool. Numerous young twenty somethings were soaking in the rays on a picture perfect afternoon. For anyone living in this apartment complex, it was the place to spend your time. It was the place to be seen. Save for a few families, the tenant demographic definitely trended toward young professionals, many of which were fresh out of college. The swimming pool resembled more of a spring break meat market than a residence.
“Man, I can’t get over how fat Jessica Simpson is getting,” uttered a pretty young brunette, flipping through the pages of the most recent US Weekly.
“Well, didn’t she just have a baby?” replied a concerned, bottom heavy blond.
“Still, she looks awful. I hope I never get fat like that,” replied the brunette.
Lexi could never imagine getting fat. She had been the same size for most of her adult life. While she was once a victim of the dreaded freshman 15, however, she managed
:iconkowlooner:kowlooner 60 3
The American Obesity Problem
               I have no face. There was a time when I may have owned one, but this is a fuzzy half-memory. In fact, it may be entirely an invention of fantasy. These days, regardless of my history, I know for a fact that I have no face. However, I have been granted a name: The American Obesity Problem. And I am growing in the United States. You may have seen me on television. You may have been witness to my disconcerting back cleavage and mystified by the seamless transition my legs make from my calves into my ankles. You probably saw my unsettlingly large, shelf-like behind as it strained against my tight Capri pants that I swore I would fit into someday and, when I didn't lose the weight, decided to wear anyway because, "If I spend more than $30 on pants I better damn well find a way to squeeze into them." You may have caught a glance of ponytail resting on my back, or a peek at several of my lower chins. But
:iconlightningrodofhate:LightningRodOfHate 1,396 1,023
Growing Violet
Growing Violet
AN: Warning, this story serves as a sequl to my previous story Elastibed.  As you might guess this means it contains massive amounts of weight gain, immobility, and bad girls managing to turn superheroines into helpless lumps of lard.  If you don't go for that kind of thing then don't read on.
Lilith, princess of the demonic realm slowly sneaked into her sisters bedroom a wicked smile upon her face.  
Her elder sibling Morrigan had been absolutely insufferable since her last visit to the human realm, chiefly because of the trophy/toy that she had brought back with her.  It didn't surprise Lilith that her sister had refused to share, in her place she also would have wanted to keep her newest treasure all to herself.
Of course she was equally sure that Morrigan wouldn't have batted an eyelash at the possibility of sneaking some private time with a possession that was suppose to belong solely to her younger sister, so Lilith felt not
:iconiwfan53:IWfan53 162 15
dragons can't be maids by pewbutt dragons can't be maids :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 2,145 52 066-Prisnoir by Dragonith 066-Prisnoir :icondragonith:Dragonith 289 33 Minigame: Feeding Lily by daysdays Minigame: Feeding Lily :icondaysdays:daysdays 2,951 813 just HOW fat is FAT by pewbutt just HOW fat is FAT :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 2,538 86
Photoshop WG
Photoshop WG
     Jenna needed an art class for high school to fill her fine art requirement.  She couldn’t draw, so Art 101 was out of the question.  She never played an instrument before nor can’t she sing, so Band and Chorus was out of the way.  So the dark haired, tan and slim girl had one last choice on the list:  Computer Arts.
     The class primarily taught about how art is created with using computer technology and all that.  Everything from creating it on the Mac in class to printing it on the old printing press.  It was a hassle for someone for Jenna, a constant texter and anonymous blogger.  She barely even used the laptop she has at home.  Luckily, the teacher made everything a lot simpler when he taught the instructions in class.  A weirdo for sure, an old guy with white hair and wrinkles, but he’s had a long experience
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 691 52
Kagami Snapchat Screenshot by Cakehoarder Kagami Snapchat Screenshot :iconcakehoarder:Cakehoarder 1,586 84 danggone wampa by pewbutt danggone wampa :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 2,157 42
Stuffed With Love
"Okay, mom, I'm heading off to the university! See you later tonight! Love you!"
The mother of Courtney Van Haders leaned away from the sink, peeking out into the hallway just as her daughter closed the garage door behind her. She was only able to catch a glimpse of the younger woman's long, curly chocolate-brown hair. She heaved out a deep sigh.
Her beloved child was more than halfway through her junior year in college already. It wouldn't be too much longer before she would graduate, find herself a nice little job, and eventually move out of the house. The last thing she wanted was for her daughter, the oldest of her three children, to have to leave the family home. She wasn't always around at home to watch the boys or to take care of the house, and Courtney proved ample help in that regard as well. The money obtained from both her (the mother's) work and her husband's was more than enough to provide for Courtney and her two younger brothers Jacob and Steven. Courtney didn't need to
:iconborin23:Borin23 691 131
Pokemon Gym, Zero Exercise by Jeetdoh Pokemon Gym, Zero Exercise :iconjeetdoh:Jeetdoh 1,113 154 Binge-chan's Party Progression by binge-chan Binge-chan's Party Progression :iconbinge-chan:binge-chan 1,621 132 Diet Cruise - Chapter 10 by LordStormCaller Diet Cruise - Chapter 10 :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 375 21 Gina Sequence by zelda308 Gina Sequence :iconzelda308:zelda308 2,590 42 Request: Wonka93 by idacknowledged Request: Wonka93 :iconidacknowledged:idacknowledged 2,309 58 Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 1 by idacknowledged Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 1 :iconidacknowledged:idacknowledged 2,208 11
The perpetual silence that filled the small room was shattered as a tiny belch passed through the overstuffed woman's lips. The once-clean, carpeted floor was now covered with a massive pile-up of torn wrappers, empty plastic bags, dirty plates and a multitude of tiny crumbs. The small wooden table in the center of the room was practically buried underneath a mountain of pizza boxes and soda cans. There was another small burp, followed by an explosive fart that slowly died down into a series of quiet bubbling poofs. Our weary red-haired glutton was lying nearby on the ground with her arms and legs outstretched, and her incredibly rotund gut hanging out in front of her.
"Ohhhhhhhh..." the woman moaned in agony, her emerald-green eyes forced to squint due to her puffy red cheeks, "I think I...urp...I think I...uuuurrrrrrrp...I think I ate too much food...ugh...burrrp..."
Slowly, weakly, the woman stretched out her left arm over towards her protruding belly, and placed her hand u
:iconborin23:Borin23 374 26
Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 3 by idacknowledged Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 3 :iconidacknowledged:idacknowledged 2,652 38 Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 2 by idacknowledged Commission: Emarrow20 Stage 2 :iconidacknowledged:idacknowledged 2,001 16 Hazel WG by MadamMoo Hazel WG :iconmadammoo:MadamMoo 2,544 85 gravity FULLs of FOOD by pewbutt gravity FULLs of FOOD :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 2,304 36 Feast Before My Eyes - Page 32 by Belt-Buster Feast Before My Eyes - Page 32 :iconbelt-buster:Belt-Buster 642 55 overweightwatch-ers by pewbutt overweightwatch-ers :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 3,251 101 fostered by food by pewbutt fostered by food :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 3,824 95 it's not camping if you're good by pewbutt it's not camping if you're good :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 2,346 56