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How to make a wedding ring... by Vassilius How to make a wedding ring... :iconvassilius:Vassilius 140 72 Wedding Ring by WendyDoodles Wedding Ring :iconwendydoodles:WendyDoodles 836 209
Naruhina Engagement pt.3
9 NaruHina: Invitations
Naruto and Hinata walked through Konoha holding hands receiving mixed feelings about the announcement of their wedding from the villagers. Most were still rejecting him because of the thing inside of him, and those few unaware of Naruto’s history were ignorantly blissful about the whole thing. Hinata glanced at Naruto who was looking rather disappointed. “What’s wrong Naruto?” He looked down at the invitations he carried in his hand. “It’s nothing; I just thought we’d be married by now.” Hinata pouted slightly at Naruto’s comment. “I think it’s still too early to give out the invitations. We’ve only been planning it for two months so I think we’re moving pretty quickly.” Naruto sighed, knowing he couldn’t win this argument. He instead knocked on the door of their next guest. After a second knock a yawn was heard from within the house as someone shuffled over to the door.
Shikamaru lazy st
:iconjyuukenxrasengan:jyuukenxrasengan 141 87
Portal Wedding Rings 4K Print by xQUATROx Portal Wedding Rings 4K Print :iconxquatrox:xQUATROx 1,587 265 Object-Tan Chibis by Mikeinel Object-Tan Chibis :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 2,221 78
IzayaxReader Married life
You smiled pulling your veil down. Today you were getting married to your one true love.
Let me warn you about three things.
1.He was a major troll.
2.A prick at times.
3.Sexy as hell.
You took a deep breath looking over at your best friend,Celty Sturulson, she gave you the thumbs up and typed something on her phone.
'You look stunning [Name]~' You read with a smile and hugged her close.
"Thanks Celty." You smiled and grabbed your bouquet.
You took a deep breath and walked out of the room,you glanced at Shizuo and gave him a small smile before linking your arm with his. He was to give you away seeing as how your parents wanted nothing to do with you. You knew how he felt about Izaya but he was being nice enough to give you way to the man he hated,that's what you called a great friend.
So you were marring? Izaya Orihara Ikabukro's informant broker. So how did you get him to agree to this marriage? Simple black mail. Yes you had dirt on the man who had information on everyone and
:iconemo-kaylah:Emo-Kaylah 349 164
Recommencement by elzix Recommencement :iconelzix:elzix 477 125 made with love. by sunburntchaos made with love. :iconsunburntchaos:sunburntchaos 1,661 251 Floral Antiqued Silver Ring by SilverSmack Floral Antiqued Silver Ring :iconsilversmack:SilverSmack 329 36 Rings by AlexeyNikitin Rings :iconalexeynikitin:AlexeyNikitin 292 36 marriage by BlackCatShooter marriage :iconblackcatshooter:BlackCatShooter 475 0 2nd ANYSC 2014 - Tharja by Sokloeum 2nd ANYSC 2014 - Tharja :iconsokloeum:Sokloeum 165 15 14K Gembone Wedding Set by jessa1155 14K Gembone Wedding Set :iconjessa1155:jessa1155 366 94 Steampunk inspired fingercandy by RedShift-4mg Steampunk inspired fingercandy :iconredshift-4mg:RedShift-4mg 144 54 The Ring by evilneil The Ring :iconevilneil:evilneil 174 21 the whole world in his hands. by sunburntchaos the whole world in his hands. :iconsunburntchaos:sunburntchaos 256 84 Celtic knot ring by Dans-Magic Celtic knot ring :icondans-magic:Dans-Magic 165 14 rotating ring box by thebailey rotating ring box :iconthebailey:thebailey 189 112 Marry Me Darling by SnuffyMcSnuff Marry Me Darling :iconsnuffymcsnuff:SnuffyMcSnuff 382 9 within these hands. by sunburntchaos within these hands. :iconsunburntchaos:sunburntchaos 104 69 Our damascus weddingrings by Ugrik Our damascus weddingrings :iconugrik:Ugrik 124 31 Bionicle MOC: Ring by Rahiden Bionicle MOC: Ring :iconrahiden:Rahiden 116 52 Wedding Ring of Kafei and Anju by Ilionej Wedding Ring of Kafei and Anju :iconilionej:Ilionej 109 32
Wedding Ring - AmericaxCanada
Wedding Ring
Tracing his fingers over the white and black keys of his piano, Alfred F. Jones breathed inwardly to himself, and deeply wished that this was a dream. He closed his eyes and lay his head down on crossed arms. Memories flashed of himself and Matthew, his crush, his love, his best friend, talking.
"Hey Al! I heard you finally earned enough money to buy those music scores you've wanted!"
Matthew ran towards him, slowed down, panting, out of breath, smiling.
"Yeah! That's 'cause I've been doing yard work around the community! Everyone wants my heroism!"
Giggling, Matthew asked, "You'll never change."
Alfred looked up and flashed a heroic smirk. "I'm pretty freaking cool. I'll be your hero too, of course!"
"Yes. My knight in shining armor is just a dork in tin foil." Matthew winked.
"Well anyways, I'll see you later, alright? Toris, Elizaveta, and I promised we'd meet up with Feliks to re-paint his house."
"U-uh, r-right. Later, Matt!"
Before walking away, Matthew pet Al
:iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 96 86
Wedding Ring by exoart Wedding Ring :iconexoart:exoart 176 9 Gold Circuit Ring by thebluekraken Gold Circuit Ring :iconthebluekraken:thebluekraken 97 8 The Water Ring by FaireQueen The Water Ring :iconfairequeen:FaireQueen 148 18 The Wedding Present by DavidKanePhotography The Wedding Present :icondavidkanephotography:DavidKanePhotography 123 5 No Fortunes Today by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule No Fortunes Today :iconlady-zelda-of-hyrule:Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule 160 91 wedding ring by thedwalt wedding ring :iconthedwalt:thedwalt 37 3 JG02 14kw Designer Eng. Ring by GipsonDiamondJeweler JG02 14kw Designer Eng. Ring :icongipsondiamondjeweler:GipsonDiamondJeweler 76 34 Moonstone puzzle ring by Vansee-Jewelry Moonstone puzzle ring :iconvansee-jewelry:Vansee-Jewelry 88 22 Black rose by Behindmyblueeyes Black rose :iconbehindmyblueeyes:Behindmyblueeyes 118 22 unforgettable by SAVALISTE unforgettable :iconsavaliste:SAVALISTE 98 49 Custom Made Yin-Yang Box by snazzie-designz Custom Made Yin-Yang Box :iconsnazzie-designz:snazzie-designz 65 33 An Offer She Couldn't Refuse by Beavernator An Offer She Couldn't Refuse :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 150 10 Fairy Bride - ACEO by Katerina-Art Fairy Bride - ACEO :iconkaterina-art:Katerina-Art 115 112 JG04 14kw Designer Eng. Ring by GipsonDiamondJeweler JG04 14kw Designer Eng. Ring :icongipsondiamondjeweler:GipsonDiamondJeweler 56 27 Silver ring Spring melody with miniature flowers by JuliaKotreJewelry Silver ring Spring melody with miniature flowers :iconjuliakotrejewelry:JuliaKotreJewelry 58 6 The Wedding: part.3 by AUTHOR45 The Wedding: part.3 :iconauthor45:AUTHOR45 209 39 Ring box Heart by UrsulaJewelry Ring box Heart :iconursulajewelry:UrsulaJewelry 23 12 Wedding by The-Magical-Box Wedding :iconthe-magical-box:The-Magical-Box 120 4 wedding rings by Finvara wedding rings :iconfinvara:Finvara 100 7 MM: Wedding Ring by cherubchan MM: Wedding Ring :iconcherubchan:cherubchan 184 47 Sidereals 2e - peacock by kiyo Sidereals 2e - peacock :iconkiyo:kiyo 61 12 eternity by yosh14ki eternity :iconyosh14ki:yosh14ki 78 83 Damascus and Gold Wedding Ring by Spexton Damascus and Gold Wedding Ring :iconspexton:Spexton 50 5 Mock Tension Titanium Ring by Spexton Mock Tension Titanium Ring :iconspexton:Spexton 59 9