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The Pregnant Escort
The pregnant escort
By: Zewhatcher
Authors Note: This is strictly a work of fiction. Though it would be cool if it could happen. Rated PG since there are no real naughty bits in it. (If you feel it is too risqué, let me know and I’ll change the rating) However, I doubt you should read this if you are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your states laws. And yes, before I get spammed by people complaining for the lack of names. I stayed away from them to try something new this time. Names can sometimes be very annoying when reading a story. So here it is, I hope you enjoy. Just put on your imagination cap and away we go!
I hurried to the door, trying to straighten my tie and failing horribly, as I did so. I managed to nearly choke myself as I struggled to turn the knob on my apartment door. All thoughts of my discomfort vanished when I saw… her.
Five foot four inches, long brown hair, the most gorgeous emerald eyes I
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The Expanded life 1
The Expanded Life
By: The Watcher
Authors note: I got the idea for this story while watching Dr. 90210, it was an episode where a women got breast implants that were so large, she had to have them manually filled a little at a time. By the end she was a massive GG cup. It got me to thinking, what if you could use those implants in other areas??? Hehe
Feedback is wanted for this story, so please email with your thoughts.
Jennifer nervously tapped her foot in the doctors’ waiting room. She sighed and looked at the clock again, wondering why she had come over an hour early for her appointment. Finally the nurse called her name and Jennifer headed into the back room. “Please remove all articles of clothing from the areas you wish the doctor to inspect.” The nurse said with a practiced voice. Jennifer slowly removed her top, seeing herself in the large mirror hanging on the back of the door she sighed. Small A cup breasts, a concave stomach, Her long brow
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