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Prussia x LongHair!Reader - Sick Day
Original title is original. Not. Sorry Reader-tan, you need to have long hair for this one! Human names used. Gilbert might seem a little OOC, but I do believe he has a sweet side :) I didn't bother writing the accents, 'cause I suck at that. :P Enjoy!
You had no idea how you were such close friends with Gilbert Bielschmidt, easily the most popular, eligible bachelor at your large high school. Most of the time he would hang with a group of the guys from his (whatever sport you want) team, but sometimes he would go out of his way to sit with you and your friends. You had no idea why he did this, but you didn't mind so you just went with it.
Today, Gilbert was ranting about the new girl that had just moved to your high school from (wherever you want). These were the days you hated. You hated when he talked about other girls. You knew somewhere deep in your heart that you had a crush on Gilbert, but you decided that unlike most high school girls who would confess to the most popula
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lemon cake
this house isn't made out of
a mess. this house is
made out of:

a sinking bathroom floor
because she sighs and i
lose count. shower curtains
you need to water and rust
that doesn't wash out
of the tiles.
it is made out of:
a telephone made for hanging
up because she doesn't
want to talk to her sister.
and mirrors to remind you
you are a beautiful
it is made out of:
sorry notes and scribbles and
a windy day. it sits next to
the other houses made of
secrets and sorrow and stories
and rooftops and bathroom
it is made out of:
kitchen tiles, too. they are
black and white and white and
an under the bed, where we used
to kiss and dust and more dust
that keeps coming back
when you clean it.
it is made out of:
coffee stains and peeling wallpaper
and a cracking ceiling where i
hang my stars.
it is made out of:
why did you forget to call your
mother? and
why did you forget to hang the
washing out?
yet again.
it is made
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The Overmind Grows
“Need to stop worrying about the things I can’t control…”
The sound of music wafted through the club, the occupants dancing as black and white images danced along the massive screen that took up one of the walls of the club. The club was packed, people lining up for hours to be a part of this grand event, one that had been many weeks coming.
The Hadron was re-opening, with a new manager and a new look.
The vibrant, round club was illuminating the area with neon lighting, lining the beautiful black floors, tiles, bars, and attire of many of the workers. The entire place buzzed with a new breed of activity, the past feeling of claustrophobic mayhem replace with a new, refined energy of a bee hive. The workers of the club moved with amazing efficiency, their simple black attire almost invisible as they swept past people in the way wind blows by: unseen, but their presence was known. The dance floor, with its new hexagonal design, was striking, reds and yellows and
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