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Writing a Warriors Fanfiction: The Complete Guide
Warriors is a massive and amazing series. Its stories have inspired some of us in the fandom to write our own adventures in this universe. If you're reading this, you're probably one of these people. But how do you go about writing a Warriors fanficiton? Hopefully this guide can help.
PLEASE NOTE: I'm not some kind of professional writer, storyteller, etc. This is just knowledge I've picked up from reading some of these fanfictions and other things. Take this guide however you may. I'm just looking to help out some people who don't know what to do.
Are You Ready?
Before we start doing anything, you might need to consider if you're up for making a fanfiction. Considering that the standard Warriors story is 20-30 chapters long, this project will be a big undertaking. Do you have the self-discipline to write regularly? Can you take on writing a lot at one time? If you realize you don't like writing but still have an idea you want to get out th
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