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Village of the Bridge by angrymikko Village of the Bridge :iconangrymikko:angrymikko 7,723 462 Wander by t1na Wander :icont1na:t1na 656 13 Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network vs Disney Racing by xeternalflamebryx Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network vs Disney Racing :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,703 613 ignite. by sugarmints ignite. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 1,407 60 She's the Bad Guy [UT Lyric Strip] by D2DM-FanFic She's the Bad Guy [UT Lyric Strip] :icond2dm-fanfic:D2DM-FanFic 1,324 371 Lord Dominator and Wander by llWanderll Lord Dominator and Wander :iconllwanderll:llWanderll 1,738 380 Feeling - cut out stock by Iardacil-stock Feeling - cut out stock :iconiardacil-stock:Iardacil-stock 785 422 Wander by fyre-flye Wander :iconfyre-flye:fyre-flye 2,467 316 into the fog by MehreenFreed into the fog :iconmehreenfreed:MehreenFreed 1,442 185 BrainSpew the 86th by Altalamatox BrainSpew the 86th :iconaltalamatox:Altalamatox 996 155 Waiting for the sun to return by Liancary-art Waiting for the sun to return :iconliancary-art:Liancary-art 329 29 Gypsy Girl by FenneArts Gypsy Girl :iconfennearts:FenneArts 414 142 #328 Shadow of the Colossus by Picolo-kun #328 Shadow of the Colossus :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 3,423 117 In A Fix by Inyuo In A Fix :iconinyuo:Inyuo 2,716 215 Into Dreams by Foxfires Into Dreams :iconfoxfires:Foxfires 607 102 Her Secret Garden by Iardacil Her Secret Garden :iconiardacil:Iardacil 1,070 415 Ruins of the Old by Zanariya Ruins of the Old :iconzanariya:Zanariya 489 36 SOTC-Tranquil moment by sea-flow SOTC-Tranquil moment :iconsea-flow:sea-flow 2,445 293
This Day Requiem
This day is going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small
Everybody, gather 'round!
All your planets are going down!
And I won't rest until I've vanquished you all! 
This day was going to be perfect 
The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small
But instead of having me
Be the best in the galaxy
The universe, I may not conquer it at all...
I could care less for your distress
I give out cheers when you're in tears
Friends? Well believe me when I say:
That no matter how you may try,
I will always be a bad guy
We will never become buddies at all!
You are dead to me, Wander
It's your life that you've squandered
And, Sylvia's too, all thanks to you!
We must escape before it's too late
Find a way to seize the day
And, if you don't mind the cliche:
I will always keep on fighting 'til history is writing
That I am the greatest ruler of all!
And I'll destroy Wander, too
Along with that green-faced shrew
:iconralthecommentator:RaltheCommentator 46 13
Why Not This One? by TheMichaelMacRae Why Not This One? :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 7,981 281 Shadow of the Colossus by ChasingArtwork Shadow of the Colossus :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 3,175 191 Wanderer by mrNepa Wanderer :iconmrnepa:mrNepa 451 38 Feeling... by Iardacil-stock Feeling... :iconiardacil-stock:Iardacil-stock 322 128 Team Ico Tribute by Risachantag Team Ico Tribute :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 994 29 Miranja by SandraKristin Miranja :iconsandrakristin:SandraKristin 791 92 [EF] the Path of the Living by Jetera [EF] the Path of the Living :iconjetera:Jetera 217 22 To Wander in Wonderland by kelogsloops To Wander in Wonderland :iconkelogsloops:kelogsloops 635 191 Wander and the Colossus by buraisuko Wander and the Colossus :iconburaisuko:buraisuko 955 307 Guinivere 3 by Iardacil-stock Guinivere 3 :iconiardacil-stock:Iardacil-stock 362 44
Death Battle: Wander vs Eren Yeager

The Gentleman: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.

The Forest of Giant Trees, in the Outer Lands between Wall Rose and Wall Maria
No one knew what it was or where it came from, or what it was, but all that was known was it was big and coming close to the Walls fast.
Reports were coming in of a thing roaming through the countryside. It was described as a shadow, a colossus (nothing was mentioned to claim it was the Colossal Titan) that lumbered around...and in its wake, they found Titans: crushed and completely dead, as if something simply stepped on them like ants.
This news had not yet been revealed to the public yet, but the panic that could ensue was a bad enough idea as it is. As a result, the Survey Corps had sent forth
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 55 42
Insignificant in this cold world... by PawelMatys Insignificant in this cold world... :iconpawelmatys:PawelMatys 1,110 57 A Midnight Wander by NovaBytes A Midnight Wander :iconnovabytes:NovaBytes 1,259 34 wander by tamomoko wander :icontamomoko:tamomoko 111 6 Wander by JaclynTanemura Wander :iconjaclyntanemura:JaclynTanemura 409 47 Wanderlust by itznikki530 Wanderlust :iconitznikki530:itznikki530 575 31 Frightening Forest 10714230 by StockProject1 Frightening Forest 10714230 :iconstockproject1:StockProject1 264 22 Wander vs the Colossus by oh8 Wander vs the Colossus :iconoh8:oh8 2,553 210 Too Many Wanders by Lexcitement Too Many Wanders :iconlexcitement:Lexcitement 588 103 The Wanderer Preview by magikstock The Wanderer Preview :iconmagikstock:magikstock 204 26 Blackbird - Wander by shilin Blackbird - Wander :iconshilin:shilin 1,840 184 Der Pfad by Knechter Der Pfad :iconknechter:Knechter 1,711 99 Colossus by Syrphin Colossus :iconsyrphin:Syrphin 801 53 Shadow of the Colossus by Hani7 Shadow of the Colossus :iconhani7:Hani7 1,094 267 The Wanderer by ChaosFissure The Wanderer :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 371 43 Companions... by PawelMatys Companions... :iconpawelmatys:PawelMatys 855 96 Night Fury in the Rain by Fyre-Dragon Night Fury in the Rain :iconfyre-dragon:Fyre-Dragon 1,609 341 Dat floppy hat by sleepers-anonymous Dat floppy hat :iconsleepers-anonymous:sleepers-anonymous 564 34 Girl with flowers - cut out by Iardacil-stock Girl with flowers - cut out :iconiardacil-stock:Iardacil-stock 246 125