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Dead Alive (Walking Dead x Walker! Reader) Ch 1
 I've made a one shot similar to this but this one will feature more plot and chapters...I hope you all like this. Ever since I watched Walking Dead, I'm like, what if this were to happen? I think it would of been a cool idea for the writers to explore the idea of this but it'll probably won't happen...but there's Warm Bodies and I'm sure there's other such ideas that cover this too....well, enjoy!
 Ch 1: The Mark of A Death
 How did it all started? How did I end up becoming this heap of death you can say?
 I'll try to recover as much as I can now. There's so much going on around me. I see them trying to bring me back to life. They think I'm the only way out of this.
 I could feel them press their hands against my chest, trying to revive my heart. One of them is touching my head, examining my brain.
 They're all around each other, yelling and scrambling their hands with my blood.
 I sensed the others shooting my people, breaking off their
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Barely Dead (Walking Dead x Half-Walker!Reader)
 I plan to make this a series's been a while since I watched Walking Dead so I'm probably going to have to re-watch the whole series again (as I haven't seen Season One yet either...) so I'm just going out on a limb here and see how it goes...this is more of a reader's view as well...also, I'm just trying to let the creativity flow out and see how my writing is....I'm sorry if some thing's have been sort of altered or what not...
 This is also something I've been always thinking about too...I mean, if why not look at a Walker's perspective? Don't hate me if you don't like!
Oh, and this will probably be unconnected to the series as this is just a one-shot for now...but it'll have the same style but different perspective....
Barely Human...
I remember how it all happened. I woke up to the scream of my brother crying out. I soared out of my bed and ran to his bedroom. "Albert, why are you..."
 That's when I stood silent. Mom...s
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A Friendly Disagreement - Pose Reference by SenshiStock A Friendly Disagreement - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 757 58 White Walkers by kuschelirmel White Walkers :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 212 50 Hoth by KuldarLeement Hoth :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 383 26
Dead Alive (Walking Dead x Walker!Reader) Ch 4
 Chapter 4: Rescue
 Carl continued to come over in the forest to communicate to me with his paper and crayons. It may not have been as quick and informative as talking was but it was the closest thing where we could talk.
 I asked Carl questions, wondering how he felt during the attack. Carl said that he and his mom woke up one day and saw one of their neighbors acting strange. It wasn't until the neighbor bit on someone that something indeed was wrong. From then on, they packed their bags and left. They had no choice. His mom had insisted on Shane, the leader of the group, to turn around and look for his dad but Shane had predicted that his father was already possibly dead since he was in the hospital. That or it be too late for him.
 Rick emerged from the graves though, dirty but alive. He brought back a couple of friends with him but now the group only had little weapons left to use for attacks. He had recalled also seeing a brother of group member here alon
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Hyper G One - Alien Walkers by Hideyoshi Hyper G One - Alien Walkers :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 566 55 Battlefront 3: Trandoshan Border by lonefirewarrior Battlefront 3: Trandoshan Border :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,161 117 Icarus Iscariot by Sempaiko Icarus Iscariot :iconsempaiko:Sempaiko 1,318 49 Daryl Dixon #2 by mr-tiefenrausch Daryl Dixon #2 :iconmr-tiefenrausch:mr-tiefenrausch 360 26 Spidery Mechs by CaconymDesign Spidery Mechs :iconcaconymdesign:CaconymDesign 139 9 The Skinwalkers by Rodrigo-Vega The Skinwalkers :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 433 20 Forest Walkers by mrNepa Forest Walkers :iconmrnepa:mrNepa 336 19
Again || Daryl Dixon
You sat on your bed and yawned. It was your first calm night since a long time. Scratching your head you touched your lips and smiled widely. You remembered about the kiss that Daryl gave you the other day. You felt like if his warm lips were still pressed toy yours. Mentally slapping yourself for behaving like a girl who is in her first love you stood up and stretched. When you were changing your clothes Herschel walked to your cell. He leaned on the wall and smiled politely at you. When you saw him your good mood instantly vanished.
You looked at him and asked if something bad has happened. He only nodded for you to come after him. You did as he told you knowing that it was something important if he didn’t want to tell you immediately. He directed his steps outside. When you get out you spotted Daryl and Rick nervously talking about something. The look on their faces was the same as Hershel’s. They were worrying about something and looking at the things that were happenin
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Dead Alive (Walking Dead x Walker!Reader) Ch 2
 Chapter 2: Waking of A Dead Woman
 I followed the man as fast as I can. Or somewhere in the middle. I began to see that it was possible that I could beat this guy in a foot race. Seriously. The guy was obviously running faster than me but I felt myself being able to somehow almost be in front of him...
 I'm not going to lie. I'm not that typical of a runner as my PE wasn't my greatest in high school but I usually just went with the flow of going slow and then going fast. No with felt like I could outrun this guy whenever I wanted to.
 So I slowed down a bit, watching as my feet started to rumble a bit.
 I haven't also been use to walking either. It was a mix between speed and regular...stumbling. When I walked "regularly", I happened to stumble, as if I had some sort of trouble walking and needed a cane. When I wanted to go after something though, it was in a flash, speeding up to the target as I was after.
 I withdrew to walking behind th
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Mischief Managed (Daryl Dixon x Reader)
Chatter filled the room as you walked in, your little cousin Ben trailing behind you. He was nine years old and had no problems at all adjusting to the new group, unlike you. It had been already half a month since you’d moved to the prison, being a resident of Woodbury beforehand. Still it felt strange sharing a roof with the former enemy, but of course you knew they had been right about the governor. You sat down next to Carol, who you’d taken an instant liking to, despite the age difference. Maybe it was because she reminded you of your mother. You smiled at her and thanked her for the cereal she was handing you and Ben.
When you started to eat you suddenly felt someone watching you, and when you looked up you noticed a certain hunter staring at you from across the table. Oh shit. Daryl was the unofficial leader of the group; He was the one who made sure you had enough to eat; who went on every single run, no matter if it was for supplies or for protection. He was like a
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